Japan .vs. Warner Robbins Georgia

Today is a very special day in Georgia as we get to watch a group of young men represent our state, and the United States in the Little League World Series. It’s a great accomplishment from this team from Warner Robbins, Georgia.

It was just last year when we watched another group of Little League ball players from Columbus, Georgia represent the United States in the Little League World Series. Those guys went out and won it all for our state, country, and most importantly, for their selfs. We have a lot of love and respect for our coaches and parents that take the time to spend with these young kids. All the sacrifices the parents have to make to get their kids to the practices and games and the same goes for the coaches that do a great job in keeping everything together. It’s great to see these boys from Warner Robbins win the U.S. title and will go out and represent our team against Japan today.

Good Luck to you Warner Robbins as the whole state of Georgia, the Untied States, and even our president will be watching you guys go out and play against Japan!

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