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23 July, 10:02, by admin

Takamine guitars are one of the best guitars on the market. They are well made by master luthiers and have sound boards that will really project the tones. I have played many different guitars in my 40 plus years of playing, and I can’t find another guitar of quality at the prices that the Takamine,s are at. Sure they have some that are in the $3,000 range but the $1,000-$1,500 range are great. The action and playability are awesome. The Gibson and Martins have their work cut out for them to make a quality instrument at this price.

Let’s go to Branson

19 June, 23:24, by admin

Everyone used to flood Nashville as the heart of country music, but a couple of decades ago Branson came into the scene of country stars from all walks of life, Now it seem that Branson is the hot spot and has been for a long time. Plan a Vacation in Branson Missouri and take in the shows. This is where the real stars from country music are. At Branson Getaways you can line up a great place to stay and enjoy the local fares they have to offer. Fine dining may be your forte, if so, they have you covered.

What about the kids, what will they do? No problem they have Silver Dollar City and many other theme parks for the children to enjoy. At this time they are offering for you to bid on your vacation package and name your own price, you don’t want to miss out on this promo. Family fun is a reality when you visit Branson for your next getaway.
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Bloggin the night away

11 April, 17:33, by admin

Don’t you hate when you feel that you have run out of things to say and you get what they call writers block. By the way , who is they, we always hear so much about, it seem they, has a lot to say about a lot of things. If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know, especially if you have met they.

The Rolling Stones has teamed up with Martin Scorsese and released a concert .Shine a Light is in theaters now and is really disappointment to me as I am a avid Stones fan, For my money buy the dvd collection Four Flicks and crank up that surround sound and if your system is as good as mine, it’s like you have front row seats to a concert directed by the Stones which was much better in my opinion.

B.B. King buys club in hometown

24 March, 02:19, by admin

B.B. King is the new owner of a juke joint in his Mississippi Delta hometown. Mary Shepard has owned Club Ebony in Indianola for the past three decades. King and other artists have played there throughout the years.A Mississippi Delta Blues Trail Marker outside Club Ebony says Count Basie, Ray Charles, James Brown, Ike Turner are among the musicians who have played there since 1945.

Shepard says she sold the club to the bluesman because she wants to relax and spend time with her family.Indianola is about halfway between Jackson and Memphis.

American Idol

12 March, 01:59, by admin

Well the talent on A I is at it again tonight and the way i see it theres a couple of possibles of the 12 that can make it. They keep getting the songs of choice wrong, but this week they had to choose from a song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, so there was a wide selection to choose from, after all the Beatles influenced all of our lives and our music. I heard some good renditions tonight and I also heard some hack jobs. So I guess we will see who pulls it off this year.

A Whole New World for YouTube Star Alex

02 March, 04:16, by admin

The YouTube Sensation Rocio Alejandra better known by her friends as Alex continues to send shockwaves through the You Tube community. She currently has over 60 videos of her self uploaded at YouTube. You can see Alex doing all sorts of things on her videos, but you can see that most of her videos are her singing. One of her most recent videos has a version of that popular song from the movie Aladdin.

You can see the young You Tube Sensation performing the song A Whole New World at Single Source Writing. Single Source Writing is a blog that is following all of Alex’s videos from YouTube. This is going to be an ongoing thing and a way to follow the YouTube Sensation on her way to stardom or where ever she might land at in the future. It should be interesting to see just how far Alex can go with her singing and musical talents. She has dreams and desires to do something in the music business one day and at this time she isn’t sure if she will be singing, playing music on her guitar, composing music or perhaps all three! She’s only 15 years old and has a world wide audience for her vidoes as she puts them together, at her home in Mexico.

You can also see on the latest post at Single Source Writing; other YouTubers sounding off on the song A Whole New World. It’s a great chance to see 5 other young ladies singing their version of A Whole New World. Once you see the other randomly selected videos of YouTubers singing A Whole New World; you can hear Alex’s version and see how she stacks up with other amateur singers. YouTube is the world’s most popular place for people to upload their videos and there’s no big surprise to see so many YouTubers singing a great song like A Whole New World from the movie Aladdin.

Please be sure to check out the latest video at Single Source Writing and leave a comment on which of the 5 You Tube singers did the best. Feel free to also weigh in on the way Alex sung the song and is her version worse than the other 5 YouTubers? About the same? Or better? I’m sure all the YouTubers on that post from Single Source Writing will appreciate any honest opinions or suggestions you might have for them.

You can always see the latest videos and information on how things are going with the YouTube Star from Mexico at Single Source Writing. Just go to the blog and there is a category listing on the right-hand side “Alex YouTube” and that will have all her videos and information about the rising star from You Tube.

“American Idol.”

29 February, 07:03, by admin

The voting public cut loose Alaina Whitaker, Jason Yeager, Robbie Carrico and Alexandrea Lushington, trimming the number of contestants to 16 Thursday night.

Whitaker, a 16-year-old from Tulsa, Okla., let out a sob after she heard the result.

“Sorry, this is so embarrassing,” she told host Ryan Seacrest, who consoled her with a hug.

The other “Idol” female contestants gathered on stage to lend moral support to Whitaker as she gave a final performance of “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” Several contestants wiped away tears.

“You are a gifted, bright young talent. … This is the start of an amazing career from you,” said judge Paula Abdul, who gave Whitaker a standing ovation.

Simon Cowell wasn’t surprised by Yeager’s exit.

“Your problem – quite simply – is that you don’t stand out in the crowd at the moment,” the cranky judge told Yeager, a 28-year-old single dad from Grand Prairie, Texas.

Cowell told Carrico, who sang Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded,” that his rocker act “just never ever felt real.” Carrico, 26, from Melbourne, Fla., was part of the pop group Boyz N Girlz United.

Lushington, a 17-year-old Douglasville, Ga., resident (and a snappy dresser and favorite of judge Randy Jackson’s), displayed a lack of confidence Wednesday, acting sheepish and uncomfortable onstage, following her cover of Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now.” Jackson said the ’70s song didn’t suit her youthful style.

A standout this week was 17-year-old David Archuleta, who sang a soulful cover of “Imagine.”

Brooke White, 24, also scored a glowing review from Cowell for her bare-bones performance of “You’re So Vain.”

Cowell joked he thought the song was about him.

“American Idol,” now running three times a week, will return to a twice-weekly schedule March 11 for the elimination of the final dozen. The decision-making finale will be held in May.

American Idol Again

20 February, 13:29, by admin

The show is running and I have already got the winner for you. This young man is out of Australia and lives in Buckhead Georgia now, and this dude can sing.He has been the Front man for a couple of bands Down Under, and he can sing. Michael Johns is the man of the hour in my opinion. This guy sang Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapodsy in the Atlanta auditions and brought Freddie Mercury almost back alive. I missed it last year but I got it this year, if the people have any taste of music and hearing somebody actually singing and not that gangsta rap shit that so many no talent thugs are making millions on, this guy will make it big. He has a soulful voice that is smooth and if needed a bit raspy to show the true feeling making a song work. Check him out on You Tube.
Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Johns

Idol Singers in San Diego

26 January, 07:13, by admin

American Idol showcased the singers from San Diego earlier this week. Which most of the people were not from San Diego, but they were hosting the event there in Southern California. I really wasn’t overly impressed with any of them and I doubt our next American Idol will come from the San Diego taping. They were in South Carolina the next night and I didn’t watch that episode, but I’m looking on You Tube now to see if I can find that taping. The previews looked pretty funny from South Carolina and I’m sure Randy, Simon and Paula got some cultural shock from the hillbillies in the South. We just have people in the South like you can’t find any where else in the world. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not?

If you see the girl wearing grey and when they show the judges, you will see a girl sitting beside Simon. I think she was the best and she even messed up a little. It was her sister sitting by Simon and they both have a big crush on him. It’s safe to say that she moved on. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but it’s who you know. The girl in grey might do a lot better when American Idol goes out to Hollywood. She picked an Aretha Franklin song and probably wasn’t the best fit for her.

American Idol Taping In San Diego

Garage Construction

25 January, 18:49, by admin

I have some guys sealing off my garage so I can heat it. I should have done this when I built the garage but money was a factor at that time and I had to do what I had to do. Now that I have the garage sealed off I can make my recording studio and it will stay cleaner and the sound will be richer than before, and all my fans had no complaints about my music. So if I make it big ,you will know that I started as a garage soloist.

Digitech GNX 3

10 January, 22:46, by admin

Have any of you musicians checked out the GNX 3. It’s a modeling station for the guitarist who have been looking for that unique sound. You get all kind of effects..You want that Hendrix sound with the Marshall amps, Not a problem with the GNX 3. It has a digital 8 track recorder built in and it has a drum machine and it has, Well dang near everything you can think of that you would need including that famous cry baby, or Wah-Wah pedal. It comes with allthe soft ware so you can record your music tracks and burn to a CD, how cool is that/ Get your GNX 3 or the newer GNX 4 today and you will be on the way to Rockstar.

Get your Blank CD’s & DVD’s

09 November, 23:59, by admin

Making your own CD’s and DVD’s is the way to capture the moments and the music that you love. People are recording their own movies and making copies to send to their family and friends. If you have DVD duplicators then you know how easy it is to make those precious copy’s. Super Media Store sell the blank CD’s and DVD’s you want for this Task. They sell Wholesale and Retail, and have a selection of media products that is Huge. You can get your blank media for pennies per piece with shipping. You will love the competitive pricing on their products, and the quality you are looking for.

Playing the Blues

07 November, 23:48, by admin

This is one of my favorite things to do, I love the Blues. The delta blues had a lot of influence on a lot of the Bluesmen of today and yesteryear. Take the Allman Brothers band of Macon Georgia was one of the best at the Blues. They had the delta influence, and the guitar Wizardry of Duwayne Allman, an absolute total package, The Allman Brothers Band were on the fore front of Rock-a- Billy Blues. The bottle neck in fact a Coricidin D cold remedy bottle was the weapon of choice for this slide blues man. He played the Slide guitar with a distinct sound that was second to none.

I can remember going to Piedmont Park in Atlanta Ga, and the Allman Brothers w3ould pull up with a rig and set up on the flat bed trailer and do free concerts for the patrons of the park. This act was done several time in my life, It wasn’t a one time thing. When they came out with their first album it was an instant hit, The local band of the time were busy playing the surf music and when the Allman Brothers hit the air waves it was all over for the surfer boys.

After Duwayne was killed in a motorcycle accident the band grieved for a while and finally Gregg Allman Decided that Duwayne would not want them sitting on their duffs and not playing the blues. They struggled for a while and Dickie Betts took over the lead guitar of the group and they got back in the swing of their music. But they still didn’t have that Allman brothers sound with Duwayne.

The Allman Brothers still tour a little today and Gregg has finally learned to sing the blues, but their time was when Duwayne was alive and laying down tracks with greats like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Issac Hayes, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, and list goes on and on and on. Heres to you Duwayne You are the man!!

Jammin At the Castle II

27 October, 00:01, by admin

Here I go again to the castle. This week I got a phone call from an old friend that I had not seen in 20 years, and we used to be a band together. He wanted to know if i would care to sit in on a jam session at a castle near Cartersville, Ga with some more old friends. I guess the word Castle got my attention so I said yes. I had get my equipment together and dust it off good, check it out to be sure it was still in good working order.

I got ready to go jam with my old pal, and got directions to the castle. Upon approaching the place I was to go to, I passed through 2 large stone columns. I drove out the concrete driveway for what seemed to be a half mile and came upon a old pole barn. The closer I got the more things started to unfold. Sure enough at the far end of the pole barn was a small castle that was built and the entrance was from inside the barn. On the other side of the castle was a western type Bunk House that you entered in the barn as well.

I had noticed a huge stucco formation coming into the barn on the end that I entered on and there was a cave built from the stucco. I was very intrigued by the imagination that someone had brought to reality. Inside the cave there was water running down a couple of walls and going down to the floor and following veins in the floor back to the holding station for re circulation. There was a Fire place built into the cave and a bed built into the wall.It was really neat. On the far end of the cave there was water running through a filtering device and a fan behind it and that was the air conditioning system that worked very well.

In the Castle there was a fire place that had a huge stucco art cannon over the fireplace.It
had some modern day furnishing as well as some old Renaissances in there. And the bunk house was ready for some rest after a long day on the range.

I finally got to meet the owner who is the father of one of our State Senators. I told him how impressed I was with his place. He told me that he still has a lot to do before its finished. He wasn’t telling what was next, he said I would have to come back and see for myself what he has in mind for the rest of his project. It’s real hard to try to explain what this place looks like, it’s one of those things you have to see to believe. I went through the place about 3 times and every time I would see something that I had missed before. The Next time I go I will take a camera and take some pictures and post them so you can see what I am talking about. See you next time I am Jammin At The Castle!

New tv’s

22 October, 23:55, by admin

I just bought a new flat screen LCD TV to go in the den, and I am definitely glad that we made that purchase. The picture quality is so vibrant and alive, I have a Sony Wega 36 inch I have had for about 6 years and it still shows a great picture, especially with a DVD and the 5.1 surround sound. I can watch the Rolling Stones and it’s like I am sitting there on the front row of the concert. The new TV wont be watched much, but when i go to replace my Sony, you can bet that it will be theater like surroundings. Popcorn and all. I will probably get the 7.1 system and have the room ready for Mick and the Boys to come on in the house and Jam on out. You just got to love todays technology!

Heineken Draft Beer II

17 October, 18:08, by admin

Well I got another keg of the Heineken draft beer in the fridge ready for my buddy’s to come over and play some music. We get those guitars out and get to playing and after a little while it will be time for a beer break. It seems to me after a few beer breaks that the music sure does sound better, to us any way. I guess if it started sounding good to the general public, they would need their own keg of beer. The little 1.33 gallon keg is just right for a couple of friends getting together and making music. Well I got to go practice, who knows ,you may see me on stage one day.HaHa!

Branson Headlines Country Stars

17 October, 16:52, by admin

Branson Mo. is the new Nashville, where the country music stars go to play. Branson has been the host to all the major players in country music for about 20 years now. Branson has the accommodations that you are looking for, at rates that are great. They have custom vacation getaways designed for you, and the things you want to see and do while in Branson. Right now they are giving away a vacation for a week, but you got to sign up to be eligible. They have Silver Dollar City Amusement Park for the children to take in and enjoy. The theaters and music halls are there for your entertainment, featuring big name stars. Branson, here we come!

The sweet sound of music

28 September, 16:33, by admin

Nothing is more relaxing than music, I mean real music not that rap crap and hip hop junk that regular street thugs get paid millions for making. What has happened to the music industry when you got recorded you had talent, you could actually play an instrument, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ten Years After, Stevie Ray Vaughn. These are all Artist in the true sense of the word. The only Real black artist I have ever known of were the likings of Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Beyonce, Aretha, the true artist. There are many talented musicians out there today that should be recorded but they can’t get a contract because they don’t blow, suck and make thumping noise in their microphones. What gives America have we lost our roots to musical culture.I am sure to get some grief from this and be called a racist but that is the farthest from the truth. Sure there is a place for the rap and the hip hop but it seems to be overshadowing what Music is about. Its about instruments harmonizing together and making true sounds that are worth listening to. This is the opinion of a musician that is wondering what happened to our culture.

Takamine is the best

26 September, 03:32, by admin

It is now official that Takamine is without doubt the Best Guitar that you can buy. I have been playing Guitar for over 40 years now as a hobby and professionally. I have had many Guitars in my life , and I have played the big name brands, I have owned the big name brands. After owning a new Takamine for 3 weeks, I arrived at the conclusion that nobody does it better than Takamine. This is my second Takamine to own and they just simply can’t be beat. You an go and blow 3-5 k for a big name brand or you can spend 800-2500 on a Takamine and have the absolute Best. I may get some grief about this comment but all I can say to the non believers is Bring It On. I will put my Takamine up against anything you bring for tonal, pricing, craftsmanship and playing quality. They are also beautiful instruments.Takamine Is Now The Name Brand!!!

Charleston and back

23 September, 01:30, by admin

Yea I made it back from the big city,we had a wonderful time. We were guest at a beautiful home on Seabrook Island. We had such fun on our stay there. We must have eaten dog-gone near all the seafood in the Atlantic, it was so good and fresh it would melt in your mouth. There as a huge Alligator in the marsh right behind the house, he was in the channel in the marsh and boy did he ever put on a show,we named him Samson at night.Ha Ha! That is if Ralph Lauren don’t get him first.
There was a Hispanic grounds keeper I tried to get him to catch it and make us some boots with that rascal, he refused, he kept calling it Diablo. It was a gas the expressions he would give off talking about the Gator. The Charleston Symphony Orchestra put us on a show that was great, those people were first class musicians. More on this later.