Who’s In Charge

What ever happened to a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Every time I fill my gas tank it sickens me to the point of anger. It gets too frustrating to try and figure out what happened to our country. Who’s In Charge? What happened to the American way of life, where if you work hard and are a good moral person, you can succeed in life. I question this theory in today’s times.

I was always taught to be kind to your fellow human being, and treat all people with respect. I have never in my life been a prejudice person, but as of lately I find myself leaning toward the prejudice monster that so many people in the past have let ruin their lives. I get so mad at our democracy when I go to the grocery store and you can’t go down the isle because people of Hispanic origin block the isle without regards to other people trying to shop. Then you get in line to pay and all the illegal Hispanics are there with their WIC vouchers and food stamps that Taxpaying citizens paid for.

I have worked for over 40 years paying into our government what was required of me. I know of citizens that have been disabled and financially strapped, try to get help from our own government in their time of need, and were denied any benefits that should have been there for them. Who’s In Charge? I know a man whom got hurt on the job and it has disabled him for life. After the first year of disability he applied for disability benefits. He got turned down. So he had to appeal the decision. Another year passes and he gets turned down again.

So he had to appeal again to get to go before a judge to decide. After waiting about 8 months the judge says he is disabled. He was no better and no worse when the judge made his decision as he was when he first applied. They were hoping he would just go away and not bother them. I feel that if he had changed his name to Julio he would have gotten his earned benefits the first time he applied.

I do not like felling the way I am starting to feel about my fellow man. It’s not right and it sure isn’t healthy for you. All the stress related things that come into your life on a daily basis just can’t be good for you. I am trying to understand these feelings, but a hard time is coping with all of these feelings. I am going to talk to my God about this problem I am having, with hopes of my being able to understand better.

Carpooling can help ease the dependency on foreign oil importation; buying vehicles that get good mileage will help. I guess it’s up to you and I, U.S. citizens to improve the country as the politicians are helping it self destruct. Who’s In Charge?

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  1. Eagle Girl says:

    Well stated. I know it’s a shame to find yourself thinking this way but it is what it is and we have been forced to think like this. Don’t be so hard on yourself though, I think you are probably feeling more angry towards our government than you are towards illegal immigrants; they are only utilizing crater-sized loop holes. The government is to blame!

  2. admin says:

    Eagle Girl,
    Thanks for the comment,you are probably correct about me being angry at our gov.I really don’t have a problem if the people enter OUR country legally.

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