___________ For President

Yeah everybody wants to be the president, but the way it works is you have to get out and meet the people and let them know where you stand on a variety of issues and then they go to the polls and vote for the one they think is the best qualified to run our country. But the problem we have had inthe past is there had been some misspellings or somethings because the elected officials we have in office today is Ruining and not running our country. We don’t have much to choose from but its all we got, and if you will get out there and cast your vote, then you have done your part.

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  1. Mariomichel says:

    Please don’t vote for the sake of voting. Look up your candidate Ron Paul. I am not American but if I was, I would either vote for Ron Paul or not vote at all. Don’t make sense to me to vote for rotten politicians or politicians that ruin your great country, better not vote at all if you are going to do that. This of course is my humble opinion looking from outside in.
    Have a nice day
    Take care

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