Police Brutality Runs Rampant

I made a post yesterday complaining that the ugly head of prejudice has been trying to come into my life. I may not be leaning that way as much as I thought I was. This morning on the Today Show, there was a Hispanic airman that had been pulled over by a deputy and as the tape rolled, the deputy was giving orders to get up; the airman home from Iraq on leave was trying to comply with the officer’s command and was shot 3 times without provocation.

This senseless act of violence really disturbs me. Are we turning into a Police State, where we will have law enforcement and military openly carrying weapons to maintain order in our country? I sure hope not, we are supposed to be the land of the free. The jury found the deputy of no wrong doing, but the tape I saw was clearly Brutal. No one deserves this kind of treatment under the circumstances that unfolded on the video. Maybe I am not leaning toward being prejudice of Hispanics after all. I promise I will do better at understanding my fellow human being with more passion and respect, I hope everyone else will do the same!

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  1. Baytown Bert says:

    That’s a touching post. We all need to take a look around and have compassion for our fellow man.

  2. admin says:

    Baytown Bert I do appreciate the comment, You’re right, Just a little more compassion for our fellow man would go a long way.

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