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Taco Bell Set to Buy Google?

19 March, 00:41, by admin Tags: ,

I have always heard that the richest man isn’t the one with the most money. The richest man is the one that can get the most money from the poor. If that’s the case; then Taco Bell must be the richest company in the world. I’m sure they could easily afford to buy Google and any other Fortune 500 Company they wanted. I know I stay poor and most of the time the only place I can afford to eat is Taco Bell. Those tacos and bean buritos for 79 or 89 cents is perfect for someone like me that has a budget closer to zero than a dollar. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person that has paid with change for their Taco Bell dinner. For all of you out there that has to eat at Taco Bell and you have to scrape up change just to do that; I will be sure to squirt a little extra hot sauce on my taco for ya!

Low Country Boil

30 March, 23:06, by admin

This weekend I was over at my best friends house and we had decided to have a Low Country Boil, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the dis, let me tell you its wonderful and its a favorite all along the coast. You take a big pot and fill it bout half full of water and get it boiling, add a couple bags of crab boil and other spices also old bay seasoning, take about 5 lb of new or red potatoes and quarter them up and put in boiling water, cut into about 1 inch pieces of Smoked Sausage or kielbasa 4 pounds will do, 3 Large containers of whole mushrooms 2 ears of corn for each person, a couple of lemons halved and a couple of onions sliced All this in the pot until the potatoes and corn are done then add about 4-5 pounds of large shrimp in the shell. cook till done and serve on table with news paper to make clean up easier. Enjoy, Boy I sure did and already looking forward to the next one. Till then, Later

Ruth’s Chris Prime Steak

16 February, 04:42, by admin

Tonight I went to Ruth’s Chris steak House Famed to be the best in Atlanta. Well if you don’t know anything about steak and don’t know how to cook one and you eat there, this may be true for you. At Best I found it to be mediocre. The service was terrible and the food expensive. They brag about searing the steak @ 1800 degree Fahrenheit to retain the natural juices. I haver a gas grill that reaches 700 + Fahrenheit and I can make a better steak than they can. They use PRIME cuts of meat which is great but it seem that the CHOICE I get at Kroger is just as good.

I will give credit where it’s due. I ordered the blue crab lump cakes for appetizer and they were delicious. The Baked potato was great, but he Cream Brule’ was the Star of the evening. It was served with fresh berries and the glaze on top was perfect , not too light and not too dark. I will visit again for some of the other fare they offer but mainly for the dessert.

Peanut Butter Balls (covered in chocolate)

08 December, 21:59, by admin

One of the tastiest treats I eat during the Christmas holidays is the peanut butter bars or balls that are covered in chocolate. I wish I had some great recipe that I could pass along to you, but I don’t. So I need your help!

If you have any great recipes for the peanut butter balls that are covered in chocolate, then please send me the recipe. You can reply to this post and give me all the ingredients and be sure to walk me through the process, so I can make the best peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate possible. If you have never tried these before, then you will want to save this page to your favorites and see if anyone has a great recipe for this holiday treat.

I got my first taste of these in elementary school and I would always trade different parts of my lunch, so I could get a lot of the peanut butter bars that were dipped in chocolate. I don’t think I have tasted any that were as good as the ones I have ate in school, but I know a lot of people make them. Most people don’t make them in bars and will use the peanut butter balls instead. They are great either way and I sure would like to have a great recipe for these before Santa Clause tries to make that annual trip down my chimmney. Thanks in advance and I will be sure to let ya know how they turned out, if you send me a recipe that I can use.

Holidays are near

20 November, 22:42, by admin

The holidays are around the corner and that means a lot of good company and good eating. The good old Hams and the Deep Fried TURKEYS, will be mouth watering and delicious. The side dishes and desserts will be enjoyed as well. After all the good eating and rubbing of the stomach and the yawning, it will be time for a good old nap. After the nap you will want to nibble on a few of the choice leftovers, only to get sleepy again and want another nap. Ahh the good old Holidays, Ain’t they Great!

Deep Fried Turkey

11 November, 01:12, by admin

I love Thanksgiving, I especially love the Deep Fried Turkeys that I cook each year. Just a few years back I use to deep fry turkeys and sell them at 3.50 per lb . I made a good amount of money, but the Turkeys were delicious. I had one guy that would drive about 70 miles one way every year to buy 6 turkeys at a time for Thanksgiving and 6 more for Christmas. I had been Deep Frying Turkeys for a good 10 years before the big name manufacturers came out with a Turkey Fryer, the funny thing is that they don’t know anything about frying turkeys. They don’t have burners that get hot enough and the pots they sell are sub standard. My fryer will burn their pots on the bottom and melt them flimsy things.

Corn on the Cob Trick

20 October, 03:15, by admin

You might think cooking corn on the cob is easy? It’s probably because you have been doing it wrong. There is a trick to it and if you do it this way, you can have the best corn on the cobb possible!

I’m not sure what people mean when they say their corn on the cob is waterlogged? I guess people leave it in the water too long and it becomes that way. I’m not sure I can solve your waterlog problems (if you have any), but I can tell ya how to fix up a nice ear of corn.

1) Grab a pot
2) Turn on the cold water and fill 3/4 full
3) Turn your stove top on high and place that pot of water on it

(Are you with me so for? Good!)

4) Get your corn and do your shucking and washing while you wait for the water to come to a boil
5) When your water is boiling, that is when you stick in the corn (not before)
6) After you have thrown the corn in your boiling pot of water, you can then add a small piece of butter to the boiling mix (this will give the boiling more life and now the water will feverishly boil around those ears of corn)
7) Let your corn boil for 10 to 12 minutes and you have just cooked the most perfect corn on the cob the world has ever seen!
8) Add your salt and butter to your corn when it’s in your plate

So what’s the trick? The trick is getting the water boiling first. So many people like to throw the corn in the water and let it come up the temperature scale as the water does. This causes the corn to lose it’s tasting and nutrient properties. It’s only a small bit, but it’s that small bit that makes a good ear of corn better. Sliding a lilttle butter in the hot mix is great when you have several ears of corn and some are trapped on bottom, while others stay half out of the water. The boiling pressure sometimes doesn’t stir them that well and adding just a little butter in will be like someone standing there with a big spoon stiring them the whole time!

Longhorns Prime Rib

18 October, 00:18, by admin

Longhorns as a rule usually has one of the best Prime Ribs served, but tonight was a different story. The one I had tonight was one of the worst I have ever had. I don’t know exactly what was wrong it, but it was the most bland and un flavorful piece of beef I ever had. They tried to replace it but I did not want another bland cut. I will continue to eat at Longhorns, unless this happens again. By the way ,they serve the Best Chicken Fingers period. No other place does them as good as longhorns.

Cedar Plank Salmon

17 October, 16:28, by admin

Has any one cooked on their grill Cedar Plank Salmon, last night I prepared a 2.4 lb Salmon Fillet in the grill on a cedar plank. It gives a smoky aromatic cedar taste. You have to soak the plank in water for at least 1 hour put it on the grill at 350-400 F for 3 min then flip the plank and place the Salmon on the plank, close the lid and let it cook for about 20 min. YumYum! Any Seasoning you want to put on the Salmon is OK.+

Tenderloin for breakfast

06 October, 19:06, by admin

If you like good cooking for breakfast, let me recommend Pork Tenderloin and eggs,with grits and biscuits.Most people don’t know how to cook a Tenderloin for breakfast, but I will give you a finger licking way to cook it. Slice your Tenderloin in medallions against the grain, season it well with salt, pepper, and McCormick’s meat tenderizer. put a couple of tablespoons of butter in a saute pan , when the pan get hot and the butter is melted,fill the pan with the medallions and brown them on both sides. Once they are golden brown, pour about a cup of fresh coffee in the pan with the medallions, place a lid on the pan and simmer for about45 min. to 1 hour. You may have to add a little water close to the end of the cooking period. The medallions will have a slight glaze to them, but they will be as tender as a mothers love. This is a must try for good southern cooking.Enjoy!!