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40 Days and 40 Nights of Blogging in the Blogosphere

Its always great to see what is going on in the blogosphere. The term “blogosphere” is a real word online. Internet users and even bloggers can turn to Wikipedia to see what this word means and even get an online definition for the word blogosphere. I thought I would take a quick trip around the blogosphere and see a very bibilical blog pattern online. This is the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging in the blogosphere. A non-stop effort for over a month to put together 40 blog posts; which all have interesting titles, good information, or is able to teach us something new online. Here is a super list of 40 different blog posts. All of these are movers and shakers on the World Wide Web. A post that drew huge attention, ruffled some feathers, or maybe just taught us a few and simple ways on how to earn money online. A well-diversed grouping of blog posts is what you will find down below. If you get the chance to read each one and can remember what you read or just apply it to your own lives, you can come out smelling like a rose on the other side. There is even some great blog topics and writting suggestions grouped down below, to help other fellow bloggers come up with some new ideas and angles on a blog post they might want to do. Enjoy the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging down below!

1. The Drs Travis Stork: The Lean Belly Prescription

2. Some of the Best Movies of All Time

3. Blogger Discovers the AP 25 Poll Scam in College Football

4. Trying To Make Money Online Can Be Confusing

5. Where To Find My Pay Pal Affiliate Link

6. Goldfish Funerals in the Bathroom

7. Bedside Alarm Clock: Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

8. Mystery Picture – Can You Guess the Pic?

9. Doctor Travis Stork Tells Why He Wrote His New Book

10. The Internet Source for Real Money

11. Top 3 Online Programs Everyone Should Join

12. Google Approves Amazon Affiliate Program

13. AP Photo Fails To Recognize Chris Bosh’s Fiancee

14. Happy Thanksgiving Google Team

15. Doctors TV Show Cookbook Details

16. NCAA Favoring Oregon and the Weak Pac 10 Way Too Much

17. LogiPTC Moves to Number 1 in the Rankings

18. UFO Invasion Over New York October 13, 2010?

19. Remembering the TV Show Small Wonder

20. The World of Auto Surfs

21. ***NEW*** Linkgrand Billboard Advertising

22. Now the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Fun Begins

23. Search For Beach Gold

24. TV Doctors New Weight Loss Diet Book

25. A Lesson from Brittanee Drexel

26. Most Searched Woman on the Net

27. New Gold Found in the Etowah River

28. Dish Network Wins Battle Over Fox Sports

29. Keep the Links Grand Online for Easy Cash and Cheap Advertising

30. JFK Assassination Plot Thickens More at Yahoo

31. Fastest Way To Earn Free Money Online

32. Learn How To Solve the Rubiks Cube

33. The Simpsons Latest Intro Controversy

34. Full House Star Tells All on the Doctors

35. Special Cookbook from the Doctors TV Show

36. No One Claims Mystery Missile

37. Increasing EyeBrow Growth Above the Eyes

38. Italy to Ban Mini Skirts in Tiny Coastal Town

39. 10 Free Programs To Join Now for Money

40. Setting Up a Advertising Empire with Your Computer

How did you like the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging? Our blogsphere certainly has an interesting world out there. Each day the blogosphere grows by leaps and bounds. Not only do we have a gazillion new blog posts being wrote up each day, but we also add a few thousand new bloggers ant their blogs, to our rapidly growing Blog World.

Now did you find one blog post that stuck out above all the others? Which one of the 40 blog posts above, did you find the most eye-catching or interesting? Is there one or two that really just made you want to click on, so you could see what was on the other side? I know a lot of different areas got covered; while also focusing heavily in just a few blog topics. Please leave a reply and let me know which 1 or 2 blog posts in the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging, you liked the best. Feel free to give your reasons why, but the most important thing is to vote for your favorite two blog posts. You don’t have to write out the titles, just a simple number for each one is fine. You may vote for more than two blog posts, but please try to at least pick 2 and tell us which one out of the two, you liked the best. We are mainly looking for a 1st and 2nd place winner. Thank you and happy holidays to all of the hard-working bloggers; who share this 21st Century Blogosphere space with me.