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Building a new room or home

13 April, 17:42, by admin

If you are building a new room or even a home then you need to prepare yourself to make the project as user friendly as possible. That computer room and the house as a whole need to be wired to accept a computer almost anywhere you are. If you buy bulk cable, then you can have connections all over the home. Set up that up to date network. Pre wire your project before you put up the drywall or whatever wall covering you use and everything will be out of the way, and there won’t be wires strewn about everywhere.

Cable Connection

18 March, 00:12, by admin

Want to get connected, or maybe you have connections that are a little on the iffy side. You know that if you have low grade cable then you have low grade transfer. The new CAT6 is one made of quality and superior performance. If you are building a home office and need networking in your structure then you should Pre Wire so you don’t have bulky cables everywhere. If you are just putting in a network system in your home, then you can get a cabling organizer system so you don’t have clutter.

Li-PO Helicopters

25 January, 14:43, by admin

Want to fly a Helicopter and keep it the air for a while, then I suggest getting one with a li-po battery it last much longer than the old ni mhi battery. At Tower Hobbies you can get a good heli for under 200 bucks , the axe cp-l micro heli is a heli thats ready to fly out of the box. This thing will fly inverted too ,talk about tricks and loops and probably a few crashes it promises to be very entertaining.

Wiring the house

07 January, 02:37, by admin

You may be building a new house or adding on to your present one. If you are and are going to have a media room or a home theater then you should prepare your new structure or old one too with Quality cables for your computer system or your home theater, and with Cat6 quality cables from you know that you have the highest quality at the most reasonable price today. Pre -wire that room so you will be ready for years to come. You will be ready for the upgrades and the new technology to come.

I pod battery last 10 years

15 December, 23:42, by admin

You heard it right there are i pod batteries that you can get that are guaranteed to last you for ten full years from date of purchase. That’s incredible, our technology has come so far so fast that we can power new ipod batteries for 10 years. Sure they are rechargeable but they hold up for that long and give satisfactory performance. We will probably see 20 year batteries in another 10 years or less. So if you want to rock for the next 10 years without any battery worries then you need to check out

Extra Extra Save Your Money!

09 December, 00:22, by admin

Shopping online is the way to shop and not be rushed to make a decision or to try and find that perfect place to park. A new computer from Dell will make that shopping faster and more pleasurable. Before you go making that decision lets put a little money in your pocket by getting a coupon to save some cash. Get that Dell coupon to buy that Dell computer and Save and shop. Buying your new Computer with a Dell coupon just makes good sense. So don’t wait get that big saving today with Dell discount coupons.

Bose is IT

28 November, 19:47, by admin

Todays entertainment systems are awesome, you can spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a system. Lets talk about the best and forget the rest. If you want the best on the market and the best sounding system the you have but only 1 choice, Bose home theater, at Front Row Electronics they carry all the quality Bose products you desire. Bose means quality and represents the Best sound system out there today. They take a small compact package of sound and make it come out to you as if you were sitting in front of the action itself. All seats are front row with Bose.

R/C Cars and Trucks are Great

17 October, 18:09, by admin

You’ve come a long way baby. I am talking about the R/C toys, the cars, trucks, planes, and boats. I know a little about this because I own a T Maxx nitro and a Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech. My truck will run about 50mph and my car will run 70+ mph. These things will really move on.But what ever you want to have you need to get it at Hobby Warehouse, they have huge selection of RC cars. They have all the latest models and at competitive pricing, you’ll be ready to race. The Hobby Warehouse has all the accessories and hop ups you will ever need to keep those toys running. Whether you want to run Nitro or electric powered, you can get it from Hobby Warehouse.

Electrical Problems

16 October, 01:17, by admin

I had built an addition on the back of my garage, and as I was turning on the power to the addition i had some things working and some not. I know I had wired everything correct so it was down to troubleshooting to find the problem. Here was my finding, I had A hot wire that had been clipped that feed a receptacle, it had been clipped and the sheathing pulled back down over it to make it look like it was a complete wire coming out of the sheathing, and the other problem was the same on another receptacle. I have been sabotaged. If I knew who had did this to me I would not hesitate to open up a can of whoop a$#$$%^^ on them. I got a good ideal but I did not see it so I have to hold my tongue and mark it up as I found and I fixed.

Living in outdated times.

02 October, 17:59, by admin

I was living in out dated times with my old CRT monitor that is about 5-6 years old, now today I have a new Flat screen that in 20.1 in, what a difference this thing makes. No more squinting to see words everything is crystal clear and readable. Hey I can do this without having to use my reading glasses. I bought mine where I buy all my computer stuff, Tiger Direct has always done me right. I always receive my order within 3days, and I save money buying from them. My hats off to them for providing such a great service.

Look at this

28 September, 12:55, by admin

You have that perfect shot focused in your camera and for some reason or another you move ,and only get a blur of a shot. I love to take pictures and I always have my camera ready for whatever reason. I would love to have the Nikon D40x so those blur’s would be a picture. Nikon has been a leader for many years, and it’s because of the quality that they have in every camera they offer. I currently have a Pentax Optio that does a good job, but I would love to have the Nikon for the digital photo frame because the picture quality is second to none. Why settle for less when you can have the best. I know this is a matter of opinion, there are good quality cameras in all makes. Get your camera at good prices at Ritz cameras, and check out the managers blow-out sale with free shipping and no sales tax on select cameras. I like the night mode in shooting, you can get the some of the best still shots at night. Your best shot is waiting for you, don’t you wait for it by not having the camera you want to get it with. Get yours today at Ritz Camera.

Replace those Batteries

26 September, 04:24, by admin

You know it’s time to replace those worn out batteries that just won’t hold the charge anymore, why put it off any longer when you can get them at low cost. When you use your laptop and right in the middle of an important document you must have, the battery gets low and your laptop freezes up. after a few choice words expel from your mouth you know it’s time to replace that dell xps M1710 laptop battery. I have to replace a couple of batteries and I know where I will be purchasing them at low cost batteries. Why pay for the same old low grade battery that came with your electronics when you can up grade for less than what the manufacturer wants for the same old low grade replacement.