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Google Reveals Money Making Secrets Online

Hello Surfers :)

Wow! With so much going on these days, our LNC Sessions and Team Blasts have been hard to find time for. That’s OKAY though!!! When you guys are helping each other succeed online and when so many members on the team is making cold, hard cash; it’s hard to find fault in anything.

We are not just a surf team here, providing curb service to the clock races and the standings. We are also a unit of Internet Marketers; who are all making their money in different ways, but are also taking time out to share and help others earn online too.

It so great to sit in front of you guys every day and get to listen to the unique ideas, the new ways to make money, the hottest programs currently online, and so much more. Yeah…we are throwing our curb-side service for the features of Trafficera out the window and we are doing this; while driving 110 MPH or maybe 190 KPH for those living in Canada :)))

An unexpected LNC Session broke out Saturday Night and I had a front row seat and was able to document most of the findings. Obviously some ideas and ways to make money online is secret and the less who know about it, the more the others can make online, who know how to do it. So not all programs and money & traffic makers are posted here, but I did scoop up the ones safe for public usage :))

1. Traffic Swirl for free traffic and cash money. You may have heard of this one already, but they have improved a lot; since adding one of the hottest new games online today. It is called the Rapid Win Game and this is a MUST play experience for all. Winners are named every 10 minutes and a wide range of cash or credits will be awarded to the winner. To win, just pick a number and hope it is the right one. Free members get 2 picks per game and 10 free picks daily. While upgraded members get 5 picks or squares each game and 25 total for the day. You may use your traffic credits to purchase more numbers (squares). The cost is 5 credits each. Earn money while you advertise your sites online. It doesn’t get any better than that. A great manual surf site, for those who seek traffic and cash online. Free members win too!

2. Now that you got a place to promote a few good programs, it is time to join some real money makers. Traffic exchanges are good for nickel and dime money, but you can’t build your Work-At-Home Biz around the TE earnings. Making $10 to $50 a month from a TE is not the kind of money we can quit our job for.

Our Money Biz

*Invest a buck and begin earning money without doing anything else. The exciting thing here, other than making lots of money, is the fact you can speed up the earnings process. If you feel life is short and we only live once; then you and most people will not have the patience to wait on the system to grow naturally. You can get out there with your referral link for Our Money Biz and build up your downline, so the cash money will grow a lot faster. This is the perfect program to share with your neighbors at home, your co-workers at your job, friends, and other family members. The cost is only a dollar, so if the 100 pennies are bothering your friends and relatives, just simply pay it for them, so it becomes a totally FREE program for them. Then encourage them to pay others, so they can start working on their downlines. On the computer, there is 1000′s of people coming online each day and looking for a free or cheap way to make money. These folks will join you, since it is only a dollar and the dollar keeps the less serious folks away. Just paying that dollar, will keep the whole system full of active promoters and we all win; when that starts happening.

3. PTC Box is a new comer to the online programs. Yeah, there is a lot of PTC sites out there. Some honest, some crooked, and some really crooked! Always check with your friends and contacts online, before joining a new paid-to-click program. I will even wait to I hear about members getting paid, before I join. You have no worries here. They are honest and have already been paying members. Here is a site you can make your own paycheck pretty much. We never want to put all of our eggs in one basket. I would go ahead and take that advice a step further. We want to diversify as much as possible, cause sites do crash all the time. In most cases, its not a matter IF IT WILL CRASH; it’s more like WHEN IT DOES CRASH, you want to absorb the shock. I been online enough to see the best of the best meet their doom, so it does happen. Luckily, we have places like PTC Box that comes along and shows great promise, great track record, and when the site had glitches a few weeks back, it got fixed and took care of in a professional manner. It is currently the flavor of the month in the PTC World, but if you join now, you can expect solid growth 3 to 5 years from now. Building up your downline and look to see if upgrading makes sense for you and your position online. The bottom line, it is a place you want to be heavily involved in, for 2012 and beyond. Be sure to stay active here and login daily to click those “unvisited” sites.

PTCBox Entry Form – Click “Sign UP” from Link:

4. Time to “FUSE” this all together, right? How you say? Well, let’s try to finish our LNC session off with Fusion Emails. Lots of things here to click for cash money. You will see the points too, but those are good too! Cash and Points, its two simple things we can all understand and relate to. Sometimes it can be hard to learn how to make money or use a certain program effectively. Here at Fusion Emails, anyone can do this. It really is a simple and easy-to-understand program. This is a good program for elderly people, teenagers, or others who might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, you could market this program to teens and college students, who are seeking to earn some extra cash online and they would make you a lot of extra money. Also, the low payout is going to attract a lot of Internet Marketers. None of us like to wait on our money to get paid. If you use Alert Pay or Liberty Reserve, you can take your cash at the $1 mark. For PayPal Users, you may collect your earnings at the $5 level. Give this one a try! Sign up and work your way to the 5 dollar mark and if you don’t like it, you’re free to quit anytime. You may want to promote your ref link some, since they do pay a generous 15% commission to Level 1 downline members. You are also free to market to the whole World! That’s right, every country is accepted here and International members are more than welcome to join and begin making some of that easy online cash.

Fusion Emails – Sign Up Here!

5. Last but not least, get your SWAG on!

I have showed you a great place to advertise online for FREE. I have laid out 3 solid and honest paying programs online today. So you have the main ingredients for your online recipe. It’s the Money Making Recipe! One simple adjustment everyone can make now, is to change their homepage to the SwagBucks Homepage. This is a free program to join. To win here, you just collect swagbucks and they give you a variety of ways to do it. A simple online search, can win you 5, 10, 15 or more swwagbucks. Taking online polls for swagbucks. Watch TV (online videos like YouTube) for some super easy swagbucks. And a lot of other ways to earn these valuable little swagbucks. The name of the game is to collect them and then cash them in on gift cards. Swag Bucks does a good job, with providing its members with a long list and huge variety of companies and restaurants. You may cash in your swagbucks for PayPal Cash too! Right now, 700 swagbucks will get you $5; while $10 PayPal Cash is NOT 1400 Swagbucks; it’s actually only 1335 swagbucks! See how easy it is to get cash money? Also, members here can cash-in their SB’s for Amazon Gift Cards (450 = $5 Amazon Card BEST RATE), and lots of other online retailers too. If you like to shop at Kmart, you can get a Kmart gift card. Your favorite restaurants you like to eat at, most of them will have gift cards at the SWAG. If you enjoy clipping coupons, then you MUST do it here! Not only are you saving money from the easy-to-print coupons you can print at home; but you’re actually earning swagbucks while you do it! That is what we call a “Win Win” situation. When both ends of the stick are working for us and in this case, the coupons are saving and earning for us all in the same time. Join or sign up for online offers, to get paid the larger SB gifts.

Want a fast 10 bucks now? Follow these steps below and I can put 10 dollars in your pocket and it won’t cost you a thing. The only requirement is; you must have never joined NetFlix in the past? If not, then listen to these easy-to-follow steps for 10 simple dollars!

1. Join SwagBucks for FREE online:

2. Look for the NetFlix Offer. You join NetFlix free for a 30 day trial and they will not bill you, until the 30 days has expired. You may cancel anytime, but doing it within 3 days, and Netflix might not approve your swagbuck payment.

3. Receive 1000 SwagBucks for joining Netflix’s free offer for the 30 day trial. Enjoy lots of movies and TV shows from your computer; while you are using this FREE 30 day NetFlix Trial offer.

4. In 2 or 3 weeks, cancel your Netflix membership to avoid the $7 monthly fee. Or keep Net Flix if you enjoy the movies and television shows for a low seven dollar rate. Either way, your 1K Swag Bucks have been paid long ago.

5. Do a few searches each day and some other simple things, to earn 335 more swagbucks (super easy to do). Once your account is 1335 SB; you may cash it in for the $10 PayPal Cash. It took 11 days after request, to get my 10 bucks.

6. Before you cash-in the SB’s, check out some of the other cards they offer at Swagbucks. You could only join Netflix and take the 1K sb payout to cash-in for the 700 swagbuck’s price on the $5 PayPal Cash. Or get an Amazon gift card or many other cards they offer. The choice is all yours!

This concludes the LNC Team Session for Google. I enjoyed my Saturday evening and into the night; with all of these great minds and the wisdom they were floating around.

Sometimes just making the most simple change or tiny adjustment, can send your cash earnings soaring off the charts. I have been witness to this many times, at how the small things can make some of the biggest differences sometimes.

The main thing to remember, is working online is hard work and it is just like a real job in many ways. I don’t know who you been talking to or what they told you, but working online is a tough gig and even tougher to succeed in. For those who roll up their sleeves and put forth the effort, I will see them or their ref pages at this time next year. For all of the rest of the lazy workers, and those who try to deceive the system or abuse their powers. They will be long gone soon and we won’t see their referral pages anywhere around. Don’t worry though, new folks will eagerly replace them and it is true. “A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY SECOND”

“Keep your typing clean, run a tight ship, organize your work, do more work than dreaming, but never stop reaching for the stars”—–Poet Christopher “Magic” Padgett

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