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Dolphin Bubbles

21 February, 21:47, by admin Tags: , , ,

Have you ever thought about owning a dolphin as a pet? I think dolphins are awesome and would love to have on for a pet. I don’t have no place to keep a dolphin, but it would be nice if I had an area large enough to support salt water and I could have a dolphin pet. I seen some great pictures at Dolphin Bubbles and this is a blog dedicated to dolphins. Any that has an interest in dolphins would like this blog.

I have did a lot of reading about dolphins and found some really interesting information on them. They use more of their brains than humans do and they can travel really fast through the water. It would take a speed boat to pass a dolphin in the water. I know I will never be able to have a dolphin as a pet, but it would be nice to own one. I think they are much happier in the wild anyways and I wouldn’t want to do anything to harm these beautiful animals.

I have seen people riding dolphins before. They just grab the back of the fin and hold on for dear life. The dolphins swim around very easily with a 200 pound person grabbing a hold of their fin. I’m sure this is a great experiecne and a dolphin ride is certainly something I would like to do one day. Have you ever rode a dolphin before? Please feel free to share your stories about riding dolphins and have you ever seen them at SeaWorld before?

Playing in the water

18 July, 21:22, by admin

I have two Jack Russell dogs that love the water, I put them in the Rhino almost everyday and take them down to the creek and those girls love the water, watching them try to catch the small minnows is hilarious, they duck those heads in the water and snort and sneeze, then they start to roll in the water, it is a funny sight to see. They are like two little kids playing in the water. I guess they aren’t that much different from us as they enjoy the cool things in life on a hot day.

Bull Mastiff

12 July, 01:43, by admin

This is one of the largest breeds of dogs know to man. Today I got an e mail with a picture of a Mastiff that was huge, this thing must have weighed 300 lbs. It was the largest dog I have ever seen. If I can get the picture to copy I will see if I can send it in a future post. You won’t believe the size of this animal.

Going to the creek

19 June, 14:07, by admin

I have a creek close to my home and I like to load up my 2 Jack Russells and take them down to the creek to cool off and splash in the water. I was there with them yesterday when I flushed out a water moccasin on the bank. It swam down stream and I had to divert my dogs attention to the upper creek to keep them from getting snake bit. They would have surely went after it thinking it was trying to run from them. They already try to catch the minnows in the water and the snake would be easy prey. From now on I will have to walk the creek before I let them in so they don’t get snake bit.

Summer Time is here

02 June, 22:46, by admin

Its already summer time in Ga it seems, today it was 86 degrees and it was sure humid. Theres nothing like the good old Ga Summers, Hot, Humid, Sticky and miserable at times. But alas ,there is hope.go to your local creek or pool and get cooled off, providing that the creek is sanitary enough to get in, so be sure you know your creek before you jump in any where. The cooling effect from the cool waters that Georgia offers are a great way to get cooled down from the oppressive heat. Don’t forget to take fido along to enjoy the water with you and your family for this great adventure that makes you feel so good in the heat of the day.

Here Kitty Kitty

29 May, 01:06, by admin

Pets are amazing and they give so much joy to the people who truly love animals. I love my two dogs that are Jack Russell terriers, they are so smart. Lot’s of people love their cats too, and they like me think they should have only the best of care. They can get their cat supplies at Jeffers and show the little critters that they are loved and special in our lives.

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Dogs in Yard

08 May, 02:58, by admin

I got a sign letting people know that I have Dogs in My Yard. Any Dog owner should have their property posted with beware of dog signs Posted on the property, it doe not matter if they are sweet little Darlings like my Jack Russel’s or a vicious animal. The Original Pet Postings sign have great signs, and guess what? Your dog has credit with them. Order your sign and they will promptly send it to you and your dog, all they ask is that you promptly send the payment for the sign. The sign comes with the needed hardware for either a wood fence or a metal fence. Look at my Colbalt Blue dog sign .They also come in chocolate brown and grass green. These signs are made from quality and they will last for many years to come.

Here Kitty, Kitty

19 December, 00:26, by admin

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Love your Dog

27 November, 17:45, by admin

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