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Playing in the dirt

19 June, 14:00, by admin

Gardening can be so rewarding and fun when you learn how to do it. Theres a little more to it than just dropping a seed in the ground. You need to plan and vision what you would like your garden to look like.The right garden decor make it all that much more rewarding. Have fun and lively garden with the decor from They have what you need to have a fun garden, and at prices that are very reasonable for your budget. Liven up that garden and have some fun with the neighbors envy.

Water Gardening

18 May, 12:59, by admin

Water Gardening can be quite relaxing, it can also mean a lot of work and up keep. I have found one of the best ways to keep your garden clear is to install a Ultra Violet light filtering system. The light is sealed in a crystal tube and water passes through the fixture that holds the light. A good mechanical system is a must also, Lava rock and course foam type media work well in the filter. I used to have some Koi in my pond but I do well with them and it saddened me greatly to go out and see them on top of the water where I had not removed all the chlorine like I thought I had.

You can grow some beautiful plants in a water garden, and you can have some friendly visitors as well as some predatory ones that like to eat fish. I have some water lily’s that are just great and very pleasing to the eye. Like I said, It’s a lot of work, but the payoff of the beauty is well worth the efforts put forth. Happy Gardening!!!

Alvin,Simon,and Theodore

03 May, 18:54, by admin

Yeah you baby boomer’s know who these characters are, they were the the little animated chipmunks that came on Saturday morning, The cartoon was always a must see, just to see how much trouble Alvin could get in to. Well it seems as if they are living in my side yard and have a condominium set up, they sure are some busy little creatures, and destructive too.

I had planted some perennial bulbs to have flowers to come back each year, well it seems that the little rascals like them more than we do, because they have dug everyone of them up and stored them for hard times. I hate to do it but it looks like that I will have to turn our Jack Russell dogs out on the little vermin. So there will be no more ALVIN, around here! HaHA!!!


25 April, 01:17, by admin

Its spring time and botanical gardens are bursting with beauty, I love to go to different places and see the great gardens that are available for you to visit. I have visited several in my life. At Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center in Orange Texas is one that I want to see. They have over 300 plant species and wildlife that are native to the area. The fees are very reasonable for all the beauty that you get to be in touch with and the tranquility you get to experience.

I have had the privilege to stroll through some of the Universities nature trails where they have a lot of local growth and flowers that are indigent to their area. I have been to the Vandiver house in Asheville N.C. Georgia Southern University Botanical trail, Callaway Gardens, and a few others and I recommend to go every season to really get to know the regions real beauty.

Growing Tomatoes

21 April, 00:19, by admin

There’s nothing like a fresh picked off the vine ripe tomato. It can be eaten by itself, with a meal, in a salad, made into a sauce. What ever you do with your fresh tomatoes don’t matter, but you will know its the best when fresh. Today I saw something for the first time in a tomato, it was actually germinating its own seed inside itself, it looked like some kinda little worm growing inside with green head. Of all the tomatoes I have sliced in my life, I could not believe what I had seen. I bought this tomato a couple of weeks a go and it was not even beginning to rot, there were little tomato plants growing all inside of it. Maybe I should have planted that whole tomato, I might have grown a tree!!

Getting Tomato Time

16 April, 13:24, by admin

There’s nothing like growing tomatoes in the spring and going out to that vine and picking a fresh ripe red tomato. Slice that baby up to go with your meal or make a sandwich out of it, either way you have got those taste buds exploding with the taste of summer. Lots of folks up north have never heard of a tomato sandwich, a little mayo on the bread and a slice of tomato, salt pepper and garlic salt, Mmmmmhhh what a treat. I am just now getting the soil ready to plant those delicious little fruits and 60-70 days I will be enjoying the fruits of my labor. Its worth all the work that goes in to it.

Almost Time for the Gardens

11 April, 18:51, by admin

The weather is slowly starting to get a little warmer and now is the time to be working up the ground for all those gardens. I see one more cold spell in the forecast for Georgia and that should be our last one for now. I haven’t started plowing or breaking up any ground yet, but I think I will need to do that over the next 7 to 10 days. I think 10 days from now, we will be in the clear of any freezing temperatures. I made the mistake last year of planting too soon and my 90 tomato plants had to endure the freezing temperatures for a couple of nights. So I will be more patient in 2008 with my gardening and make sure old man winter is gone for good.

I don’t plan to have a big garden with all the drought forecasts that are predicted for North Georgia. So I will keep it small in case I have to water it by hand. I might just stick with growing the tomatoes this year and just pick up the other garden fresh vegetables from the produce stand. They aren’t quite as good as the home grown products, but as long as I have my home grown tomatoes I will be alright.

Spring Time on the way

05 March, 17:56, by admin

My favorite time of the year is springtime. Everything is so fresh and new, the flowers blooming and the greenery comes to life, the air is crisp,and a feeling of well being takes the body over. The crocus are blooming and the daffodils have shown their colors. We have a beautiful country and it should be seen by all. If the opportunity comes knocking for you to travel take it and explore or country and see all it has to offer. It will be time to mow the lawn before long and the smell of fresh cut grass and fragrant flowers get your juices flowing. Come on Springtime.

The leaves are falling

28 November, 18:59, by admin

It’s that time of year when the leaves on the trees start to fall and the job of us humans is to clean them up around the house every weekend for about a month or more. Some people rake their yard and put the leaves in bags to be carried off by the sanitation dept. Some people rake their yard and pile them up and burn them, then there’s people who have grass catchers on their mower and mulch them up in the catcher and pile them in the woods and make mulch out of them. I do the latter and make mulch and in a couple of years it turns to plant gold. Put this stuff on your plants and they grow like crazy. I guess you could call it re-cycling!

A rainy night in Georgia

12 September, 01:25, by admin

Believe it or not its raining in North Georgia tonight. This is one of the driest summers on record. We have had over 30 days wit 90+ temps and topping out at 102 for about a week of those 30. We have not had any rain ,with the exception of a pop up thunder boomer every now and then. I think we are supposed to get the rain here for maybe 3 days consecutive.This will help and be appreciated but our deficit is so large that we still need rain for a couple of weeks to really make a big difference. I have never had a real good stand of grass in my yard ,it’s mostly just green stuff, weeds and some grass, It;s been so hot and dry, my weeds are dying out. I guess I will aerate the yard this fall and re seed to see if I can get a lawn for the following spring.

A rainy night in Georgia is a good thing and needed so badly, our crops have already had the damage done to them and the farmers who have put their hard work into the land are being penalized for the dry conditions that they have no control over. Could it be that Mother Earth is a little upset with the abuse we have placed upon her, or do we just need the rain?

Growing Pot in Georgia#2

08 September, 01:29, by admin

Well it seems as if my good old neighbor who was growing pot in his front yard wound up being stupid, he got busted for cultivating marijuana. I can’t believe that some knucklehead would think they could grow pot in their front yard and get by with it. I guess it takes all kind to make the world go round. Maybe he thought he was running one of those Tokin Cafe’s in Amsterdam. He’s gone and the pots gone, so maybe I will get a decent neighbor the next go round. i pray not to get a crack or meth head, if I do I might have to sell out and move myself. I do guess this will fall under the category of Organic Gardening. HA!

Summer’s Almost Over

31 August, 07:15, by admin

The leaves will start falling, there will be raking to do. It will be time to get your yard and garden ready for the fall of the year. Time to change the decorations around for the season. This is a good time to get those Greenhouses you have been wanting to fill with the next springs flowers. At online discount mart, they have everything you need to wrap up the summer and get ready for Fall. Halloween is just around the corner and you need decorations for the home and yard. Don’t forget to check out those Greenhouses that are priced competitively.

What A Dinner

28 August, 23:45, by admin

This evening when I came home from work, my wonderful husband had prepared a meal that was just wonderful. He had went to the trouble of making Chicken Tenders, Turnip Greens, Pinto Beans, Cornbread, Fresh Garden Tomato, Fresh Garden Potato,creamed, and jalapeƱo pepper pickled wit juice to go over the Greens. It was delish. I have to rest after that big meal.See you next time!!

Growing Pot in Georgia

25 August, 02:21, by admin

Well I got an eye full this evening,I was coming home this evening and as I was turning in my driveway, I happen to notice something strange looking in my neighbors yard. There were like 6 plants sitting in the front yard of their house in pots that were about 4 feet tall. I looked twice at them because of their unusual look, so I parked my car got out and went over to my neighbors house to see what type plants they were. I was looking at the plants and my neighbor came out and said I see you finally noticed my plants. I said yea I thought they were strange looking. He said I have been growing that pot all summer long. I asked are you not afraid the police will come by and see them, he said sure I am .The police came by the other day with them sitting out here and kept passing by and he stopped and asked if I knew where some person he named lived at. He said he told the policeman no he didn’t know that person so the cop just went on. I told my neighbor ,you are mighty brave or just stupid ,he laughed and said I am going to jail next month any way so it don’t matter. I left shaking my head wondering what has gone wrong with the morale in this country. Better yet how did I get this type of neighbor?

Love them Maters

16 August, 03:02, by admin

If you are a tomato lover like I am , then you know the importance of never refrigerating tomato’s. Pull them off the vine, wash them ,slice and eat.Yum Yum. Growing your own veggies is the way to go, in the summertime I can eat straight from the garden all summer long. There is nothing that taste any better than you picking your own and preparing them the way you like. You can’t get that flavor from the grocery store. Since this year is already gone for most gardening, I am making preparations for next year

Tomatos or Tomatoes

11 July, 22:07, by admin

I went to my garden today and got to pick my first tomato’s and corn and squash. There is nothing better than fresh picked veggies from the garden. My plans are to grill the corn, fry the squash, slice the tomato and maybe a good London Broil to top it off. Actually, I don’t have to have the beef with that meal , because everything is so much better fresh picked and prepared. I can’t wait my mouth is already watering.

I guess growing up in rural Georgia and helping in the garden as a child, I grew to love the fresh veggies. My grandmother always had a large garden and she would prepare meals all summer long from her garden, boy oh boy did I love to go to grandmothers for dinner. if you have not had the pleasure of fresh picked veggies from a garden and have them prepared southern style, then you have missed out on a part of tradition that you need to experience

Growing Roses, Trial and Error

04 July, 01:16, by admin

I really love roses, but it seems that my thumb is not the right color to grow them. That’s right I don’t have a green thumb. Over the years I have planted several rose bushes and my luck just isn’t there. I have looked on the Internet for advice and I have gotten pamphlets from garden centers. I follow instructions to the letter, I can get them to bloom, but they are really small flowers. I have replaced the soil with organic soil and they are a little better, I have used Bone Meal, Rose fertilizers, and listened to my elders tell me what to do.

When I prune them the way I’m supposed to, so that they will produce more roses, I get nothing. My neighbor has some beautiful roses and they don’t make near the fuss over them as I do. So if there is anybody out there on this information highway, please send me some suggestions if you have any. Thanks everyone!!!