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What Bloggers Are Saying…

What Bloggers Are Saying

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17 February, 08:14, by admin


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Lowe Back Pain

18 July, 21:42, by admin

This is something that affects millions of people, some have severe back problems like i do. I fractured two vertebrae in my back and I went so long with the doctors saying that I has 2 protruding disc, after almost a year of therapy and epidural, I finally seen a surgeon that took the original X-Ray and seen the clean break. I had gone so long that my back had to be re broken and pins and rods and screws along with a fusion only to have failed, the damage was permanent. I could never wish this kind of pain on any one except maybe George Bush for driving America in the ground as he has.

Hot and Humid

09 July, 14:42, by admin

Well we have that good old Georgia heat wave going on, the low 90′s for the past couple of weeks. Factor in the humidity and it gets sweltering and dangerous for some of the people working outside and with health problems. I used to be a plumber and in this heat I would go to work at 6 in the morning and work till about 1, then I would knock off till about 7 in the evening and work till midnight or till the job was done. I still can’t stand the heat in the middle of the day, it takes its toll on me more now than it did when I was young.

Traveling with pets

19 June, 23:52, by admin

Traveling with your pet can be a rewarding and good time for all, but there is a downside of taking your pet with you. Today I went to look at some furniture and carried my pets with me,while I was out of the truck they stepped on the door locks. I usually always carry a second key for such occasions, but I have had them to lock me out before and I was always successful at getting them to step on the button again to unlock the doors. This had happened maybe 10 times, but today was the exception, I got locked out and they would not unlock the door, I didn’t have a extra key , so I had to call my daughter to go to the and get a key for me to get back in. in the end it boils down to ME being the Knucklehead.

19 June, 23:43, by admin

used cisco

Feeling Sluggish

02 June, 22:53, by admin

Well there could be a simple answer for that, you may need a good cleansing. I know its a subject that a lot of people don’t care to discuss, but the effects of getting a colon cleanse can certainly make you feel so much better and have the energy that you remember having before and just aren’t sure why you no longer have that energy. Most people think it’s stress and just being tired, which may be the case sometimes, but to put so little effort for so much to gain, it’s a no brainer. Get cleansed and feel good, regain that energy you once had.

First Swim

02 June, 20:35, by admin

Today I took the first swim of the year, I must be getting old, because in the past years I would be in the pool at the first April. It’s a hot 86 in Ga and the water was great it was very refreshing to be there in the middle of the day in the heat. I have a bad back and the pressure thats on my spine is tremendous, I take Percocet along with a morphine pump to get relief, but the pool takes all the pressure off and thats better than eating those pain pills.

Fly Away

05 March, 21:36, by admin

Are you tire of paying premium prices for airline tickets, well you should be, and there’s something that you can do about it, you can get cheap flights from shermans travel. They offer so many travel packages that I can’t mention them all here, because it would take me hours of time to let you know the great prices they offer. But if you will click on the link provided you will see the savings that I am talking about. Want to go to Europe or Latin America, at Shermans for much less than you probably think.


27 February, 01:12, by admin

I have been playing the numbers game so long, and not winning that I think I could have paid myself a million dollars already, trying to win a million. I know it’s a luck of the draw game and the odds are astronomical but if you don’t play you cant win. I am beginning to think that winning just is not in the game plan for me. We just had a 275 million lottery that a Iron worker in Portal Ga won. It was the largest payout to one person in the Ga Lottery history. I can only try to imagine what being that wealthy would be like. I know I could do a lot of good with it and help out a lot of people. I know I would not be greedy with it and all my family would get to help enjoy the proceeds of a big jackpot like that. Oh well time to wake from my dream and get back to reality of me still buying tickets to see if I can win anything.

Join and Save

16 February, 04:52, by admin

Well love to save money where we can and in today’s economy it seems to be we better save every time we can. I just had a tile walk in shower installed in the guest bath as part of a remodel job. I am always looking for a savings on the things I buy. Direct Buy is the leading members only showroom and home design center that offers merchandise at manufacturer direct prices. You have to pay a small membership to join but you can save lots by being a member.I saved over 50% on my material compared to my local home improvement chain. Put some jingle in your pocket and keep smiling.

I can’t believe it.

15 February, 00:31, by admin

I just can’t believe that I got passed over on that job promotion for another employee with less experience and only a fair performance record. What is wrong with this picture? If this company had the right software the would be no second guessing of who’s right for the job promotion. I they had performance reviews they would have known that the right person for the job got the promotion. Don’t let this happen in your company and having mad employees, with Halogen you know you are headed in the right direction to grow as you should.

Rain, Rain, Rain

31 January, 22:48, by admin

Its raining again here in Georgia and we really do need it bad. We had a little a couple of days ago and now once again it rain. I guess we will work out in the garage while the rain is falling and get that thing organized to look like a garage. I am already for springtime to come and brighten up the days with flowers and bees.

A Growing Business

17 January, 23:31, by admin

If your business is growing and I hope it is, the time may have come for you to do some upgrades on your communication systems. We all know that fiber cable is the fastest way to transfer data and virtually trouble free. Black can get your new expansion up and running with only the best equipment that is available today. They will design your system and install it and maintain it for you so you have the time to do what you need to do. You know you need 10more people to handle all the new work coming in, so don’t sell yourself short by not having the right system to handle the business.

Happy New Year

01 January, 14:49, by admin

It’s 2008 and I sure hope that it is a better year than 2007. Of course I say that every year whether it was a good year or not, I guess I am looking for a perfect year. What ever that is. I hope this year we all prosper more than ever and our health holds up to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Eat, sleep, and exercise more and take care of the body. If we do that then our bodies will respond with better feeling.

Wonderful Christmas

26 December, 01:01, by admin

We had a wonderful Christmas this year,we had great food, good fellowship and family love. This is the time of year that we overlook one’s faults even though we won’t acknowledge our own. It’s too easy to criticize ones habits and never think that we have habits that may bother other family members. Everyone was delightful and merry, and we all got into the true meaning of Christmas, the day of celebration for the birth of Jesus. He is our keeper and he is our son of Christ whom built this world for us to make into a better place. So far we have failed.

Cleaning the range top

21 December, 01:37, by admin

Don’t you hate it when you’re cooking and something boils over on the range top and the heat from the range just bakes the mess into the porcelain top. Then you have to scrub and scrub to try and get it off. I have found that if you use Bar-Keepers Friend cleaner thats a lot like Ajax but it wont scratch your range top. If you have a Stainless steel top you are still good because Bar-Keepers Friend will clean and polish your Stainless appliances to a like new Luster. I have been using Bar Keepers for years and have always had good results with the product.

Where’s the Plane

15 December, 20:11, by admin

Has any one noticed that on 9-11 the plane that hit the pentagon just completely disappeared, there was no parts of any plane that was left , no engines , no wheels or anything that was relative to an airplane of any type. Can you say Government cover up. If you don’t believe what I am saying ,check out any video of 9-11 and the plane that hit the pentagon and you make your own decision. I can’t believe the American people are so gullible to believe anything the government says.Look at the size of the hole in the pentagon and the size plane that was supposed to have hit it. It does not add up. How were the names of all those terrorist revealed so quickly after the crashes, do your home work and thank good ole Bush for our country’s demise.

Mind Control or Not

10 December, 23:17, by admin

Have you ever heard the phrase “you hear it once, you hear it a thousand times”? I think that I’m going to start logging these occurances. It happens to me so often I’m almost forced to believe that something is going on here. Could it be that human beings share more of a “hive-mind” than we think? I mean, what does it mean when Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to love” comes up three times in one day, from different people? Is there a pattern that everyone’s overlooking? If so, where does it lead? What does it mean? Are aliens trying to tell us something, but we’re only picking up bits and pieces? I think that would be a great movie plot. There would be so many people wearing those tin-foil hats, or trying to tune in their radios to outer-space frequencies. Maybe I should write it up. Eventually the code is broken and the secrets of the universe are revealed. Of course, once Hollywood got a hold of it, it would probably be unrecognizable. Anyway, it seemed strange to me that it happens so much. Just thought I’d share.

Quitting Smoking

06 December, 23:44, by admin

I have been trying so hard to quit smoking and it just has a hold me I can’t seem to shake. I have tried almost everything I have been introduced to . The time has come for me to get my self together and quit the nasty habit that I have had for 40 years +. I have a Dr’s appointment next week and some how we are going to quit that habit. My health is not up to par as it should be and it’s about time I took control of my life and quite the Nasty Habit.