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Birthday Party Supplies Purchasing Tips

Are you planning a Birthday Party for your son or daughter and can’t decide what to do? Your primary goal is to make the birthday child feel special. A secondary goal is to ensure that everyone has a good time at the birthday party. Central to the birthday are great party supplies and Party Supplies is sure to have the perfect kids party theme for you. From Disney party themes to the newest movie birthday party supplies, you’ll benefit from the greatest collection of party supplies on the Internet! Some of the most popular kids birthday party themes are Hannah Montana and Star Wars. All the accessories needed to make a very memorable party, invitations, plates, cups, napkins, and table covers. Decorations are great to have, centerpieces, banners, door curtains, not to mention our vast variety of helium quality foil and latex balloons ranging from 18 inch to 60 inch, streamers, and wall decorations. Complete your kid’s birthday party with a pinata. Remember pinatas are kid’s favorite party game…and adults love them too! Fill your pinata with the toy favors and candies that will keep kids busy long after the pinata is broken. At the end of the party, provide your guests with a treat sack filled with assorted themed favors such as stickers, tattoos, bounce balls, and party favors. Don’t forget to send thank you notes to all you guest for coming. Suggestion: open gifts after the party and jot down what guest gave what gift, and have your child note that on the thank you card.

Online with Max Landfall

06 March, 02:04, by admin Tags: ,

Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that KIT KAT bar! Have you heard that one before? What about the popular fast food chain that says “Have you had your break today”? Well if your breaking off the Kit Kat bar you’re eating a great candy bar and it’s McDonalds that has the famous slogan asking people if they had their break today. In fact, McDonalds like the “break” slogan so much, they even added a 2nd one that goes “You deserve a break today”. There must be something with this break thing, but the only break I ever get is when I visit Max’s Landfall online. It’s a great website that gives you a break and if you haven’t never visited Max before, go check it out sometime.

Max Landfall will probably get an award this year as one of the most popular websites online today and it could be rubbing shoulders with the MySpace and Facebook websites that have gained so much attention over the last few years. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big idea for an online website. You can let all your friends, family, and co-workers know that you was visiting Max’s Landfall before Max’s Landfall was even cool!

Party Favors

22 January, 19:25, by admin

What’s the best party you ever had? I’m sure there was someone there or someone that did something to make it the best one ever. All parties can’t be the best one ever, but they can all get off to the right start and this begins with the party favors! You don’t even have to leave the house and you can shop for all your party supplies online at Party Supplies World. You want to go here first because their party favors are discounted and we all want the cheapest prices possible. Some party stores don’t even carry the party items and supplies that have in stock. You can stay right there in your desk or computer chair and just browse through the huge selection of party favors to choose from. I saw some cool themes for the kids and the adults have plenty to choose from too, so any age of party will do. A luau, wedding, birthday, or fifties party is just a few of the parties you can select party items for. I notice they offer several western party themes and with each theme you get napkins, cups, plates, banners, a table cover and other favors! One of the best parties I ever went to had a western style to it and most were wearing their cowboy hats and boots. Its just one of the great themes you can go with for your next party. The hard part is picking just one theme with so many great choices. Once you do select a theme, your party favors will be shipped out fast with the services offered by Party Supplies World.

We all need a break

01 August, 20:51, by admin

We all need a break from the everyday life that has our country stressed out today. Maybe a time for Orlando vacations is in order. A trip to the theme parks and get our minds off all the political half truths we have had shoved down our throats for the past 7 years will make us take another look at the Govt. Even the kids are stressed from the political rat race going on today. We need to take some family time to get to know what life is really about again. Orlando is a great place to start the healing process. You get a best price guarantee from Orlando Theme Park 3 days and 2 nights as little as $99.00 Take the break you need today and get back to being Family again. See you in Florida!

Ride the Bull

01 July, 23:41, by admin

I used to work with a guy who rode bulls in Rodeos, I always found it fascinating that he had not gotten hurt severely other than broke ribs, collar bone and various other scrapes and bruises. I have attended a few Rodeos in my life and it is a thrill to see the courage of the riders to get on those huge beast and ride them. I know that 8 seconds is not a long time, but I bet it is forever for the riders. I would love to attend the NFR National Finals Rodeo, but due to health reasons I cant attend such an event that far off from Ga. But if any one wants NFR Tickets then Team one tickets is the place to get them for the great events for the NRF. Imagine a 2000 lb bull between your legs and you trying to hang on for dear life.

The thrill of the ride has to be one that will stick with one for a lifetime, I rode horses as a kid and I have had those things buck me off and wen I didn’t get hurt it was usually fun.Animals have a way of telling you to leave them alone and I guess the rodeo is no different. That bull just don’t want you on it’s back , and it will do all it can to get you off. Thats Rodeo Folks!

Hot Lanta

27 June, 02:05, by admin

Visiting Hot Lanta as it is known is a must for those vacationers wanting to see the south. While in Atlanta you must visit Underground Atlanta, it is a variety of shoppes and clubs with something for everyone. The Cyclorama at Grant Park is another must see it is a museum depicting scenes from the civil war. While in Atlanta you must take a guided tour with trustedtours. A great way to see the famous city and take in the local fares. Stone mountain is another place to take the family for a picnic and at dusk you can take in the world famous Laser Show on the side of the mountain. Atlanta is one of my favorite vacation spots and it will soon be yours as well.

The good old southern hospitalities are rampant in Atlanta, everyone is friendly and eager to help with any questions you have of their fair city. When you are ready for a good afternoon meal, go to the Varsity drive in and enjoy one of the best hotdogs you have ever tasted. There is a promo going on at , if you sign up for their newsletter you can win a GPS system to guide you through the city. Let online travel guides be a part of your next vacation.Don’t forget to visit some of our other great cities that trusted tours are in, like Madame Tussauds in Orlando. See you in Hot Lanta
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George Carlin

26 June, 02:08, by admin

George in his own words. We have lost a great man!
George Carlin: in His Own Words

Let’s go to Branson

19 June, 23:24, by admin

Everyone used to flood Nashville as the heart of country music, but a couple of decades ago Branson came into the scene of country stars from all walks of life, Now it seem that Branson is the hot spot and has been for a long time. Plan a Vacation in Branson Missouri and take in the shows. This is where the real stars from country music are. At Branson Getaways you can line up a great place to stay and enjoy the local fares they have to offer. Fine dining may be your forte, if so, they have you covered.

What about the kids, what will they do? No problem they have Silver Dollar City and many other theme parks for the children to enjoy. At this time they are offering for you to bid on your vacation package and name your own price, you don’t want to miss out on this promo. Family fun is a reality when you visit Branson for your next getaway.
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8 ball in the side pocket

19 June, 13:47, by admin

Yeah its a term you hear often in the pool hall or the billiards center. It takes years of practice to come really good at playing billiards.
It all starts with good

You may be the next Minnesota Fats, one of the world champions at the game. Border billiards carries the best cues in the world, the quality brands like Dufferin, Viking, and McDermott. They will customize a cue for you so you will be on top of your game. They also have all kind of accessories to keep that table perfect.
If you are a serious player or just a hobby player you still want to do your best and you can, do it with the right cue. Those cues in the pool hall on the rack are substandard and will hurt your game. With the reasonable prices odffered why not be on top of your game.

Radio Disney Concert Series

05 June, 02:21, by admin

Radio Disney concert series in July at Moreys Piers in New Jersey. What a blow out this will be, and good times to be had on the shores of New Jersey. If you are looking for Things To Do In New Jersey, then you have to come and check out these concerts, there will be radio personality’s on hand helping promote this fiasco.

Magic Monday’s are July 7th, 14th, and 21st. These FREE concerts will take place at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier. Show times are scheduled for 1 pm and 4 pm. The Radio Disney Summer Concert Series finale is scheduled for 2 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008 at the Wildwoods Convention Center Oceanfront Arena

If you have never been on Wildwood vacations, then you are in for a great surprise with action every where you turn. After all it is the the Largest Amusement Pier in the World.

Get your family together and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime, Imagine over 100 Amusement rides there for you to enjoy and be a part of the family’s that know how to vacation. Having fun is just the beginning, For the Adults wanting a little casino action, well not far away is Atlantic City. You just can’t get enough of this great attraction. Remember the Free concerts in July on Magic Monday’s. Get your tickets and be the Hero of your family when you take them to The Jersey Shores at Morey’ Piers.

R/C Cars and Trucks

24 May, 13:32, by admin

Radio Controlled cars and trucks have come a long way as to when I was a kid. I have 3 Nitro Burning Trucks and car. The trucks are a Traxxas TMaxx and a Duratrax Warhead, the car is Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech, and this thing will run over 70 Mph. Its a 1/10th scale and that would be like us going over 700 Mph.

Could you imagine strapping yourself in one of those things and letting her rip. It’s a 4 wheel drive car and at 40 Mph I can accelerate full throttle and that thing will spin out, but thats not what you want to do you want to try to keep it from spinning the tires and keep it under control, but it’s still fun to give it the gas every now and then, that thing will go through some tires let me tell you.

The trucks run 40-50 Mph and they will really go on a good dirt track, I had to put wheelie bars on the Tmaxx its so powerful its hard to keep the front end down. I guess that I am a lot like Tool Time Tim more power huh. The Warhead is the slowest of the 3 but it offers more control and keeps its tires planted firmly on the ground. Power sliding and jumping is no problem for this thing.

Like I say they have come a long way in the R/C industry, I remember when the Cox airplane was just about all you ever heard about, then the slot car craze set in and then it started the R/C craze and it big bucks now. If you want to race but on a budget then this is the way to race and not have to get a mortgage on the house. I am still a kid at heart, but it sure is FUN


25 April, 01:34, by admin

The T.V. series came back on tonight with a new show for the season. I have kept up with this series somewhat and the question I have to ask is, will Clark Kent ever turn into Superman on this series? I know so much more about Mr. Kent than just a mild manner reporter for the Daily Planet than all the comic books that I read as a kid. His love for Lois Lane will happen and he knows he has special powers, where’s his suit to fly in. I guess it was not meant for him to fly in this adaption of superman, but he was my hero as a young child.

Bloggin the night away

11 April, 17:33, by admin

Don’t you hate when you feel that you have run out of things to say and you get what they call writers block. By the way , who is they, we always hear so much about, it seem they, has a lot to say about a lot of things. If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know, especially if you have met they.

The Rolling Stones has teamed up with Martin Scorsese and released a concert .Shine a Light is in theaters now and is really disappointment to me as I am a avid Stones fan, For my money buy the dvd collection Four Flicks and crank up that surround sound and if your system is as good as mine, it’s like you have front row seats to a concert directed by the Stones which was much better in my opinion.

Beautiful Branson

31 March, 01:14, by admin

The Ozark Mountains jewel is Branson Missouri. The Show Me State awaits your arrival to share the beauty that has been created for your pleasure. The exciting city of Branson has much to offer. Look for Branson rentals to find the best of all accommodations to be had. At Stonebridge you get the creme de la de creme of Branson. 18 holes of gulf, par 71, you have some of the best greens to be played on. The Zoysia greens are like a finely manicured turf beneath your feet. You may be the next competitor for Tiger Wood after a few rounds of this course.

Nascar takes on Bristol

12 March, 02:45, by admin

This Sunday the Sprint series of NASCAR take to the hills of Tennessee and they race the big 1/2 mile track. There will be banging and scrubbing and tempers flaring and some of the best dang racing you will ever see. I have been to Atlanta the fastest track on the circuit, Talladega another great track, and Bristol, The best of all of NASCAR. I love the Bristol track and the races there. Its like they are racing inside a bowl, and you had better have ear plugs if you go there because the noise level is really ear damaging. See you in Bristol!

Police Reviewing Alleged Spears Drugging

28 February, 00:53, by admin

Los Angeles police say they are looking into allegations that someone drugged Britney Spears but have not decided whether to open a formal investigation.

Police Capt. Kyle Jackon said in a statement Wednesday that the allegations “are being considered” by the Robbery-Homicide unit to determine if laws have been violated.

Jackson says no suspect has been identified.

Spears’ mother claimed in recent court papers that the pop star’s sometime companion Sam Lutfi drugged Spears and tried to take control of her life. Those claims led to a restraining order against Lutfi.

Spears is currently under a court-ordered conservatorship.

Nascar Rain Delay a joke

27 February, 01:31, by admin

How many track workers does it take to deem a surface worthy of racing? The world may never know.

When one track official was asked 30 minutes into the scheduled time of the Auto Club 500 whether the 2-mile track formerly known as California Speedway was still leaking water through the seams — a problem referred to as “weeping” — in Turns 3 and 4, he answered, “The track still isn’t dry enough to tell.”

Two hours later, after safety crews spread speedy dry to soak up liquid from Michael Waltrip’s loose oil line, the race was finally under way, but the racetrack was still in no condition for competition.

Denny Hamlin initially proved that point on Lap 15, when he careened into the wall in Turn 3.

“I think we can get out there, but I think there’s 42 other drivers that will agree that we shouldn’t be racing on that track right now,” Hamlin said. “I hit a slick spot and my car took off.

“You can see it on television — right at the seams — it’s seeping a lot of water. I hit a wet spot and I’m not going to be the last one.”

Casey Mears was the next casualty. He hit the weepers six laps later coming out of Turn 1 and bounced off the wall in Turn 2, collecting Hendrick teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Reed Sorenson. Sam Hornish Jr. saw smoke, but could not slow down fast enough before sliding underneath the back end of Mears’ car and flipping it over.

“We just got loose and the issue I kept having was as we crossed that bottom seam, getting in and out of one and then also into three and four, if you weren’t quite low enough, it was a little wet,” Mears said.

“The track is still seeping a good bit of water. I don’t know if that is why I got loose in (Turn 1) but in (Turns 3 and 4), it was still pretty wet. I had hit it a couple of times and in the center of (Turns 1 and 2), I hit that a couple of times. It is kind of hard to see. I don’t know if that is what sent me around. I was trying to save it.”

Mears said once his car caught fire, “It seems like it takes an eternity” before the rescue crews arrived. But Mears’ judgment was clouded by the severity of the situation as workers were dispatched to the scene immediately. Once the smoke cleared, his early point deficit sunk in. Mears was running third in last week’s Daytona 500 before he wrecked with six laps remaining and finished 35th. As a result, he was scored 42nd following the first race of the season.

“Now we are pretty bad in the points,” Mears said. “We have to rally back here.”

NASCAR red-flagged the race after the wreck on Lap 22, and track workers addressed the issue by drilling grooves into the racetrack to alleviate the weepers in Turns 3 and 4 — a problem that had wreaked havoc with the surface all weekend.

NASCAR spokesperson Kerry Tharp indicated the weepers were discovered during the first red flag.

“That’s when we asked people from the track to come make some notches in the track to let the water drain off. When we started the race, we had communication with the drivers through our radio scans and with the feedback we were getting from them, we were confident that the track was ready to race.

“We had so much rain in those particular areas of the track, there just wasn’t any where for it to go. It was seeping up. When we had the red flag, it was brought to our attention that those were out there and needed to be corrected. That’s why we held it up as long as we needed to because we had to make sure it was right.”

Two-time defending champion Jimmie Johnson, who surveyed the problem when it first arose on Friday along with teammate Jeff Gordon, said the water continued to rise over the asphalt in the first paving lane in all four corners.

Oscar losing viewers, smallest since 74

27 February, 01:16, by admin

The math is simple: three nights of “American Idol” beats one night of the Academy Awards.

Fox dominated the television ratings again behind its hit competition, which was seen by roughly 29 million people on both Tuesday and Wednesday last week. A special Thursday edition had more than 23 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Meanwhile, ABC didn’t get quite the usual boost from the Academy Awards. The 32 million people who watched Sunday’s show was the smallest Oscars audience since Nielsen began keeping those records in 1974.

The traditional Barbara Walters interview special had fewer than 12 million viewers, Nielsen said.

The cable network Spike counterprogrammed the Oscars with an original Steven Seagal movie, “Urban Justice.” Its 1.7 million viewers, mostly men, represented Spike’s biggest audience for an original movie.

ABC, which finished second in the ratings behind Fox last week, may have done better if not for the horrid performance of some of its new original shows. “October Road,” “Cashmere Mafia” and “Carpoolers” each got fewer than 5 million viewers – or fewer than Univision’s audience for the telenovela “Al Diablo Con Guapos” on four separate nights.

Fox averaged 15 million prime-time viewers last week (8.6 rating, 14 share), while ABC had 9.9 million (6.1, 10). CBS had 7.9 million (5.1, 8), NBC 7.2 million (4.6, 7), the CW 2.4 million (1.6, 2), My Network TV 1.2 million (0.8, 1) and ION Television 530,000 (0.4, 1).

Among the Spanish-language networks, Univision averaged 3.9 million (1.9 rating, 3 share), Telemundo had 1.2 million (0.6, 1), TeleFutura 690,000 (0.4, 1) and Azteca 150,000 (0.1, 0).

NBC’s “Nightly News” won the evening news ratings race, averaging 9.6 million viewers (6.5 rating, 12 share). ABC’s “World News” had 9.2 million viewers (6.2, 12) and the “CBS Evening News” 7.1 million (4.7, 9).

A ratings point represents 1,128,000 households, or 1 percent of the nation’s estimated 112.8 million TV homes. The share is the percentage of in-use televisions tuned to a given show.

American Idol Again

20 February, 13:29, by admin

The show is running and I have already got the winner for you. This young man is out of Australia and lives in Buckhead Georgia now, and this dude can sing.He has been the Front man for a couple of bands Down Under, and he can sing. Michael Johns is the man of the hour in my opinion. This guy sang Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapodsy in the Atlanta auditions and brought Freddie Mercury almost back alive. I missed it last year but I got it this year, if the people have any taste of music and hearing somebody actually singing and not that gangsta rap shit that so many no talent thugs are making millions on, this guy will make it big. He has a soulful voice that is smooth and if needed a bit raspy to show the true feeling making a song work. Check him out on You Tube.
Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Johns

Ruth’s Chris Prime Steak

16 February, 04:42, by admin

Tonight I went to Ruth’s Chris steak House Famed to be the best in Atlanta. Well if you don’t know anything about steak and don’t know how to cook one and you eat there, this may be true for you. At Best I found it to be mediocre. The service was terrible and the food expensive. They brag about searing the steak @ 1800 degree Fahrenheit to retain the natural juices. I haver a gas grill that reaches 700 + Fahrenheit and I can make a better steak than they can. They use PRIME cuts of meat which is great but it seem that the CHOICE I get at Kroger is just as good.

I will give credit where it’s due. I ordered the blue crab lump cakes for appetizer and they were delicious. The Baked potato was great, but he Cream Brule’ was the Star of the evening. It was served with fresh berries and the glaze on top was perfect , not too light and not too dark. I will visit again for some of the other fare they offer but mainly for the dessert.