Immigration Laws are a Joke

Our great country was founded on laws which must be enforced, but in todays times the laws that are on the books are just writing on paper that have no meaning to our elected officials. Immigration is out of control and all the illegals know that they can get away with almost anything. Our president is a oil barron getting filthy rich while he is in office, he believes the illegal immigrants should not be bothered that they are doing jobs no body else wants. Thats a bunch of crap, those jobs were filled before the rampant illegals came in and undercut the pay scale. The company’s are hiring them at lower wages and making the companies more profit, then they get together and move 10 in a single family residence and rent for them is minimal monies and then they send most of their pay back to their native land for their families, taking the money out of the US economy.

The politicians need to be replaced and the companies that hire illegal immigrants should have their business license pulled and shut down. Talk about spitting in the face of the great founders of our country, I am sure this is not the way it was meant to be in the eyes of our founders. As for the ones that are here Legally, My hat is off to you and welcome to the United States Of America!

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