Memo: Meeting in the conference room @ 7:30AM

Good morning everyone, I called this meeting this morning to let you know that our company is doing better than we expected. What I need for you to do is everyone get their office in order so we can bring some new office desks, your old ones will be moved over in the annex for the new 15 new people we are going to hire to help take some of the load off you. For all you people standing in the conference room now will have a seat at the next meeting, we are getting a new conference table as well. Now for the good news, upper management will be receiving a 7 % raise in your pay scale, management will be getting a 10% raise, and for all the hard working employees in non management will get 15% raise in their pay as well. The reason that non-management raises is greater than managements, is simple, they are the backbone of our operations here. You are all doing a good job here, and thank you for our new company growth that you helped to create. Every one have a great day.

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