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What Bloggers Are Saying

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7. Tribute to Patrick Swayze
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11. Massive Traffic at Hitsilo

Surfing Teams Online

Google Us

Google Ranked Us is the top online surfing team you can find online today roaming around the traffic exchanges. They currently call home at Traffic Era Traffic Exchange. A TE that creates competition amongst other online surfing teams. If you think you have a team of 25 people that can keep up with tough competition; then go join Trafficera today and get started building your team. If you prefer to get on the fast track and put a jump start into your online promotions; then feel free to join the Google Ranked Us surfing team. We are always looking for dedicated folks that want to promote their websites to the max.

A team is a great way to help with online success. You can learn tips and advice from your team members on which programs are the best and where the best places are at to promote your site. A surfing team online also helps to keep you motivated and you must stay motivated each day to reach that point of earning some serious money online. Believe it or not, they are some simple ways to earn money online and in most cases it is completely FREE to do!

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Pay Pal Debit Card is Great

pay pal-debit-card

The Pay Pal debit card works great and all Paypal users should have one. You can use it just like a credit card and it’s good anywhere they accept the Master Card credit card. Your Pay Pal debit card will feature the Mastercard logo on it and as long as you have money in your Pay Pal account; then the card will work! You can use your debit card from PayPal for purchases and it really comes in handy at the gas pumps. No more having to walk in and pay the cashier for your fuel purchases and you can start paying at the pump at your local gas station. There is a $1 charge for cash withdrawals, but I don’t mind that; since I am able to go to any ATM machine in the country and have immediate access to my Pay Pal cash.

If you would like to help get money going into your Pay Pal account, you can promote their site. Paypal does have an affiliate program and everyone that has a Pay Pal account is eligible for the Pay Pal affiliate program. Each referral you get at Pay Pal will earn you money for each transaction they make. You will continue to earn on all their transactions until you have got $1,000 from that referral! You can earn a lot more money by introducing several new people to Pay Pal and getting them signed up under you. If you bring in 5 people to Pay Pal; then this means you could earn $5,000 from all the transactions they make!

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Triple Clicks Wants Your Junk

05 July, 22:30, by admin

We all have unwanted things laying around the house that we want to get rif of and have the extra space. Getting someone to pay you for that stuff that you don’t want anymore seems hard to believe, but Triple Clicks wants what you don’t! Triple Clicks is a new program that just started and they are ready to change the way we get rid of our old junk. No need to have a yard sale and make up all those signs and hope you get customers that weekend. Triple Clicks is going to be like the largest yard sale ever and people will be able to buy all sorts of cool items from them online. It costs nothing to get started with Triple Clicks and that old junk can become cold hard cash!

I like the fact that I can earn money by telling others about Triple Clicks and you can too! Joining Triple Clicks allows you to earn money from an online program that is looking like it will be huge. I think this will be the best money making opportunity for 2009 and everyone that joins Triple Clicks for free in its first year of existence, stands the chance to be rewarded big with the way SFI markets different programs online. SFI is a trusted name in the industry and Triple Clicks is under them and just one of the great things you can promote while being a member at SFI. You don’t have to spend any money to join Triple Clicks and there is no limit to how much you can earn each month. Earning money just for promoting and telling people about a place they can sell their junk online seems too easy, but that’s all it takes to start generating an income at Triple Clicks. Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity from SFI and give Triple Clicks a try today!

Attention Georgia and Texas

07 April, 08:59, by admin

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Vinefire Payments in June 2009

03 April, 22:54, by admin Tags: , ,


The email sent from Vinefire says payments could begin as early as June. That is June of 2009 and not the June for next year! Originally it was stated that payments would begin in January of 2010 and now that has been move up; where members may receive their earnings this summer!

It sure has got folks wondering if Vinefire is a scam or easy way to make money. I think these answers will come sooner than later and members will know before June gets here if they will be getting money to help on summer vacation or to spend on some other venture this summer.

Google Ranked Us knows a secret related to Vinefire and their announcement will be made on May 22nd, 2009. Someone else may find out what’s going on sooner and can fill in the gaps for those members wondering about their earnings.

If you join Vinefire now; you can take part in internet history to see if this is the easiest way ever to earn money online. It should get more interesting as the days wind down and more and more people sign up at Vinefire. Quality traffic does await your arrival now and you don’t have to wait any for that. You will quickly see just how easy it is to use the Vinefire website and the great results they provide your online programs.

Did you join Vinefire already? If so, please go share your money totals from Vinefire with other Vinefire members that have have already started making money over there. Your Vinefire payment may just be a few short months away, so you may want to get things in order to make that first payout a nice one!

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Taco Bell Set to Buy Google?

19 March, 00:41, by admin Tags: ,

I have always heard that the richest man isn’t the one with the most money. The richest man is the one that can get the most money from the poor. If that’s the case; then Taco Bell must be the richest company in the world. I’m sure they could easily afford to buy Google and any other Fortune 500 Company they wanted. I know I stay poor and most of the time the only place I can afford to eat is Taco Bell. Those tacos and bean buritos for 79 or 89 cents is perfect for someone like me that has a budget closer to zero than a dollar. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person that has paid with change for their Taco Bell dinner. For all of you out there that has to eat at Taco Bell and you have to scrape up change just to do that; I will be sure to squirt a little extra hot sauce on my taco for ya!

Online with Max Landfall

06 March, 02:04, by admin Tags: ,

Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that KIT KAT bar! Have you heard that one before? What about the popular fast food chain that says “Have you had your break today”? Well if your breaking off the Kit Kat bar you’re eating a great candy bar and it’s McDonalds that has the famous slogan asking people if they had their break today. In fact, McDonalds like the “break” slogan so much, they even added a 2nd one that goes “You deserve a break today”. There must be something with this break thing, but the only break I ever get is when I visit Max’s Landfall online. It’s a great website that gives you a break and if you haven’t never visited Max before, go check it out sometime.

Max Landfall will probably get an award this year as one of the most popular websites online today and it could be rubbing shoulders with the MySpace and Facebook websites that have gained so much attention over the last few years. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big idea for an online website. You can let all your friends, family, and co-workers know that you was visiting Max’s Landfall before Max’s Landfall was even cool!

Dolphin Bubbles

21 February, 21:47, by admin Tags: , , ,

Have you ever thought about owning a dolphin as a pet? I think dolphins are awesome and would love to have on for a pet. I don’t have no place to keep a dolphin, but it would be nice if I had an area large enough to support salt water and I could have a dolphin pet. I seen some great pictures at Dolphin Bubbles and this is a blog dedicated to dolphins. Any that has an interest in dolphins would like this blog.

I have did a lot of reading about dolphins and found some really interesting information on them. They use more of their brains than humans do and they can travel really fast through the water. It would take a speed boat to pass a dolphin in the water. I know I will never be able to have a dolphin as a pet, but it would be nice to own one. I think they are much happier in the wild anyways and I wouldn’t want to do anything to harm these beautiful animals.

I have seen people riding dolphins before. They just grab the back of the fin and hold on for dear life. The dolphins swim around very easily with a 200 pound person grabbing a hold of their fin. I’m sure this is a great experiecne and a dolphin ride is certainly something I would like to do one day. Have you ever rode a dolphin before? Please feel free to share your stories about riding dolphins and have you ever seen them at SeaWorld before?

Free Money Team for $$$

17 February, 08:14, by admin


The Free Money Team is a great way to promote all those “money making sites” with 1 page. You can join several good paying sites that really do payout and are honest. The Free Money Team is a great way to jumpstart your earnings online. You can also join the Free Traffic Team and get your traffic empire started the right way. This program is what every marketer online should be a part of and it makes everything so much easier. You will see your referrals grow across the board when you start promoting your Free Money Team referral pages.

The Free Money Team can help you with new referrals for Clixsense, LinkGrand, WordLinx, NeoBux, Alert Pay, and many others. You can also get referrals for other programs like EasyAdBucks and Hits4Pay.

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Just sign up for either one of these great programs and you will see how they link to each other. Google Ranked Us supports and promotes the Free Money Team and you know your doing something right when you follow in their footsteps. Google Ranked Us is a top notch surfing team at Trafficera and they get to conduct a lot of experiments with what works online and what doesn’t. The results for the Free Money Team and Free Traffic Team have been very positive and now is your chance to get on board.

Getting free traffic and making money online doesn’t have to be hard. You shouldn’t be loading up tons of referral pages at each traffic exchange. The Free Money Team gives you the opportunity to promote just 1 page and this page will be building your downlines for lots of quality programs. You will get more traffic and make money while doing it!

Party Favors

22 January, 19:25, by admin

What’s the best party you ever had? I’m sure there was someone there or someone that did something to make it the best one ever. All parties can’t be the best one ever, but they can all get off to the right start and this begins with the party favors! You don’t even have to leave the house and you can shop for all your party supplies online at Party Supplies World. You want to go here first because their party favors are discounted and we all want the cheapest prices possible. Some party stores don’t even carry the party items and supplies that PartySuppliesWorld.com have in stock. You can stay right there in your desk or computer chair and just browse through the huge selection of party favors to choose from. I saw some cool themes for the kids and the adults have plenty to choose from too, so any age of party will do. A luau, wedding, birthday, or fifties party is just a few of the parties you can select party items for. I notice they offer several western party themes and with each theme you get napkins, cups, plates, banners, a table cover and other favors! One of the best parties I ever went to had a western style to it and most were wearing their cowboy hats and boots. Its just one of the great themes you can go with for your next party. The hard part is picking just one theme with so many great choices. Once you do select a theme, your party favors will be shipped out fast with the services offered by Party Supplies World.

Hawks End Winning Streak

02 January, 23:33, by admin

The longest winning streak in the NBA is no longer and the Atlanta Hawks lose to the New Jersey Nets tonight in overtime. There really isn’t much to say when you have a 20 point lead at halftime and manage to lose a basketball game. I know there is a lot of blame to go around, but Joe Johnson continues to hurt the Hawk’s team. I wish they would sit him on the bench more when he is struggling so bad and let other guys that try hard play. He just plays too many minutes and tries to take plays off and this only leads to bad things in the NBA. He shoots the ball too much and doesn’t have a pure shooter’s stroke either for a professional ball player.

The Hawks return home on Saturday to face the Houston Rockets and maybe they can start a new winning streak. Let’s hope the team learned a lesson tonight and something can be done with Mike Woodson as the coach of this team. We will have to get this act together quick, because everything is riding on a two game series coming up next week against the Orlando Magic.

Google Ranked Us

21 December, 23:32, by admin

A surfing team at Trafficera called Google Ranked Us is helping people to succeed online. If you want to make money online, you will have to create a system for driving more traffic to your websites. This is where Google Ranked Us can help and we have a team of 25 people all working together that share the same marketing interests online. We are always looking for the most active surfers possible and if you think you can surf 5 hours a day or more; then please join us.

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Come give us a try and get your websites seen like they never have been seen before. We are serious about our marketing efforts, but we know how to have a good time too. You will see winning clock races is a lot of fun and your hard work will pay off with Google Ranked Us. Many surfing teams to choose from at Trafficera, but none that have the drive, dedication, and approach our team does. We don’t only win clock races, but we make people money and throw tons of free traffic their way!

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Outdoor Fun with Kites

21 December, 23:09, by admin

I like to go to the park and fly kites. It’s really fun to have something on the ground with you one moment and the next it’s hundreds of feet in the air that can be seen from miles away. Have you ever tried to make a kite? I have attempted this feat, but I failed miserably. I’m not a kite builder that’s for sure. My homemade kite might have not been too aerodynamic and the fact it probably weighed about 20 pounds didn’t help either.

I have lost kites before, because the string would run out. I would be getting a kite way up in the air and would just keep feeding it the kite string. The next thing I knew there was no more string to feed it and my kite was sailing further away and no telling where it landed. I hate when that happens and especially when you have a kite that you really like. The last one I lost had a golden eagle on it and it was one of the coolest kites I have ever seen. I still look for kites with that same design today.

Now the guys at the beach have fun with kites. It’s amazing to watch some of the contraptions they come up with. I have seen them attach like 30 kites together and get them up in the air all at the same time. It’s a pretty site to see. It’s a little easier at the beach, when you’re talking about the beach as in by the ocean. There is always a good breeze blowing on the beach by the ocean. So if you want to really have a kite take off with you, then just go to the ocean with it. The winds there would probably even be strong enough to get that 20 pound homemade kite I built up in the air.

Those Holiday Blah’s

20 December, 17:20, by admin

The holiday’s are here and in full swing. Time to gather with family and friends and eat great meals like there is no tomorrow. Time to get fat burner working on your metabolism and shake off a few of those deserts you indulged in. How does the loss of 7 lbs in 7 days appeal to you. Go to Fat Burner .Net and see if it’s possible. You know what to do and where to get the results, now the ball is in your court. It’s your turn.

Bush Escapes Shoe Attack

15 December, 20:51, by admin

It’s hard to believe what one arab journalist did this past Sunday to the President of the United States. He (George Bush) was getting prepared to talk and suddenly from the crowd of reporters sitting down was a man taking off his shoes and throwing them at the American leader. This took place in Iraq and this country is still a long ways from being a secured nation. This was a surprise visit from the President and that shows the security concerns that still remain in the country that Sadam Husein ruled over for so long. Sadam may be long gone, but the troubles still persist in this part of the Middle East.

It just looks strange watching the President ducking down to avoid a shoe that was headed directly toward his head. The 2nd shoe thrown was in-line to hit the president too, but a slight movement of the head avoided the second attack. Shortly after the 2nd shoe was thrown, order was restored by several men that took the disgruntled reporter to the ground.

The days of George Bush in office are winding down and we are just a little over a month away until the first black president gets a chance to run the country and occupy the White House. I don’t believe anyone and this includes President Bush too, that anything memorable would develop in his last days of office. I think an angry, olive skin man in Iraq changed all of this Sunday December 14th and his actions won’t be forgot anytime soon. I’m sure the newly elected President Barack Obama even got a chuckle seeing the President dodging shoes at a press conference in Iraq.

I wish they were all California

18 November, 22:27, by admin

Hey that’s the Beach Boy’s lyrics from one of their many hits. Speaking of Hits, hows your driving, you haven’t been running in to people lately have you. Let’s hope not, but it may be the right time for you to give your insurance a good review. At online auto insurance you can get California auto insurance quote and see if your policy is due a change or upgrade. They will even give the rates of their competitors to see how you will save and with which insurer. Always compare coverage for coverage to get a true value of your insurance. It is so easy to compare apples to oranges in the auto industry , so get you self up to date and see if there’s money that belongs to you, that you are just giving away to the insurance industry

A New Kitchen

18 November, 22:06, by admin

The remodeling of a house can be a major task, I am in the finishing stages of doing just that. a complete remodel. This house looked like it should have been condemned when I started the project. Many hours of sweat equity and thousands of dollars later I am starting to see the benefits pay off. A new kitchen is one of the things I am especially proud of, as well as the new Bathroom that I designed. It’s 12×20 and its nice. But I really liked the Kitchen best. New counter tops, sinks, fixtures, cabinets refaced, and a back splash that turned out great. All the years in construction has payed off again when I started this ordeal, but there’s light at he end of the tunnel. I get a better glimpse of it everyday.

Scrap Booking can be fun

18 November, 21:51, by admin

Got a bunch of old memorabilia laying in the bottom drawer you haven’t see for years, or photos of a time in your life you want to keep alive and don’t know how to do it. You may want to consider Scrap booking for a hobby, but be forewarned, it can become addictive. What’s one more vise in your life. Try scrapbooking and see what you can be doing with the whole family and share with others the stories that are associated within those pages of wacky looking moments that you could almost say is a diary of the family or whatever subjects you choose. Everything you need to get started can be found at acherryontop.com with pricing that is very reasonable.

Alcoholics Disease

14 November, 16:44, by admin

I have seen some pretty bad cases of Alcoholism in my days, my first encounter with it left a lasting impression on me as a child. I was maybe 10 years old, and my uncle had a local Barbershop in our little city in Georgia, located about 35 miles north east of Atlanta, called Canton. We used to have a Hotel in downtown, and the shop was at the left entrance of the Hotel. It was called the Hotel Barber Shop. Imagine that.

Any way there was a man that came in there one morning and asked my uncle if he had any Vitalis Hair Tonic, my uncle politely pointed to a shelf filled with all kinds of hair concoctions, the man walked over to the shelf and got a bottle of Vitalis and took the lid off and drank it right there in the shop. After he finished he said Thank you I was about to die. He paid for the tonic and out the door he went.

I asked my uncle how in the world that that stuff would keep him from dying. He laughed at me and then he explained to me the ways of an Alcoholic. I was so intrigued by the story I had been told that I took notice of people I knew who drank. Sometime they were funny, or so I thought, but most of the time they were pretty stupid.

I now have someone that I care for a great deal that reminds me of the first encounter with an Alcoholic. He is a good person, but just can’t seem to shake the demon that has him on this whirlwind of a ride with The pains of Alcoholism. When he drinks, it’s never his fault, it’s always somebody done went and did me wrong so I will just drink it away. Its like Jeckyll and Hyde. There is two people occupying one body. He thinks that he can get over on my wife and I, he’s so slick that we can’t tell if he’s had a drink.

Remember when I said most time they are stupid, well this fits to a tee with him trying to convince us he has not had a drink. He has even been one of those Bible toting drunks before telling you the way of the lord and your damnation for the life you are living, all the while he,s drunk. This used to really piss me off, that side don’t come to me anymore and it had better try to return.

I guess that I have vented enough today until I get my next dose of Alcoholism that destroys the lives of good and bad people everyday.