Dish Network Woes

I love the picture quality of satellite T.V. But I am having a problem that No body can seem to correct. Every time my Air Conditioning system comes on I lose my signal, I had one technician to tell me that there is a tree limb in the way, and it is causing my signal lost. He said for right at $100.00 he could raise my dish so it would be out of the line of sight by the dish. I asked about that it only loses signal when the A/C system comes on, he replied that didn’t have anything to do with it, it is a leaf on the tree. Needless to say that my dish is still the height it was when installed.

So I get an electrician to come out and put in a dedicated circuit for the A/C system, and it still does the same thing. If anyone knows the fix for this let me know so I can try to get it fixed.

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