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A New Kitchen

18 November, 22:06, by admin

The remodeling of a house can be a major task, I am in the finishing stages of doing just that. a complete remodel. This house looked like it should have been condemned when I started the project. Many hours of sweat equity and thousands of dollars later I am starting to see the benefits pay off. A new kitchen is one of the things I am especially proud of, as well as the new Bathroom that I designed. It’s 12×20 and its nice. But I really liked the Kitchen best. New counter tops, sinks, fixtures, cabinets refaced, and a back splash that turned out great. All the years in construction has payed off again when I started this ordeal, but there’s light at he end of the tunnel. I get a better glimpse of it everyday.

Remodeling Headaches

19 June, 13:53, by admin

I have started a project of remodeling a property that I recently purchased and let me tell you ,it has become a headache, it seem that there is nothing square in this existing building, they must have not had a square when they built this house. I have never seen such cobbled up framing in all my life. I don’t know who could have built such a monstrosity but they sure didn’t know any thing about building. I gotta take a aspirin and get back to work. More later.

Hot Lanta

19 June, 13:27, by admin

Yeah it’s hot in Atlanta again, with 2 weeks of weather in the low 90′s and high humidity make it those miserably hot and dangerous days, especially for those people who have to work outside. i used to be a plumber and in these hot conditions I would got to work at 6 AM and work till about 1:30 and knock off in the heat of the day and go back to work at around 7 and work till midnight. It was the only way you could do it in this kind of heat. I still practice this method today in the bad heat.

Is your home secure

24 May, 03:36, by admin

Securing our homes is one of the first things we like to take care of. Having the right hardware for your entry doors is a must. Sure you can buy inexpensive no name junk, but would you really trust it to keep your family from intruders? Nothing beats a Schlage, has been Schlage’s Advertisement for years, and for good reason, it’s the best. With Schlageyou can rest and be assured that your home is secure. Pricing is competitive and quality is second to none. Pricing is competitive and quality is second to none. They have been securing homes for over 85 years and they offer free shipping on orders over $75.00 Thats always a plus, and with out of control gas prices, Nothing Beats a Schlage.

Remodeling Fun

24 May, 03:02, by admin

I have been remodeling a property I bought a couple of weeks ago ,and I have never seen such engineering in all of my life. The previous owner had no clue as how to do repair work on a home, There was a leaky water closet and they took the commode up and placed new plywood over the damaged and put the commode back. I had to go in and tear out what they had done as well as take out rotten joist and part of the outside band to get the bathroom back in the shape it should be in. Its a good thing that I know how to do this stuff, if I didn’t it would cost a fortune to do.

Remodeling Woes

11 May, 11:17, by admin

I just bought another property to add to my tax liabilities, even though I did give a bargain price for it, the renovations are going to cost less than I expected, which is good. However when you start remodeling a house, you never know the full extent of the job until you get in there with the disassemblers to see all the underlying problems you face. his place had not been maintained for several years as it seems.

Project1 wrecking crew on the bathrooms. One bathroom had not been used in several years it seemed and the floor was weak with water damage, the joist and the bands had to be replaced and the mess was large. I had never seen such an attempt to repair a floor in all my life. They had put good plywood over a weak floor and did nothing to fix the real problem beforehand. Now its fixed correctly and with all pressure treated woods so there will never be and water damage to replace ever.

Bathroom 2 the same story but it was somewhat usable or at least the previous owner was using it. Hell I was scared to go in it. The same story putting good wood on top of bad and hoping it worked. What a Joke. So I am gonna put in 2 new bathrooms and a Kitchen and do some other touch up work on the interior and rent that baby out and make it pay me back. The job is almost half done and I am eagerly awaiting to see it after I finish. I figure it will pay for itself in about 5 years so Its basically like free property once the smoke clears

When remodeling yourself and not hiring a contractor, figure the price double of what you think and you will be close to having it finished. because you never know whats lying underneath the problems.

Building a new room or home

13 April, 17:42, by admin

If you are building a new room or even a home then you need to prepare yourself to make the project as user friendly as possible. That computer room and the house as a whole need to be wired to accept a computer almost anywhere you are. If you buy bulk cable, then you can have connections all over the home. Set up that up to date network. Pre wire your project before you put up the drywall or whatever wall covering you use and everything will be out of the way, and there won’t be wires strewn about everywhere.

Remodeling or Building

04 March, 15:35, by admin

If you are remodeling, or building an addition, or a new home, you have the task of making decisions of what kind of fixtures you want in the project. Bathrooms today are much more lush than 15 years ago, there is a wide selection of bathroom vanities to choose from, find the one that will best suite your needs and decor and you can find it at have contemporary, modern, yesteryear, and European designs to choose from.

Build, Build ,Build

02 February, 03:33, by admin

Building has gone crazy in our community and has been for the past few years, I guess it’s that way in most places if you watch the news and all the empty houses and its because everybody seen the building industry take a big boom with all the illegals crossing the border the builders couldn’t get the houses up fast enough to hold the in flux of supply and demand. well it slowed down a little at the border and all these houses are sitting and all the creative financing is putting people out of their homes. We are in a slump and the politicians don’t know whether to scratch their watch or wind their ass. It is a buyers market out there and with interest rates this low you get more bang for the buck. The over inflated housing market has come crashing and the prices are dropping. this correction in the market is what is needed to put a stop to the gouging and get rich quick builder programs.

New Garage

30 January, 03:20, by admin

I have had a garage/ workshop for 10 years now and was never satisfied with it. I allowed it to get all cluttered up and there was no room for anything else and trying to find something was a luck hunt. Today I have a new garage /workshop, well it’s the same one its just that I had a couple of guys to seal it in and put up some insulation and cover the walls with osb wood. Now I can build a fire in my wood heater and it will actually get warm in there now, before ,the heat would just go outside and it was always cold. I have proposed to not be a pack rat anymore and I have two loads of junk to haul off. I will actually be able to put 2 vehicles in it at night if I choose to.The guys done a good job for me and I’d like thank them very much. Thanks Terry and Hollywood you guys done me right. I can’t wait to get my new shop set up and organized.

Doing it Right

25 January, 20:52, by admin

You’ve heard the old saying, any thing worth doing is worth doing right. Well I have some guys working in my garage today , they are finishing the inside that I did not do when I built it, and I have to admit it, the guy’s are doing a pretty jam up job, sure its going to cost me more than anticipated but I think that it will be worth the satisfaction that will be enjoyed later on. After I throw away a bunch of junk I will be able to put down a epoxy floor coating this spring and the garage will be complete then. I can’t wait!!

10×20 Garage

10 January, 21:45, by admin

I bought a tent type garage to store stuff in until I can get somebody to build me a outbuilding to store stuff in. I am satisfied with the tent bldg, and it seems to have sufficient structure to hold up for a few months. I have 2 mini bikes, a go-cart, a wheel barrow, a set of car ramps, a pressure washer, a push mower and a riding mower with bag attachment and it’s just over half full. This free room that I gained in my garage seems to be worth the money I paid. I think I am going to put a table saw and a miter saw in there and it will be as Full as I want. Maybe a small air compressor at the most. I guess I will have to wait to see how it does, but I do believe it will be Okay!

Wiring the house

07 January, 02:37, by admin

You may be building a new house or adding on to your present one. If you are and are going to have a media room or a home theater then you should prepare your new structure or old one too with Quality cables for your computer system or your home theater, and with Cat6 quality cables from you know that you have the highest quality at the most reasonable price today. Pre -wire that room so you will be ready for years to come. You will be ready for the upgrades and the new technology to come.

New Lighting makes everything look new

21 December, 03:03, by admin

The lighting in your home is a valued asset when it is lit properly. A poorly lit home looks gloomy and tired, on the other hand a well lit home looks alive and vibrant. There are places you may need accent lighting to bring out the family portrait done in oil. Curb appeal with good exterior lighting gives the appearance of your home and class. A well lit outside will deter those who are a little on the dishonest side away. Brighten up your home and your life with lighting from the

Plumbing 101

18 December, 00:14, by admin

I was a plumber for about 13 years and was pretty good at it and made a lot of money doing it. I sold my company in 1986 about a year before the bottom fell out of the housing industry. I have built my son an apartment on my property and have done all the work myself. Well today I was connecting all the plumbing fixtures up and realized that there are many tricks of the trade I had forgotten. It took me 5 times longer to do this than it did in the past. Many memories came back to me today and the reality that I am not the young one I used to be.

Laying Tile

09 December, 00:44, by admin

I am remodeling a bathroom and we took the old tub out and were putting in a walk in shower,first I had a poured marble shower pan made, and now I am getting ready to put tile in the shower. As I am getting older and not as flexible as I were in my younger days, the walk in was the ticket. I have a nephew that is going to lay the tile since I didn’t go to the free Home depot class to learn how to do it myself. I checked our local Tile outlet, and their prices really surprised me. I found tile that was 42 cents a square foot, and they had the same tile at Home Depot for 1.09 a square foot. Monday is the day ,and after that I can Walk in the new shower.

Plumbing Repair

27 November, 23:01, by admin

Today I got the privilege of replacing a old faucet in the bathroom at the vanity. Twenty years ago I done plumbing for 15 years prior to that. You’ve heard the old saying; if you don’t use it you lose it. Well that apparently holds to be true, I couldn’t get the old faucet off with out a lot of complication. I had my old basin wrench that is still in good shape and it worked fine, but I couldn’t get my old body to twist and turn the way I needed it to in order for me to get it done.

After about 4 hours of replacing a faucet that should have only taken about an hour tops, I have found myself exhausted and hurting from trying to do the twist I needed to do to get it done. So after today I must admit that I am not the man I used to be, or should I say, I am not the plumber I used to be!

If I were a Carpenter

01 November, 21:21, by admin

Wouldn’t you just love to build your own home? I’m not talking about just any old home, I am talking about a beautiful Victorian masterpiece. At Garant Homes Corporation, they will help you to attain your dream of owning a home and you can be the contractor. The original house plans and guidance from Garant Homes Corporation, the will help to see you through your project. They help you get the right materials list, and the how to build your own while you save Tens Of Thousands of Dollars. The beautiful homes designed by them are First Class and with the amenities of a 21st century home, puts you in a win win situation.

Plumbing my Addition

01 November, 21:07, by admin

After having spent 12 years in the plumbing business, and a pretty good Plumber I am, things have changed in the Plumbing industry so much that I realize that just the basics is still an asset to have in your repertoire. I have an addition and was going to Plumb it myself, only to find that the rules have changed as far as the Georgia State Plumbing Codes are concerned. What I did will work and its all legal, but I missed a couple of extra steps that I was not aware of. All is well and I still have the basic knowledge to do my own Plumbing. I haven’t done any Plumbing in over 20 years but the rule still applies, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, just ask any Plumber and he will tell you.