Emergency Heat

This is a subject that I have first hand knowledge of, space heating for your home is something most homeowners overlook. I didn’t overlook it because I know when the power goes out for days at a time from a snow or ice storm your home can get quite cold and un comfortable. If you have gas space heaters you can stay the duration of the storm and the power outages. I have 3 gas space heaters and they are 99.9% efficient. The fact of the matter is I use my space heaters now as my primary source of heat. They are cost effective and I rarely use my old 80% efficient furnace. The design of todays heaters are one that can fit any decor and mounted on the wall or free standing they look great. Don’t forget the 99.9% efficiency. High gas prices drive the market to save where they can and if you buy these great heaters it’s like putting money back into your pocket.

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