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Pay Pal Debit Card is Great

pay pal-debit-card

The Pay Pal debit card works great and all Paypal users should have one. You can use it just like a credit card and it’s good anywhere they accept the Master Card credit card. Your Pay Pal debit card will feature the Mastercard logo on it and as long as you have money in your Pay Pal account; then the card will work! You can use your debit card from PayPal for purchases and it really comes in handy at the gas pumps. No more having to walk in and pay the cashier for your fuel purchases and you can start paying at the pump at your local gas station. There is a $1 charge for cash withdrawals, but I don’t mind that; since I am able to go to any ATM machine in the country and have immediate access to my Pay Pal cash.

If you would like to help get money going into your Pay Pal account, you can promote their site. Paypal does have an affiliate program and everyone that has a Pay Pal account is eligible for the Pay Pal affiliate program. Each referral you get at Pay Pal will earn you money for each transaction they make. You will continue to earn on all their transactions until you have got $1,000 from that referral! You can earn a lot more money by introducing several new people to Pay Pal and getting them signed up under you. If you bring in 5 people to Pay Pal; then this means you could earn $5,000 from all the transactions they make!

Another good way to get extra money going into your Pay Pal account is by joining a free online program like Big Crumbs. This is the perfect online program for anyone that is new to online marketing or may be looking to earn money for the first time online. It is completely FREE to join Big Crumbs and they pay out monthly to your Pay Pal account. Two good ways to start generating more cash into your Pay Pal account and you can get that money instantly if you have the PayPal Debit Card!

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