Bloggers Unite on 9/27/07

All across America and the world bloggers will be heard today. A campaign is being launched today and it will be one of the largest campaigns that bloggers all come together for. The topic is abuse and bloggers have the chance to post about any abuse topic of their choosing. Feel free to talk about any abuse that you want and it can be about child abuse, animal abuse, spouse abuse, or abuse on our roads. Just select your topic and blog away on 9/27/07 or any day shortly after that. There are no deadlines on a cause like this and it’s a good opportunity for all bloggers in the world to unite for a good cause.

We all have something we like to say in our blogs. I have found it’s a great way to vent about the things I don’t like, that I see in everyday life. Many choose a topic and will use their blog for just one topic and others will treat their blog like a gossip column (blogging about everything under the sun). Blogs are also a great source of income to some, that choose to take paid advertisements from companies or blogging companies that connect advertisers with bloggers. Whatever the reason you have your blog for, there is always room to make one post on a worthy cause. Today is that day and join in with all of the other bloggers and blog against abuse!

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