Championship Mismatch Once Again

The BCS has once again put another weak team like Ohio State in the biggest football game of the year in college football. And once again the game is over with at halftime. The BCS has no clue on how to rank the best teams in college football these days. The rankings really mean nothing, because they just put the two teams they want to see play at the end of the year anyways. LSU was the number 7 team in all the land and once they barely beat Tennessee in the SEC Championship Game, they quickly rose to number 2. While their slot was being debated, no one really complained that Ohio State was in the big show. They only had 1 defeat, but with their weak schedule, they should have been undefeated with Hawaii.

None of this will ever be settled until a playoff system is in place. This will never happen due to the fact of money and that the southern teams would dominate. That is if they could even get more than 1 team into a playoff system. There’s just too much politics going on in college football and its time for the fans to stand up and say no more!

Why has the USC Trojans not been punished for their payments to Reggie Bush? Just a little more favortism going on in college football. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have all the rich boosters that the USC Trojans has. Other schools have had to serve suspensions and were not allowed to play in bowl games. I assume that USC will be facing some type of punishment in the near future.

I already have my list of teams for the rankings next year. You can see my top 10 Prerankings for the 2008 College Football season. These are the way the teams should be ranked for next year, based on returning starters and how they played this past season. Congrats to the LSU Tigers for representing the South once again in blowout fashion!

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