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Hawks End Winning Streak

02 January, 23:33, by admin

The longest winning streak in the NBA is no longer and the Atlanta Hawks lose to the New Jersey Nets tonight in overtime. There really isn’t much to say when you have a 20 point lead at halftime and manage to lose a basketball game. I know there is a lot of blame to go around, but Joe Johnson continues to hurt the Hawk’s team. I wish they would sit him on the bench more when he is struggling so bad and let other guys that try hard play. He just plays too many minutes and tries to take plays off and this only leads to bad things in the NBA. He shoots the ball too much and doesn’t have a pure shooter’s stroke either for a professional ball player.

The Hawks return home on Saturday to face the Houston Rockets and maybe they can start a new winning streak. Let’s hope the team learned a lesson tonight and something can be done with Mike Woodson as the coach of this team. We will have to get this act together quick, because everything is riding on a two game series coming up next week against the Orlando Magic.

R/C Cars and Trucks

24 May, 13:32, by admin

Radio Controlled cars and trucks have come a long way as to when I was a kid. I have 3 Nitro Burning Trucks and car. The trucks are a Traxxas TMaxx and a Duratrax Warhead, the car is Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech, and this thing will run over 70 Mph. Its a 1/10th scale and that would be like us going over 700 Mph.

Could you imagine strapping yourself in one of those things and letting her rip. It’s a 4 wheel drive car and at 40 Mph I can accelerate full throttle and that thing will spin out, but thats not what you want to do you want to try to keep it from spinning the tires and keep it under control, but it’s still fun to give it the gas every now and then, that thing will go through some tires let me tell you.

The trucks run 40-50 Mph and they will really go on a good dirt track, I had to put wheelie bars on the Tmaxx its so powerful its hard to keep the front end down. I guess that I am a lot like Tool Time Tim more power huh. The Warhead is the slowest of the 3 but it offers more control and keeps its tires planted firmly on the ground. Power sliding and jumping is no problem for this thing.

Like I say they have come a long way in the R/C industry, I remember when the Cox airplane was just about all you ever heard about, then the slot car craze set in and then it started the R/C craze and it big bucks now. If you want to race but on a budget then this is the way to race and not have to get a mortgage on the house. I am still a kid at heart, but it sure is FUN

Bush wins Talladega

28 April, 02:28, by admin

Kyle Busch fell a lap down midway through the race, and after racing his way back into contention, needed an awesome save to keep himself from triggering a massive crash. “Typical Talladega,” he thought.

Only this time, the crash happened behind Busch. Instead of leaving Talladega Superspeedway with a smashed-up car, he drove into Victory Lane. The kid who couldn’t conquer Talladega finally won at the harrowing track Sunday, and in this breakout season for Busch, it was only fitting that he coasted to the victory.

“I’d like to say that I’m smarter than I look, but that’s certainly not the case,” Busch said. “Today was just due to having a great car. Getting a lap down, that was like, `Oh, typical Talladega’ there. But I didn’t wreck today and I was definitely happy of that, and I was greatly appreciative that I was able to win today because it’s certainly been a struggle for several years.

“I don’t think I’ve ever finished one here yet without some sort of damage. We still had damage, but it wasn’t enough to keep us from Victory Lane.”

Busch came back from a lap down, then survived a near wreck with Jamie McMurray for his first win at Talladega. It was won under caution when a 12-car accident brought out the yellow flag on the final lap, freezing the field and allowing Busch to slowly make his way across the finish line – a rare completion considering his history at the track.

In six previous Cup races, Busch failed to finish four times and wrecked out of both events last season. His accident in last spring’s Cup race was so hard, he cracked his head-and-neck restraint while finishing 37th. And his wreck in the fall officially ended his championship hopes.

But this year, he can’t seem to do anything wrong. His victory was his second Sprint Cup win of the year, seventh spanning all three of NASCAR’s top series, and gave him wins four weekends in a row dating to a Nationwide Series victory in Texas earlier this month.

He has victories this season on a road course, an intermediate track, a pseudo-short track and a superspeedway.

It’s made for an incredible start to the season for the sometimes bratty Busch, who was fired from Hendrick Motorsports last year despite his immense talent because the team couldn’t tolerate his often irrational temperament.

So Joe Gibbs Racing snatched him up, and the team couldn’t be more thrilled with its find. Busch, who turns 23 next week, has given the organization assurance it has a strong future even if two-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart opts to leave the team when his contract expires.

Although this hot start has solidified the decision to sign him, team president J.D. Gibbs said the team knew it had a superstar on its hands after watching him pace last October’s test at Atlanta in his very first time working with JGR and crew chief Steve Addington.

“The first time we got a glimpse of it was that test at Atlanta in the fall, we realized we had something very special,” Gibbs said. “You could see it in Steve’s eyes. I just think there’s a lot of things that really fit in the package, and first and foremost, you need to have that guy behind the wheel. And he just has a natural talent.

“We’re blessed to be a part of it, to see it. And the exciting thing is you forget how young he is. So how many years do we have left to grow together is really encouraging.”

This season is so perfect, it didn’t even matter that Busch fell a lap down midway through the race when he missed his pit during a stop and had to circle back to try again on the next lap. But he got the lap back as the “lucky dog” on the next caution, and it put him in position to drive back to the front in his Toyota.

During that charge back to the front, he nearly turned sideways after contact with McMurray. Both drivers had to work to stave off wrecking the field.

“The save, I didn’t know what was happening,” Busch said. “I thought I was going out of the park. Luckily, somehow, we got off each other and kept it straight.”

Then Juan Pablo Montoya hooked up behind him, pushing Busch to the front, where he was able to race for the win.

Montoya finished second to match his career best on an oval since moving to NASCAR midway through 2006. He also was second at Indy last July.

“I didn’t want to finish second,” Montoya said. “It’s hard. I would think I would have tried to make a move coming out of four.”

Denny Hamlin, Busch’s teammate at Joe Gibbs Racing, finished third.

“The whole race was crazy,” Hamlin said. “Everyone got antsy.”

That showed in the waning laps, which were marked by three separate accidents. The first came with 14 laps to go when Stewart, the third Joe Gibbs Racing driver, was stuck in the middle of a huge pack of cars. Bobby Labonte got forced to the bottom of the track by another car, and it set in motion a six-car accident that ended Stewart’s day.

Despite leading a race-high 61 laps, he dropped to 0-for-20 in Talladega Cup races.

“That’s what happens late in these races,” Stewart said as he surveyed his damaged car. “If it was my fault, I’m sorry. But by looking at the video, I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

Labonte wrecked again shortly after the restart for another caution, setting up a final re-start with five laps to go and Michael Waltrip leading.

But Jimmie Johnson moved Waltrip out of the way, briefly giving Johnson the lead before he lost his momentum and a Busch-led train raced past him on the outside. Busch had Jeff Gordon on his bumper, and the ending was shaping up for another last-lap duel: Four of the past six Talladega races ended with a last-lap pass.

Montoya, with a huge push from temporary teammate David Stremme – he was filling in for Dario Franchitti, who broke his ankle in Saturday’s Nationwide Series race – moved past Gordon and onto Busch’s bumper with Hamlin behind him.

Knowing Hamlin was likely to work with Busch if he couldn’t win the race himself, Montoya bided his time as he considered how to make a run on Busch. But it never came into play, as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jamie McMurray made contact, McMurray hit the wall and a ton of other cars piled up around them.

Montoya and Hamlin didn’t fret over what could have been.

Asked what he could have done, Montoya said to ask Hamlin.

“Ask Denny, he was the guy behind me,” he said.

“Yeah, I was going to dictate the winner,” Hamlin joked.

“He’s right,” Montoya replied.

But in all seriousness, Hamlin said he was going to be a player. In his mind, he planned to push Montoya alongside Busch then go three-wide in a race to the finish line. Joe Gibbs Racing, they would have frowned upon me pushing somebody else past Kyle,” Hamlin said. “But I was going to go for it myself.”

All that planning was for naught as Busch continued his white-hot start to his first season with JGR.


20 April, 02:53, by admin

Golf lingo is something that I know a little about, I my self am not a golfer , but some of my best friends are. I get to hear all the trials and mistakes they make. I also understand that the equipment you buy determines how well you can play. If you have junk stuff then you will play like junk. One name that has been tops for years on is Titleist golf, the reputation follows them like a gathering after Tiger Woods. Titelist has been the choice of Champions for years, and will be for years to come. Want to improve your game, if so buy Titelist and watch your score improve.

Bristol Racing

17 March, 19:38, by admin

The past Bristol race had to be the bore of all races, not only was it a bore it was not action packed like it should have been. Jeff Burton took the checkered flag for his first win at Bristol Speedway. I was at Darlington SC Race and had hospitality passes for Cingular and met Jeff Burton. We got to drink all the free beer we wanted and had a good lunch that was provided but after meeting Jeff Burton I Could no longer be a fan of his, All he wanted to do was talk about himself mainly and his career at Nascar and refused to sign any autographs. That showed me the real Burton.

Las Vegas Speedway

03 March, 01:22, by admin

Jeff Gordon hit the wall hard with 5 laps left in the race and the restart is going to be interesting, it was the fault of Dale Earnhardt jr, on the restart Jr spun his tires and they stacked up and Gordon slid up the track and clipping Matt Kenseth.

When the race resumed it was Carl Edwards taking the checkered flag for the win. After doing his popular back flip out of his car for the second time in as many races he heads for victory lane.

The Fastest track in the circuit comes up next Sunday as they reach speeds of 200 mph at the Atlanta Raceway, the running of the Kobalt 500 will be a good one as always in Atlanta. See you at the Race! Nascar is the only sport, everything else is just a game.

Earnhardt jr. Wins the bud shoot out

10 February, 03:17, by admin

The 2008 Bud shoot out belongs to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Son of the legendary Dale Earnhardt. It was a spectacular finish as Tony Steward was at the heels of Jr and Jimmy Johnson closing the gap on the outside lane got a good run and was about to pass when Jr moved up a little and blocked Johnson from a win. Jr left Dale Earnhardt Racing a company that was founded by his great father switched over to Hendrick Racing because of disputes with his stepmother who is the heir of Earnhardt Racing. His dad raced for Hendrick Racing and founded Earnhardt racing to bring young Dale Jr into the Nascar scene. Its a whacky world at 200 MPH and the excitement has just began.

Budweiser Shoot out

10 February, 02:33, by admin

Nascar is in gear and getting ready for the 50th running of the Daytona 500. Changes have been made in the off season and the drivers are ready to put the pedal to the metal. You know that not only will the engines roar but the tempers will fly and the bump draft will be a thing that may start the flaring of those tempers. If you have never been to a Nascar race then you don’t know what you’re missing. All it takes is one race and when you smell that oil and rubber burning it gets into your veins at around 200 MPH at most tracks. Its intoxicating, feel the speed. Nascar is the only sport,everything else is just a game!

Fore, Its a hole in one

23 January, 19:03, by admin

Everybody wants to get that hole in one, and some people do get it. But if you want to improve your chances then you need good equipment to play with,like Nike golf clubs.Take the Sumo 5900 and get that baby to fit and your chances of the legendary hole in one are greater. Maybe that’s not completely true, but you will sure feel better about your game when you step up to drive with a quality driver like the Sumo 5900. Get your driver today and see if you gain yardage on your drive.

Giants or Patriots?

23 January, 05:48, by admin

The Super Bowl isn’t far away and the two teams remaining are the New England Patriots and New York Giants. I’m sure a lot of people will be rooting for the under dog and that will clearly be the New York Giants. You don’t often think of a team from New York being an under dog, but they are playing a team that has not been beat all year long. The Patriots have matched the 1972 Dolphins and have that perfect record intact. The one big exception right now, is that the 72 Dolphins went on to win the Super Bowl and finished as the top team that year in the NFL. The New England Patriots are one game away from joining them as the only two teams to have the perfect season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also a team that is perfect in the NFL. They are perfect for a different reason and maybe all the wrong reasons. I’m sure the folks in Central Florida are not happy that their Bucs was the last team in the NFL to lose every single game. The funny thing about that, is the Miami Dolphins almost done it this year. It would have been ironic to see the last team to go unbeaten for an entire season to lose every game in the same year someone matches them in their perfect season. That’s a lot to digest, but the Dolphin Fans can relax because they did notch a talley in the win column.

So now with one game to go the New England Patriots are trying to accomplish something that has only been done once and that was 35 years ago. Its to win every single game and the Super Bowl too! I know they will have a lot of people in South Florida rooting against them on Super Bowl Sunday and the fans all across the world that just always pull for the underdog. I like knowing that only one team has been perfect and its ok with me to see Eli Manning and the New York Giants win this Super Bowl and have brothers that win back to back Super Bowls! So who ever wins the big game, there is going to be one stat that will really stick out. Perfect season? Or brothers winning back to back Super Bowls? Because Peyton Mannning did lead the Colts to victory in last year’s Super Bowl and now is the time for little brother Eli to have the spotlight on him.

By any chance does anybody have any scoops on the Super Bowl Commercials? I know the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday are as fun to watch as the actual game. Please be sure to share any of the commercials you might have heard about for the Super Bowl this year.

Championship Mismatch Once Again

08 January, 09:06, by admin

The BCS has once again put another weak team like Ohio State in the biggest football game of the year in college football. And once again the game is over with at halftime. The BCS has no clue on how to rank the best teams in college football these days. The rankings really mean nothing, because they just put the two teams they want to see play at the end of the year anyways. LSU was the number 7 team in all the land and once they barely beat Tennessee in the SEC Championship Game, they quickly rose to number 2. While their slot was being debated, no one really complained that Ohio State was in the big show. They only had 1 defeat, but with their weak schedule, they should have been undefeated with Hawaii.

None of this will ever be settled until a playoff system is in place. This will never happen due to the fact of money and that the southern teams would dominate. That is if they could even get more than 1 team into a playoff system. There’s just too much politics going on in college football and its time for the fans to stand up and say no more!

Why has the USC Trojans not been punished for their payments to Reggie Bush? Just a little more favortism going on in college football. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have all the rich boosters that the USC Trojans has. Other schools have had to serve suspensions and were not allowed to play in bowl games. I assume that USC will be facing some type of punishment in the near future.

I already have my list of teams for the rankings next year. You can see my top 10 Prerankings for the 2008 College Football season. These are the way the teams should be ranked for next year, based on returning starters and how they played this past season. Congrats to the LSU Tigers for representing the South once again in blowout fashion!

The Sugar Bowl

02 January, 03:20, by admin

Well the game is on and Georgia is kicking butt, the Hawaiian team thinks that a volcano has erupted on the field and don’t know what to do about it. When you have the Hot Lava of the Bulldog defense breaking almost every play whats a Warrior to do. He packs his bags and goes back to the Island and remembers the volcano that erupted and burnt their butts. Theres no doubt that the Bulldogs will bite, but when they start slobbering the hot lava out from the offense and defense, somebody is going to get burned. Bye Bye Islanders, you have a beautiful state, but you ain’t got football.

Sugar Bowl Tonight (Georgia .vs. Hawaii)

01 January, 13:41, by admin

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Sugar Bowl at the Superdome in New Orleans. The Georgia Bulldogs is my home team and I always root for them. It should be fun to watch them play against an undefeated team like Hawaii. That Hawaii team is the only team in college football (Division 1) that didn’t lose a game all year. They are going to be going for a perfect season if they can hold off the Bulldogs from Athens.

I think Hawaii might have some success in the first half, but when their All American quarterback Colt Brennen gets sacked a few times on that artificial turf in the Superdome, I think he will start throwing the ball sooner and forcing plays. I think the Georgia Bulldogs will dominate the 2nd half of the game and the score might be ugly when it’s all said and done. I always have said the best football is played in the South. I didn’t mean as far south as Hawaii!


That’s my prediction for the 2008 Sugar Bowl that is going to be played on New Year’s Day in New Orleans, Louisiana! GO DAWGS!!!

Hitting the trails

23 November, 20:38, by admin

Riding horses was a big part of my life as a child and growing up. I have skipped school more times to ride the horses than all other reasons combined. There was a little store by the school that we would go to the store and get a pack of Bull Durham cigarettes. We didn’t have equestrian riding apparel in order that we would look proper. I was an adult before I got to have any riding apparel. I guess it was just the times we grew up in, now a days you need your good looking Apparel for what ever type riding you do, barrel racing, roping or just a joy ride through the woods, The Equestrian Corner has the apparel you need.

Thanksgiving Football

19 November, 21:48, by admin

Stuffing your face on Thanksgiving is just one of the things you do. The best part is laying around all day and watching the pig skin fly around on the tube. I know the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving and for me its tradition to root for them. I didn’t last year, because they was playing the Atlanta Falcons. They get to play the Green Bay Packers this year and I will be like most people and become a Lions fan for a day. Its amazing at how many people do root for the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. I thought it was just something I did, but I have learned now that they just become America’s team on Thanksgiving and everybody roots for them.

I’m not sure what college games will be on that day, but the Atlanta Falcons will get to play the defending Super Bowl Champ Indianapolis Colts. They have the prime time game at 8PM, but I’m just as excited to see the Detroit Lions play too, because they play around the same time we eat our Thanksgiving meal! The smell of turkey in the air and the Detroit Lions on television is Thanksgiving to me.

Buying Pool Cues Online

20 October, 02:52, by admin

If you’re a pool player and you have your own pool cue, pool case, and perhaps even your own table, I’m sure you know the benefits of shopping for your billiard supplies online. It’s like most things when you shop online it’s just easier to do. People that shop online a lot know that they can quickly go find the lowest prices at a dozen different stores in an hour on the computer. If you were driving around and had to go to a dozen different stores, you would be spending the entire day just finding the lowest price. So shopping online for billiards or anything else just makes sense!

I have been in the market for a pool stick and I have checked out a lot of places online that sells pool cues. I came across and found some of the cheapest prices of anybody! If you need a pool stick, a new set of balls for the table, or maybe something to help you maintain the looks of your current pool cue, you can go straight to Pool Dawg and find the lowest prices.

You just don’t find the lowest prices here, but you will find everything else and probably including the kitchen sink too. These guys have so much in stock and any pool player is going to enjoy seeing all the supplies they offer. They have all the big names that you know like Meucci, McDermott, Scorpion, and Viking to just name a few. If you would like a pool stick with more of a theme, you can get a Harley Davidson Pool Cue, an NFL, MLB, NCAA pool cue with your favorite team, or you might like one of the Outlaw Pool Cues. No matter what type of pool cue you decide on; you know that you be paying the lowest price online for it!

So somebody go rack’em and let’s play one!

Are you ready for some Football?

19 October, 12:53, by admin

It’s the season for those hard hitting and side stepping and long passing afternoon and evening games, the one real sport, Football. If you are looking for Giants tickets, then there’s only one place to consider getting them from, Vivid Seats. They have the tickets, and will get you on your way to the game. There’s a world of difference being at a live game as opposed to sitting at home and watching on the tube, at the game you get all the tailgating, the excitement and the spirit of the game. Vivid seats awaits you, Are you ready for some Football

New Dog Tags

16 October, 04:58, by admin

I remember when I was growing up in the 60′s we would get dog tags with our name and address or whatever imprinted into them, then we would take a ink pen and dump a little ink in the imprint and wipe it down with a paper towel and the printing in the tag would stand out. Todays new dog tags are laser printed and in different colors, they look so much better than the old ones. Check out the new one I got from Quick Trophy today, Dog Tags today are better looking than the past ones. Check out Quick Trophy for all the neat things they have to offer. Trophy,s for all occasions, how about that MVP Quarterback of yours in the Youth Football League. Plaques for those memorable promotions, and achievements. You will find it here, and engraving is simple with Quick Trophy!

Georgia Kicks Old Miss’ Butt

30 September, 17:16, by admin

Georgia had their running game on against Old Miss yesterday. It was sort of hum drum the first half, but when Georgia came out for the second half, it was a whole different team.Georgia Ran all over the Miss Defense with their running game. Georgia ripped off four unanswered touchdowns to turn a 17-17 tie in the third quarter into a 45-17 win over Ole Miss.Something was wrong when Thomas Brown dove into the end zone.

Brown rushed for a career-high 180 yards and three touchdowns, danced for the crowd on the sideline to “Crank That,” and danced through Ole Miss’ defense just as nimbly.

Brown made it abundantly clear why he is the starter.

“He’s been waiting for a day like this,” said Kelin Johnson, Brown’s teammate and one of his closest friends. “I know for a fact he has been waiting for a day when the coaches put the ball in his hands and keep putting the ball in his hands because he had the hot hand.”

It didn’t matter that Brown played with a bum shoulder. That wasn’t going to stop him. Instead, he lowered his right shoulder instead of using his left — like on his second touchdown run as he pushed tacklers into the end zone from 4 yards out. That run was sandwiched in between big-play TD runs of 50 and 41 yards.

“The guy is amazing,’ said tight end Tripp Chandler. “The way he came back and what he did today, it is amazing.”

Brown’s performance keeps Georgia firmly in the SEC race. The No. 15 Bulldogs (4-1, 2-1) proved they can control a game on the ground. Tennessee, next week’s opponent, has not proved it can stop anybody. Arkansas State running back Reggie Arnold ran for 130 against the Vols. Cal’s Justin Forsett had 156 yards against Tennessee.

“It might make it tougher for them to prepare now that [Tennessee sees] we are going to try to run the ball on them, at least,” Stafford said.

Knowshon Moreno added 90 rushing yards and a touchdown. The 328 yards is the most Georgia has rushed for in 16 years. Georgia had six runs of more than 20 yards.

“It was awesome to watch,” Stafford said. “We did a great job of pounding them and pounding them.”

Stafford’s day was so pedestrian that he only went through one quarterback towel. Usually the guy has a laundry basket full. He finished 13-of-21 for 144 yards with a touchdown.

That’s not to say there wasn’t work that has to be done. Ole Miss’ offense kept Georgia on its heels for most of the first half. The Rebels jumped to a 7-0 lead and were on the doorstep of a 14-0 lead before Seth Adams fumbled at the Georgia 1.

“I was already planning on it being a long day when they were down there first- and second-and-goal,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said.

Instead, Ole Miss couldn’t overcome the long odds. After being tied 17-17 in the third quarter, Georgia ran off 28 consecutive points. Brown and Moreno accounted for 21 of those. Fred Munzenmaier tacked on a late touchdown.

“As good as everything was in the first half, everything broke down in the second half,” Ole Miss defensive tackle Peria Jerry said.

That still wasn’t enough to convince Jerry of Georgia’s prowess.

“I can’t say they were as good as advertised,” he said. “They were a very good team, but we missed way too many tackles.”

Brown made them miss quite a few, too.

“Today was a day he was able to see it,” running back coach Tony Ball said. “He was able to run with some patience and see it and demonstrate the determination and the will to not get tackled.

“They kept playing with seven in the box, and when you have got Thomas Brown running the ball the way he is running it, you are supposed to run it,” Ball said.

And when you have a senior like Brown, you are supposed to start him, Richt said.

“You want your leaders as your starters,” Richt said. “You don’t change the chemistry of the football team by putting a freshman ahead of him.”

But people had clamored for Moreno. Now Richt has some evidence to back up his theory that Brown is a better bet as a starter.

“[Earlier in the season] it was Knowshon Moreno that was making some of the exciting runs in space, and now Thomas got to do it, too, and I am excited for him,” Richt said.

“I know this means a lot to him,” senior lineman Fernando Velasco said. “No guy on this team is more deserving than Thomas Brown with all that he has been through. I never heard the guy complain a bit in my life. I never heard him say, ‘I don’t want to share the ball. I want to be the man.’ I never heard him say, ‘Why me with an ACL?’

Japan .vs. Warner Robbins Georgia

26 August, 13:41, by admin

Today is a very special day in Georgia as we get to watch a group of young men represent our state, and the United States in the Little League World Series. It’s a great accomplishment from this team from Warner Robbins, Georgia.

It was just last year when we watched another group of Little League ball players from Columbus, Georgia represent the United States in the Little League World Series. Those guys went out and won it all for our state, country, and most importantly, for their selfs. We have a lot of love and respect for our coaches and parents that take the time to spend with these young kids. All the sacrifices the parents have to make to get their kids to the practices and games and the same goes for the coaches that do a great job in keeping everything together. It’s great to see these boys from Warner Robbins win the U.S. title and will go out and represent our team against Japan today.

Good Luck to you Warner Robbins as the whole state of Georgia, the Untied States, and even our president will be watching you guys go out and play against Japan!