R/C Cars and Trucks

Radio Controlled cars and trucks have come a long way as to when I was a kid. I have 3 Nitro Burning Trucks and car. The trucks are a Traxxas TMaxx and a Duratrax Warhead, the car is Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech, and this thing will run over 70 Mph. Its a 1/10th scale and that would be like us going over 700 Mph.

Could you imagine strapping yourself in one of those things and letting her rip. It’s a 4 wheel drive car and at 40 Mph I can accelerate full throttle and that thing will spin out, but thats not what you want to do you want to try to keep it from spinning the tires and keep it under control, but it’s still fun to give it the gas every now and then, that thing will go through some tires let me tell you.

The trucks run 40-50 Mph and they will really go on a good dirt track, I had to put wheelie bars on the Tmaxx its so powerful its hard to keep the front end down. I guess that I am a lot like Tool Time Tim more power huh. The Warhead is the slowest of the 3 but it offers more control and keeps its tires planted firmly on the ground. Power sliding and jumping is no problem for this thing.

Like I say they have come a long way in the R/C industry, I remember when the Cox airplane was just about all you ever heard about, then the slot car craze set in and then it started the R/C craze and it big bucks now. If you want to race but on a budget then this is the way to race and not have to get a mortgage on the house. I am still a kid at heart, but it sure is FUN

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