Thanksgiving Football

Stuffing your face on Thanksgiving is just one of the things you do. The best part is laying around all day and watching the pig skin fly around on the tube. I know the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving and for me its tradition to root for them. I didn’t last year, because they was playing the Atlanta Falcons. They get to play the Green Bay Packers this year and I will be like most people and become a Lions fan for a day. Its amazing at how many people do root for the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. I thought it was just something I did, but I have learned now that they just become America’s team on Thanksgiving and everybody roots for them.

I’m not sure what college games will be on that day, but the Atlanta Falcons will get to play the defending Super Bowl Champ Indianapolis Colts. They have the prime time game at 8PM, but I’m just as excited to see the Detroit Lions play too, because they play around the same time we eat our Thanksgiving meal! The smell of turkey in the air and the Detroit Lions on television is Thanksgiving to me.

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