You Never Know

I was having breakfast this morning with my daughter at a local restaurant,when in walked a young man with a cane to help him walk and balance himself. He sat down and looked at me and said; you don’t remember me do you? After looking the young man over for a few seconds I replied; no I don’t. He laughed and told me his name, he was one of the kids that had grew up with my son. Here was this 31 year old man that had a stroke 1 year before. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this kid always had more energy and rambunctious than the other kids.

He spoke with a slur and having trouble getting a lot of his words out. He explained what had happened to him and and all the ordeal he went through for the last year. It almost brought tears to my eyes. The illness had caused him to loose his house and his marriage had fell apart as well. he tried to get help from our govt to no avail. Naturally it seems wrong to me because I see it all the time. A U.S. citizen down on life through no fault of his own becoming ill and can’t get help from our Govt. Then I see non U.S. citizens in line at the grocery store with their free or little cost food stamps debit card and loading the buggy up. Like I have said in an earlier post that I have never been a prejudice person, but I am starting to get the thoughts of it and i do Not like feeling that way. Come on America , take care of our own first then help the rest if we can. Our politicians have really give my country a black eye in my opinion.

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  1. C Kelley says:

    This truly is a sad sad story!!

  2. admin says:

    It truly is. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Tristan Netherlands says:

    Very, very nice work! Thak you.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Tristan Netherlands for the comment I do appreciate it.

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