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Vinefire Payments in June 2009

03 April, 22:54, by admin Tags: , ,


The email sent from Vinefire says payments could begin as early as June. That is June of 2009 and not the June for next year! Originally it was stated that payments would begin in January of 2010 and now that has been move up; where members may receive their earnings this summer!

It sure has got folks wondering if Vinefire is a scam or easy way to make money. I think these answers will come sooner than later and members will know before June gets here if they will be getting money to help on summer vacation or to spend on some other venture this summer.

Google Ranked Us knows a secret related to Vinefire and their announcement will be made on May 22nd, 2009. Someone else may find out what’s going on sooner and can fill in the gaps for those members wondering about their earnings.

If you join Vinefire now; you can take part in internet history to see if this is the easiest way ever to earn money online. It should get more interesting as the days wind down and more and more people sign up at Vinefire. Quality traffic does await your arrival now and you don’t have to wait any for that. You will quickly see just how easy it is to use the Vinefire website and the great results they provide your online programs.

Did you join Vinefire already? If so, please go share your money totals from Vinefire with other Vinefire members that have have already started making money over there. Your Vinefire payment may just be a few short months away, so you may want to get things in order to make that first payout a nice one!

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