Ready for Winter? Keep your home Cozy Warm!

This is something I do know a little about. I have some of these actual products in my home, I have a infrared and a blue flame space heaters in my home. I bought these units as a backup system in the event of a power failure. Needless to say I love these units so much that they have become my primary source of heat for my home. With the almost 100%, efficiency my central unit rarely comes on. My old furnace system runs at about 78% efficiency, meaning that about 22% of my energy was going out my flu. In other words for every dollar I spend on my furnace heating my home, $.22 cents of every dollar goes out into the atmosphere.

So why not get your moneys worth in today’s energy crisis you need to save all you can. Spend a dollar and get almost a dollar of energy from using the great little heaters. They also carry vent free fireplaces as well. These units pay for themselves in a couple of seasons.

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