Vote for the Next President of the USA

Go ahead and cast your votes to the 3 presidential candidates that remain in the running. I should really say two, because Hillary Clinton will NOT be the next president. No one wants to see Bill Clinton back in the White House and Hillary has no chance. I’m surprise the Deomocratic Party hasn’t recognized this and for those people that think America is the place where we forgive those that make mistakes, you’re wrong!

Who wins? Barack Obama? John McCain?

I’m not a democrat or republican and I believe I will vote on the best man for the job. I’m still someone that could have their vote changed by the time the November elections get here. I would be happy to go on a blogging campaign and support anyone of these fine fellers if they want to pay for my vote! I can be bought and it doesn’t take much! I would even take money to support Hillary Clinton if her campaign party made the right offer. So if any of you presidential candidates would like a blogger with several blogs to help promote your cause, feel free to send me an email: and just put in the subject “Help for 2008 President” and I will be sure to get you a few votes for the elections in November. If you’re just a concerned American and really think our country needs one of these candidates in offfice, I will help you get your choice elected if you want to make be an offer by email.

I think there is a lot more people in Washington, DC that needs to be removed and just removing George Bush isn’t going to fix nothing. I am on a political campaign now that you don’t re-elect no politicial officials. So don’t vote for anyone that is currently serving a position in politics and if we can change the whole crowd, we can then get a breath of fresh air into the USA.

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  1. C Reader says:

    These comments are totally out of character for you and doesn’t match your usual opinions. Maybe you need a good night sleep!!!

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