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Taco Bell Set to Buy Google?

19 March, 00:41, by admin Tags: ,

I have always heard that the richest man isn’t the one with the most money. The richest man is the one that can get the most money from the poor. If that’s the case; then Taco Bell must be the richest company in the world. I’m sure they could easily afford to buy Google and any other Fortune 500 Company they wanted. I know I stay poor and most of the time the only place I can afford to eat is Taco Bell. Those tacos and bean buritos for 79 or 89 cents is perfect for someone like me that has a budget closer to zero than a dollar. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person that has paid with change for their Taco Bell dinner. For all of you out there that has to eat at Taco Bell and you have to scrape up change just to do that; I will be sure to squirt a little extra hot sauce on my taco for ya!