Take time to live

Taking the time to live is a concept that I didn’t think I had time for, I was always working and building my career to what I always thought would be a secure future that I forgot to live life the way it should be. If you don’t take YOU time then you will get old and miserable in a hurry in the later years. Corporate America is there for the company and not for you. You may give it you all just to get slapped in the face when you get older. My Dad printed TV Guides for 20 years and had always been in the printing business, he got terminated just before he could retire that save the company thousands and thousands of dollars. This seem to be the norm in todays jobs, when it almost time to retire the get rid of you so they can replace you with a temp or a lower salaried worker, then deny your retirement benefits. Wake up Corporate America and do what is right for the people who got you where you are.

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