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Triple Clicks Wants Your Junk

05 July, 22:30, by admin

We all have unwanted things laying around the house that we want to get rif of and have the extra space. Getting someone to pay you for that stuff that you don’t want anymore seems hard to believe, but Triple Clicks wants what you don’t! Triple Clicks is a new program that just started and they are ready to change the way we get rid of our old junk. No need to have a yard sale and make up all those signs and hope you get customers that weekend. Triple Clicks is going to be like the largest yard sale ever and people will be able to buy all sorts of cool items from them online. It costs nothing to get started with Triple Clicks and that old junk can become cold hard cash!

I like the fact that I can earn money by telling others about Triple Clicks and you can too! Joining Triple Clicks allows you to earn money from an online program that is looking like it will be huge. I think this will be the best money making opportunity for 2009 and everyone that joins Triple Clicks for free in its first year of existence, stands the chance to be rewarded big with the way SFI markets different programs online. SFI is a trusted name in the industry and Triple Clicks is under them and just one of the great things you can promote while being a member at SFI. You don’t have to spend any money to join Triple Clicks and there is no limit to how much you can earn each month. Earning money just for promoting and telling people about a place they can sell their junk online seems too easy, but that’s all it takes to start generating an income at Triple Clicks. Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity from SFI and give Triple Clicks a try today!

I wish they were all California

18 November, 22:27, by admin

Hey that’s the Beach Boy’s lyrics from one of their many hits. Speaking of Hits, hows your driving, you haven’t been running in to people lately have you. Let’s hope not, but it may be the right time for you to give your insurance a good review. At online auto insurance you can get California auto insurance quote and see if your policy is due a change or upgrade. They will even give the rates of their competitors to see how you will save and with which insurer. Always compare coverage for coverage to get a true value of your insurance. It is so easy to compare apples to oranges in the auto industry , so get you self up to date and see if there’s money that belongs to you, that you are just giving away to the insurance industry

Scrap Booking can be fun

18 November, 21:51, by admin

Got a bunch of old memorabilia laying in the bottom drawer you haven’t see for years, or photos of a time in your life you want to keep alive and don’t know how to do it. You may want to consider Scrap booking for a hobby, but be forewarned, it can become addictive. What’s one more vise in your life. Try scrapbooking and see what you can be doing with the whole family and share with others the stories that are associated within those pages of wacky looking moments that you could almost say is a diary of the family or whatever subjects you choose. Everything you need to get started can be found at with pricing that is very reasonable.

Feeling a little run down

14 November, 15:53, by admin

We all just don’t seem to be at 100% some of the time and it has to do with all things in life that we face each day, some people call it the Blah’s. I call it needing to take better care of yourself, and one place to start is energy pills to help us make it through the day. has all the products we need to get us back on top of the game. That little push we need to get through the times of today’s stress of trying to find a way out of the mess that this country is in takes toll on our well being and there’s help at Lab88.

Are you Covered?

12 November, 21:24, by admin

The question should be, is your family covered. Whwn you are starting in life and have a family living the American Dream, a couple of kids and spouse and bills that come monthly. This is the time in life you need to get life insurance quotes to protect your family in the event of an untimely death of a family member. It is a sad topic, but it slips by the wayside too often.

Most think that it is too expensive, and it is when the agent is selling the policy that benefits his pay the most. Buy pure insurance, which is term. There are lots of companies that have good values in their products and at wholesale insurance they want you to get the most coverage for the least amount of your hard earned money.

Furniture can be free

10 November, 22:38, by admin

How would you like to win furniture? Sure you would and here’s a chance for you to win. A $10,000.00 value is nothing short of great. Buying furniture at a discount really gets the excitement going. Look at the huge selection from which to choose from. Boyles is no sub standard company that will be gone tomorrow, or always going out of business sales. Shop discount furniture knowing they will be there when you need them if you ever have a problem. Don’t forget to register to win the give a way at “>Boyles

Great Jewelry

10 November, 22:10, by admin

Ok ladies, you know that you love the Stones and the the metals, and I am not talking Rock n Roll, I’m talking about you putting on a show. All your friends will want to know your secret of where to get wholesale fashion jewelry. With the great pricing and large selection you may just keep it to yourself. But why would you, you care for your friends, and they like the attention that you get as well with your new jewelry. Share the love and send them to and they will love you more than ever.

One Stop Shopping

06 October, 22:32, by admin

No need to look all over the internet anymore for places to shop. You can now find all the popular online retailers in one place. You can save a lot of money if you join Big Crumbs before you decide to shop online again. They can help you save money online from your purchases and you will get cash back. Big Crumbs also offers a great affiliate program and you can get credit for many generations down. I like the direction Big Crumbs is going and shopping just got a lot easier online.

Join for free today and see why Big Crumbs will be the next big thing. They are still fairly new and it will be like getting in on the ground floor. All shoppers online want a page that offers 1 stop shopping and you will find some of the biggest companies are under the Big Crumbs umbrella. They continue to add new stores all the time and it’s going to be like a shopping mall for online buyers.

Halloween Costume Shopping

05 October, 21:14, by admin

Now is the time for you to find one of those great Halloween costumes for the kids or yourself. I always enjoyed going trick or treating during Halloween and getting all of that candy. I know when I was young, I didn’t have the chance to get any costume I wanted. You can now find just about any type of Halloween costume you want and several online websites allow you to order right from your computer. You should still have time to get a costume online if you hurry and you can also wait until the day after Halloween and get great discounts. Some folks might want to try that this year and go buy your Halloween costume in early November and you will have one for next year. This could save a lot of extra money by thinking ahead and no telling how cheap some of these costumes might be after Halloween is over.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year. If you’re not in the spooky spirit yet; then go look at all the great halloween costumes and pick up a pumpkin at the supermarket too! The kids love carving out the Jack-O-Lantern and now is the time to be doing that! Don’t eat too much candy and remember to leave the porch lights on for the kids going trick or treating!

Open that box

29 July, 00:33, by admin

Some boxes are sealed so good they almost seem impossible to open, but if you have the right box cutter, then it’s becomes a breeze to get those hard to open boxes. The new safe series will retract the blade when you get to box end or lift off the box. No danger of slipping and cutting yourself. There are many styles to choose from and one is made for your application. Get your box cutter today, and make opening easier than you ever thought it could be.

Dig that Bikini

23 July, 09:15, by admin

Here we are in the middle of summer and there is nothing any prettier than a beautiful lady in a bikini, especially the way the styles are today. With today’s swimwear, they are getting more attractive each year it seems. There are more than 600 styles and over 40 designers from which you can find the one thats perfect for you. A lady likes her man to look good in his swim wear as well, and the children always have the latest in fashion. You don’t have to stick one swim suite a year, you need several different ones in your wardrobe, and with the pricing you get from you can have a few extras to choose from. See you at the beach and the pool looking all beautiful.

Diet, Diet, Diet

18 July, 21:50, by admin

That seems to be the craze that has been going on for years. We all need a little help to get on the right track to loosing the pounds. If you can have best diet pill to help you accomplish this task it would surely make life a little easier. Now you have that help you need to help you get to the point where you are ready to take it seriously about loosing the weight. Want to lose 7 pounds in 7 days, its possible with Lepitrex. This one of the many diet pills offered by Which ever pill you choose to help you along, get it and be consistent with your decision to take the pounds off.

Play Time

12 July, 02:08, by admin

That’s the favorite time for the young children growing in today’s world. They love to get their toy box open and see what today has to offer the imagination. When you find toys
that you want for the little ones, you need to go to for the best pricing on the toys that your children want to play with. They have toys for all age groups and a huge assortment of games, puzzles, stuffed animals, and the most popular ones that are in style. While you put a smile on your children’s face, put one on your face a swell with the savings you get.

Slow computer?

08 July, 16:19, by admin

The slow computer syndrome is usually a quick fix if you add a little memory. Dude you got a Dell, so keep it going to maximum potential with the installation of dell memory. It is a simple process to do and you can do it yourself and save some money on the installation as well as the memory for your computer. It’s a win win situation on both parts. At you get the best pricing and the memory that works for your specific computer. Don’t wait on your computer, let your computer wait for you.

Loosing the Pounds

03 July, 22:30, by admin

So we need a little help to get those pounds off, and theres no better place to start than lab With the help of weight loss pills it makes the task somewhat easier to do. They have all the popular diet aids and their pricing is lowest,and they offer free shipping for the 4th of July holidays. They have the Hoodia750, Metabospeed, and all the other popular brands. Go ahead and eat those ribs for the 4th and lab88 will help you take them off on the 5th.

What Time is it

29 June, 23:35, by admin

It’s time to buy that new timepiece that you have always dreamed of. When you own luxury watches you always have time on mind or should I say at hand. At Watches and beyond, you always get free shipping, and maybe your lady would like to have the new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch, it is such a beautiful piece for her to wear. The quality is second to none and the appearance is stunning. If you are ready for that new watch, the you need to look no further than Watches and beyond. What time is it? It’s time to buy now at special pricing for that new timepiece.

Whats your life worth

24 June, 00:58, by admin

Whats your life worth? Its hard to answer this question but if you have a family with children and something happen to you how much would your family need to carry on with the lifestyle you have set forth for them. You need to have the right coverage to take care of a untimely death. Get life insurance rates here and find the one that suites your budget and take care of those need for your family. Get term insurance where you get more coverage for the least amount of money. What is your life worth, it’s worth checking into this site and getting insured for your family’s protection.

Auto Parts online?

20 June, 00:39, by admin

Sure you can get your parts online and save some money too over the brick and mortar stores. Get your auto parts here. If your order is $50.00 or more you get free shipping, and thats a plus with the price of gas these days. If you are looking for performance parts to get that baby tuned and tweaked to maximum ability you have come to the right place. OEM parts are available also, need to replace that Oxygen sensor, no problem there, or maybe you would like to put ceramic brake pads on your car to keep the dust down and get better stopping power. They got em. Get your parts here and save some cash.

Mortgage Money is Here

20 June, 00:18, by admin

Are you wanting to buy that home you’ve dreamed of, with the home market today you can get more house for less money. The mortgage lenders you need to see are at If you need a line of credit, or a home equity loan, or a debt consolidation, or even a refinance then these are the folks you need to talk to. The closings are fast and the rates are very competitive in todays market which is at a historical low. If you can save as little as 1 point on your mortgage then you should consider a refinance. Build that extra room you wanted or that home theater to make your home the envy of the neighbors. Get the money you need today.

8 ball in the side pocket

19 June, 13:47, by admin

Yeah its a term you hear often in the pool hall or the billiards center. It takes years of practice to come really good at playing billiards.
It all starts with good

You may be the next Minnesota Fats, one of the world champions at the game. Border billiards carries the best cues in the world, the quality brands like Dufferin, Viking, and McDermott. They will customize a cue for you so you will be on top of your game. They also have all kind of accessories to keep that table perfect.
If you are a serious player or just a hobby player you still want to do your best and you can, do it with the right cue. Those cues in the pool hall on the rack are substandard and will hurt your game. With the reasonable prices odffered why not be on top of your game.