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Outdoor Fun with Kites

21 December, 23:09, by admin

I like to go to the park and fly kites. It’s really fun to have something on the ground with you one moment and the next it’s hundreds of feet in the air that can be seen from miles away. Have you ever tried to make a kite? I have attempted this feat, but I failed miserably. I’m not a kite builder that’s for sure. My homemade kite might have not been too aerodynamic and the fact it probably weighed about 20 pounds didn’t help either.

I have lost kites before, because the string would run out. I would be getting a kite way up in the air and would just keep feeding it the kite string. The next thing I knew there was no more string to feed it and my kite was sailing further away and no telling where it landed. I hate when that happens and especially when you have a kite that you really like. The last one I lost had a golden eagle on it and it was one of the coolest kites I have ever seen. I still look for kites with that same design today.

Now the guys at the beach have fun with kites. It’s amazing to watch some of the contraptions they come up with. I have seen them attach like 30 kites together and get them up in the air all at the same time. It’s a pretty site to see. It’s a little easier at the beach, when you’re talking about the beach as in by the ocean. There is always a good breeze blowing on the beach by the ocean. So if you want to really have a kite take off with you, then just go to the ocean with it. The winds there would probably even be strong enough to get that 20 pound homemade kite I built up in the air.

Look out Texas and Baytown Bert

23 July, 09:21, by admin

Rain started to fall along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Dolly – upgraded in force from a tropical storm – closed in on towns straddling the Texas-Mexico border.
The Category 1 hurricane was expected to strengthen slightly before making landfall Wednesday and bringing with it up to 15 inches of rain.

Dolly was upgraded from a tropical storm Tuesday afternoon, and sustained winds later reached about 80 mph. At 2 a.m. EDT Wednesday, the storm’s center was about 85 miles east-southeast of Brownsville, moving northwest at about 9 mph.A hurricane warning was in effect for the coast of Texas from Brownsville to Corpus Christi and in Mexico from Rio San Fernando northward.

Cities and counties in the heavily populated Rio Grande Valley were preparing Tuesday night as officials feared heavy rains could cause massive flooding and levee breaks.Texas officials urged residents to move away from the Rio Grande levees because if Dolly continues to follow the same path as 1967′s Hurricane Beulah, “the levees are not going to hold that much water,” said Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Johnny Cavazos.

We don’t need another disaster like they had in New Orleans, and effect on the price of gas can be devastating if the refineries take a direct hit and make them inoperable.

Dig that Bikini

23 July, 09:15, by admin

Here we are in the middle of summer and there is nothing any prettier than a beautiful lady in a bikini, especially the way the styles are today. With today’s swimwear, they are getting more attractive each year it seems. There are more than 600 styles and over 40 designers from which you can find the one thats perfect for you. A lady likes her man to look good in his swim wear as well, and the children always have the latest in fashion. You don’t have to stick one swim suite a year, you need several different ones in your wardrobe, and with the pricing you get from you can have a few extras to choose from. See you at the beach and the pool looking all beautiful.

Playing in the water

18 July, 21:22, by admin

I have two Jack Russell dogs that love the water, I put them in the Rhino almost everyday and take them down to the creek and those girls love the water, watching them try to catch the small minnows is hilarious, they duck those heads in the water and snort and sneeze, then they start to roll in the water, it is a funny sight to see. They are like two little kids playing in the water. I guess they aren’t that much different from us as they enjoy the cool things in life on a hot day.

Hot and Humid

09 July, 14:42, by admin

Well we have that good old Georgia heat wave going on, the low 90′s for the past couple of weeks. Factor in the humidity and it gets sweltering and dangerous for some of the people working outside and with health problems. I used to be a plumber and in this heat I would go to work at 6 in the morning and work till about 1, then I would knock off till about 7 in the evening and work till midnight or till the job was done. I still can’t stand the heat in the middle of the day, it takes its toll on me more now than it did when I was young.

Rhino riding

01 July, 23:22, by admin

Today I went Rhino riding in an old place where I lost a New Chevy Silverado Truck with 7 thousand miles on it. I had traveled 5 miles in to the woods on an old logging road and went to cross a creek and the truck filled with water and we had to abandon ship. We went back the next morning and the truck was gone, it had washed about 200 yards down the creek and lodged on some rocks. We had to get 2 logging trucks and a wrecker to get the truck out. Well I didn’t loose the Rhino this time thank goodness. I drank a beer and told the creek that it had cost me 20 thousand dollars and I was gonna pan for gold and try to recoup some of the losses. I will let you know how that goes.

Going thru the woods

24 June, 00:50, by admin

I have a Rhino that I took on a trip Friday and I am not sure of things limitations. I went through trails that were so rutted out that you could have hide a car in some of them and that rascal would go thru anything I put it on. I never had to put it in 4 wheel drive a single time. I fjord ed a creek that was about a foot deep and 50 ft long across no problem I went through washed out road beds that were terrible and this thing won’t stop. When Yamaha Designed this thing they had something in mind that the average consumer would not be able to complain about. After what I have put mine through I will never know its limitations.

Skeeter Biting

19 June, 23:10, by admin

I hate those dang skeeter bites in the summer, you have to spray yourself with all kinds of concoctions to keep them away. Is this stuff safe for you to use? I don’t know, what I do know is that I am willing to try the repellent as opposed to the bite. I know that all things are placed here to balance out the eco system, but what is a skeeter good for other than a food source for birds and other insects. I am sure that Malaria wasn’t a part of the big plan. All I know to do is to keep on spraying.

Going to the creek

19 June, 14:07, by admin

I have a creek close to my home and I like to load up my 2 Jack Russells and take them down to the creek to cool off and splash in the water. I was there with them yesterday when I flushed out a water moccasin on the bank. It swam down stream and I had to divert my dogs attention to the upper creek to keep them from getting snake bit. They would have surely went after it thinking it was trying to run from them. They already try to catch the minnows in the water and the snake would be easy prey. From now on I will have to walk the creek before I let them in so they don’t get snake bit.

Hot Lanta

19 June, 13:27, by admin

Yeah it’s hot in Atlanta again, with 2 weeks of weather in the low 90′s and high humidity make it those miserably hot and dangerous days, especially for those people who have to work outside. i used to be a plumber and in these hot conditions I would got to work at 6 AM and work till about 1:30 and knock off in the heat of the day and go back to work at around 7 and work till midnight. It was the only way you could do it in this kind of heat. I still practice this method today in the bad heat.

Summer Time is here

02 June, 22:46, by admin

Its already summer time in Ga it seems, today it was 86 degrees and it was sure humid. Theres nothing like the good old Ga Summers, Hot, Humid, Sticky and miserable at times. But alas ,there is hope.go to your local creek or pool and get cooled off, providing that the creek is sanitary enough to get in, so be sure you know your creek before you jump in any where. The cooling effect from the cool waters that Georgia offers are a great way to get cooled down from the oppressive heat. Don’t forget to take fido along to enjoy the water with you and your family for this great adventure that makes you feel so good in the heat of the day.

R/C Cars and Trucks

24 May, 13:32, by admin

Radio Controlled cars and trucks have come a long way as to when I was a kid. I have 3 Nitro Burning Trucks and car. The trucks are a Traxxas TMaxx and a Duratrax Warhead, the car is Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech, and this thing will run over 70 Mph. Its a 1/10th scale and that would be like us going over 700 Mph.

Could you imagine strapping yourself in one of those things and letting her rip. It’s a 4 wheel drive car and at 40 Mph I can accelerate full throttle and that thing will spin out, but thats not what you want to do you want to try to keep it from spinning the tires and keep it under control, but it’s still fun to give it the gas every now and then, that thing will go through some tires let me tell you.

The trucks run 40-50 Mph and they will really go on a good dirt track, I had to put wheelie bars on the Tmaxx its so powerful its hard to keep the front end down. I guess that I am a lot like Tool Time Tim more power huh. The Warhead is the slowest of the 3 but it offers more control and keeps its tires planted firmly on the ground. Power sliding and jumping is no problem for this thing.

Like I say they have come a long way in the R/C industry, I remember when the Cox airplane was just about all you ever heard about, then the slot car craze set in and then it started the R/C craze and it big bucks now. If you want to race but on a budget then this is the way to race and not have to get a mortgage on the house. I am still a kid at heart, but it sure is FUN

Outdoor furniture

27 April, 02:21, by admin

Spring time is here and it’s time for entertaining the family members and friends that love to come to your home to enjoy themselves. It becomes necessary to replace your patio furniture from time to time and if your is looking a little tattered or just plain needs replaced then you need to look here for your next purchase. The selection is large and the quality is second to none. L.A.Patio has all the accessories you need for your outdoor gatherings. Get your family and friends together and let’s enjoy the great outdoors, and be comfortable with your new furniture from L.A. Patio. Good times are ahead.


27 April, 02:11, by admin

I guess this is a new word that I just made up. For those who own a Yamaha Rhino then they will know what I am speaking of, you cant wait to get in that Rhino and go places you have never been and enjoy the outdoors the way it’s supposed to be, in comfort and in a Rhino. The Rhino is a side by side 4 wheel drive utility vehicle, these things are like a little tank they will go almost anywhere you want to go, if it will fit in the spot, it will go. It is larger than a 4 wheeler but two people can sit comfortably side by side and not one in front of the other.

I had a young kid tell me that it was a Old Peoples 4 wheeler, I laughed and said thank you, because I have lived long enough to be old. Being with nature is very relaxing and when you can have a good friend or significant other with you it is even better. Everyone will love your Rhino so if you don’t have one, go get you one, you will love it as much as I do and so will the friends.

The Old White Farm

27 April, 01:45, by admin

Today I visited an old home place called the White Farm, after about a mile journey down an old dirt road I came to the house where I have friends camping out for the weekend. The place is owned by Glen and Anita White, it is his great grandparents old home place. There is a stone in the front of the home on the chimney with the date of 1853 which is 100 years before my birth year. The old house still standing and in pretty good shape for its age and no one living there for quite a long time. I would love to have that place and the money to restore the house. I am told that the pony express used to run right through the front yard and down through the creek to get that mail out on time. It was a large house for it’s time and still a beautiful place. I had a wonderful time there today visiting old friends and just loving the land its self. I will go back again and do a little exploring of the land, who knows what is there to be found.

Rhino itis

20 April, 03:04, by admin

I love to take my Rhino for a ride and see what kind of challenges to put it through. So far it has passed every test I have given it. That thing is incredible and Yamaha has done its homework on the making of this great UTV. I have climbed a 82 degree hill, NOT RECOMMENDED as I am a professional driver This is not a feat to try for the most part of the owners of these vehicles. I have traveled up and down creeks at a foot deep and more, been through thick underbrush with no problem, I have pulled fallen trees with my Rhino, and of course I use it around the house, the dump bed comes in handy. If you are looking for a UTV I recommend the Rhino.

Walking in the woods

14 April, 20:44, by admin
ORANGE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 10:  Brian Boyle is fo...
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Here was interesting article that we found for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Blooming outside

08 April, 20:10, by admin

The weather is great and the tulips are blooming, the air is fresh and those lazy flowers are awake and wanting to burst open with vibrant colors of good old mother nature. This is my favorite time of the year. Birds will be singing and humming around, I already spotted 2 Ruby throated hummers.

So I Got the feeders out and cleaned them up and fill with food now it time for the show to begin, Those aggressive males are very territorial over a food source and they give the little females a rough row to hoe. Springtime is Great!!!

Hey Hey Hey, it’s Springtime

28 March, 03:23, by admin

It’s officially springtime in Ga, today we hit 73 degrees and tomorrow 74. I love the spring, every thing starts to come to life and get green, you get a little extra spring in your step, you want to get out in the yard and get it ready for the beautiful weather that is upon us. Spring cleaning is always a plus, you get the house all clean from the winter that keeps you in most times.

Time to plant flowers and get the yard up to par and get the curb appeal going on. Don’t go looking at new cars in the spring just for the looking, or otherwise you will probably have a new car you didn’t even need. It’s in the air, it’s everywhere, It’s Springtime!!


24 March, 02:14, by admin

The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated on this day with Rabbits laying eggs in peoples yards and children running all over the yard to find them and hope they can find the Prize Egg, which entitles them to a big hunk of chocolate in the form of a bunny or an egg or some other contorted ideal of a fictional character, for the prize. I still can’t figure how this comes into the celebration for the rising of Jesus from the tomb where he was laid to rest.

Maybe I am not supposed to understand this phenom that has had a hold on our country for generations. As A parent, sure, I used to participate in the hiding of the eggs for the children. But today I saw a new twist on the old tradition, There were adults hunting eggs and no children there to hunt. there were 4 $5.00 eggs and 2 with half a dollar of change in them. Whats Next!