Giants or Patriots?

The Super Bowl isn’t far away and the two teams remaining are the New England Patriots and New York Giants. I’m sure a lot of people will be rooting for the under dog and that will clearly be the New York Giants. You don’t often think of a team from New York being an under dog, but they are playing a team that has not been beat all year long. The Patriots have matched the 1972 Dolphins and have that perfect record intact. The one big exception right now, is that the 72 Dolphins went on to win the Super Bowl and finished as the top team that year in the NFL. The New England Patriots are one game away from joining them as the only two teams to have the perfect season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also a team that is perfect in the NFL. They are perfect for a different reason and maybe all the wrong reasons. I’m sure the folks in Central Florida are not happy that their Bucs was the last team in the NFL to lose every single game. The funny thing about that, is the Miami Dolphins almost done it this year. It would have been ironic to see the last team to go unbeaten for an entire season to lose every game in the same year someone matches them in their perfect season. That’s a lot to digest, but the Dolphin Fans can relax because they did notch a talley in the win column.

So now with one game to go the New England Patriots are trying to accomplish something that has only been done once and that was 35 years ago. Its to win every single game and the Super Bowl too! I know they will have a lot of people in South Florida rooting against them on Super Bowl Sunday and the fans all across the world that just always pull for the underdog. I like knowing that only one team has been perfect and its ok with me to see Eli Manning and the New York Giants win this Super Bowl and have brothers that win back to back Super Bowls! So who ever wins the big game, there is going to be one stat that will really stick out. Perfect season? Or brothers winning back to back Super Bowls? Because Peyton Mannning did lead the Colts to victory in last year’s Super Bowl and now is the time for little brother Eli to have the spotlight on him.

By any chance does anybody have any scoops on the Super Bowl Commercials? I know the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday are as fun to watch as the actual game. Please be sure to share any of the commercials you might have heard about for the Super Bowl this year.

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