My Jack Russel Terriers

Some of you have seen post about my baby’s, Phoebe and Sadie, my Jack Russel Terriers. These two girls are so funny and smart , they are like a couple of mischievous kids. Every time I come home they start in barking at me wanting a treat. It’s like they are fussing at me for leaving them behind. I take them with me where I can, but that don’t matter to them , they expect to go every time I go. I can’t use the word go in front of them if I am leaving, and I can’t even spell it any more.The girls knows what I am talking about. I can have a discussion with my husband and every time we need to go somewhere, they know all the signs and pick up on the least little clue that we are leaving. They will tickle you when they do get to go , Sadie will grab my husband by the pant leg and try to drag him to the Truck or the van, as if he isn’t getting there fast enough to suite her. You got to love a Jack Russel!

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