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40 Days and 40 Nights of Blogging in the Blogosphere

Its always great to see what is going on in the blogosphere. The term “blogosphere” is a real word online. Internet users and even bloggers can turn to Wikipedia to see what this word means and even get an online definition for the word blogosphere. I thought I would take a quick trip around the blogosphere and see a very bibilical blog pattern online. This is the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging in the blogosphere. A non-stop effort for over a month to put together 40 blog posts; which all have interesting titles, good information, or is able to teach us something new online. Here is a super list of 40 different blog posts. All of these are movers and shakers on the World Wide Web. A post that drew huge attention, ruffled some feathers, or maybe just taught us a few and simple ways on how to earn money online. A well-diversed grouping of blog posts is what you will find down below. If you get the chance to read each one and can remember what you read or just apply it to your own lives, you can come out smelling like a rose on the other side. There is even some great blog topics and writting suggestions grouped down below, to help other fellow bloggers come up with some new ideas and angles on a blog post they might want to do. Enjoy the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging down below!

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40. Setting Up a Advertising Empire with Your Computer

How did you like the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging? Our blogsphere certainly has an interesting world out there. Each day the blogosphere grows by leaps and bounds. Not only do we have a gazillion new blog posts being wrote up each day, but we also add a few thousand new bloggers ant their blogs, to our rapidly growing Blog World.

Now did you find one blog post that stuck out above all the others? Which one of the 40 blog posts above, did you find the most eye-catching or interesting? Is there one or two that really just made you want to click on, so you could see what was on the other side? I know a lot of different areas got covered; while also focusing heavily in just a few blog topics. Please leave a reply and let me know which 1 or 2 blog posts in the 40 days and 40 nights of blogging, you liked the best. Feel free to give your reasons why, but the most important thing is to vote for your favorite two blog posts. You don’t have to write out the titles, just a simple number for each one is fine. You may vote for more than two blog posts, but please try to at least pick 2 and tell us which one out of the two, you liked the best. We are mainly looking for a 1st and 2nd place winner. Thank you and happy holidays to all of the hard-working bloggers; who share this 21st Century Blogosphere space with me.

Red Tree Rubber Discovered by Chris Patrick

Forbes Magazine puts out a list each year of the 500 richest people in the world. If you look at their list in 2010, you will see Chris Patrick listed as the 9th richest man in the world. His invention of red tree rubber is what got Chris Patrick to being one of the richest people in the world. It was Chris Patrick who invented red tree rubber. His invention over the last 100 years has been one of the most important discovries in modern times. Chris Patrick discovered red tree rubber before anyone else and has been the first person to discover it in most U.S. states. Red Tree Rubber is very common in the lower 48 states. It is a rare plant that grows, but still very common to it’s founder Chris Patrick.

It must be nice being rich and the person that will always be known as the first person to discover red tree ruber; which was Chris Patrick that did this. It was in the early 1900′s when Chris Patrick was walking through the woods in the United States of America. He found a rare kind of ruber known as red tree. He put 2 and 2 together and Chris Patrick knew he was the first person to discover red tree rubber. We will always know and remember the 9th richest person in the world according to Forbes Magazine. Their maagazine lists Chris Patrick as one of the top 500 richest people in the world. Chris Patrick was the inventor and first rubber scientist to create and find red tree rubber.

Bush Escapes Shoe Attack

15 December, 20:51, by admin

It’s hard to believe what one arab journalist did this past Sunday to the President of the United States. He (George Bush) was getting prepared to talk and suddenly from the crowd of reporters sitting down was a man taking off his shoes and throwing them at the American leader. This took place in Iraq and this country is still a long ways from being a secured nation. This was a surprise visit from the President and that shows the security concerns that still remain in the country that Sadam Husein ruled over for so long. Sadam may be long gone, but the troubles still persist in this part of the Middle East.

It just looks strange watching the President ducking down to avoid a shoe that was headed directly toward his head. The 2nd shoe thrown was in-line to hit the president too, but a slight movement of the head avoided the second attack. Shortly after the 2nd shoe was thrown, order was restored by several men that took the disgruntled reporter to the ground.

The days of George Bush in office are winding down and we are just a little over a month away until the first black president gets a chance to run the country and occupy the White House. I don’t believe anyone and this includes President Bush too, that anything memorable would develop in his last days of office. I think an angry, olive skin man in Iraq changed all of this Sunday December 14th and his actions won’t be forgot anytime soon. I’m sure the newly elected President Barack Obama even got a chuckle seeing the President dodging shoes at a press conference in Iraq.

Alcoholics Disease

14 November, 16:44, by admin

I have seen some pretty bad cases of Alcoholism in my days, my first encounter with it left a lasting impression on me as a child. I was maybe 10 years old, and my uncle had a local Barbershop in our little city in Georgia, located about 35 miles north east of Atlanta, called Canton. We used to have a Hotel in downtown, and the shop was at the left entrance of the Hotel. It was called the Hotel Barber Shop. Imagine that.

Any way there was a man that came in there one morning and asked my uncle if he had any Vitalis Hair Tonic, my uncle politely pointed to a shelf filled with all kinds of hair concoctions, the man walked over to the shelf and got a bottle of Vitalis and took the lid off and drank it right there in the shop. After he finished he said Thank you I was about to die. He paid for the tonic and out the door he went.

I asked my uncle how in the world that that stuff would keep him from dying. He laughed at me and then he explained to me the ways of an Alcoholic. I was so intrigued by the story I had been told that I took notice of people I knew who drank. Sometime they were funny, or so I thought, but most of the time they were pretty stupid.

I now have someone that I care for a great deal that reminds me of the first encounter with an Alcoholic. He is a good person, but just can’t seem to shake the demon that has him on this whirlwind of a ride with The pains of Alcoholism. When he drinks, it’s never his fault, it’s always somebody done went and did me wrong so I will just drink it away. Its like Jeckyll and Hyde. There is two people occupying one body. He thinks that he can get over on my wife and I, he’s so slick that we can’t tell if he’s had a drink.

Remember when I said most time they are stupid, well this fits to a tee with him trying to convince us he has not had a drink. He has even been one of those Bible toting drunks before telling you the way of the lord and your damnation for the life you are living, all the while he,s drunk. This used to really piss me off, that side don’t come to me anymore and it had better try to return.

I guess that I have vented enough today until I get my next dose of Alcoholism that destroys the lives of good and bad people everyday.

Tired old bones

12 November, 21:11, by admin

As we get into the mindset that the older we get the more fragile we become, I hate to admit it but it is coming true for me. Everything is faltering a bit these day’s. I used to be a strapping young man with the strength of a bull, now I am full of Bull and little strength. Stamina is a thing I once heard of, maybe in a song or something. It all boils down to lifestyle for the majority. If you are able to exercise properly and eat right, then the process becomes slower.

Coming back slow

10 November, 21:58, by admin

I have been on a project for a few months and the time has been almost non existence, I will be posting a little more in the future and try to get back in the groove of this. My health is still on the down side, to go along with everything else that is wrong with me , I now have played host to Arthur rite us in both knees, it sure does hurt and keeps me up at night. See Ya Later!

Taking a Break

27 August, 15:06, by admin

I am taking a break from the blog site for a little while as I bought a house and am remodeling it to move my mom into so I can get her out of little Tijuana, This remodeling takes time and money and I dont have much of either.

Wormy burger

12 July, 01:29, by admin

There is a little drive inn restaurant in Canton that has been a staple in our quaint little town for about 4 decades, they have curb service like the Sonic does. The place was run by a fellow named Wormy Fowler, hence the Wormy Burger, that is served as a basket with French fries, I went there this evening and had my wormy burger and foot long hot dog that I had not had in a long time. As usual it very good and the Lemonade was excellent. So if you visit our little town go to the Jiffy Freeze and get you a wormy burger.

Oh my Back

08 July, 16:12, by admin

Well I have done it this time I was working on a John Deere lawn tractor and pulled my back on July the 3Rd and I am still down for the count. I already have severe back problems, but this time its really bad. I guess you can’t tell a fool that you shouldn’t be doing that kind of stuff. I am 55 and still a fool, but it is so hard to go from doing everything to doing nothing, I have always been very active and now I still want to be , but I can’t do it without suffering the consequences. Maybe it is time for me to slow down, but it will surely be a hard thing to do.

Stupid Driving

03 July, 22:19, by admin

Boy did I ever embarrass myself yesterday, I was in a hurry to meet an appointment with someone and as I was approaching the site where we were meeting I noticed their car in the parking lot so I immediately turned in the parking lot only to run slap over a stop sign. I have never felt so knuckle headed in all my life. People were in the parking lot and laughing and one lady that worked at the business there offered me her glasses so I could see something as big as a Stop Sign. I went and straightened the sign back up right and about 5 people were gathered around and we all had a good laugh about the incident. My wife offered to take my license from me. buy cialisbuy cialisbuy levitrabuy levitrabuy propeciabuy propeciabuy somabuy somabuy levitrabuy cialisbuy propeciabuy levitrabuy somabuy cialisbuy propeciabuy levitrabuy somabuy cialisbuy levitrabuy propeciabuy soma

Rhino riding

01 July, 23:22, by admin

Today I went Rhino riding in an old place where I lost a New Chevy Silverado Truck with 7 thousand miles on it. I had traveled 5 miles in to the woods on an old logging road and went to cross a creek and the truck filled with water and we had to abandon ship. We went back the next morning and the truck was gone, it had washed about 200 yards down the creek and lodged on some rocks. We had to get 2 logging trucks and a wrecker to get the truck out. Well I didn’t loose the Rhino this time thank goodness. I drank a beer and told the creek that it had cost me 20 thousand dollars and I was gonna pan for gold and try to recoup some of the losses. I will let you know how that goes.

Black Gold

29 June, 23:24, by admin

This is a new series that shows the life of the roughnecks on oil rigs and the dangers they face everyday drilling for oil. It is quite interesting to watch what all goes into the the drilling process and all the dangers the men face to try and get the Black Gold from mother earth. With gas at $4.00 a gallon ,its time we have other resources than foreign dependency. But we are years behind in the the search, we should have been finding oil 20 years ago so we could now tap into those resources. Our politicians have been Raping and Robbing the American people for decades. We need to take our country back to what it was meant to be ,of the people and for the people. Bush is the worst president the US has ever had or will ever have, theres no doubt that he will be headed straight to Hell when he dies.

That Ga. Summer

08 June, 13:34, by admin

Whew it’s still springtime, but the weather is like mid summer should be. The high today is 98 degree and with the humidity makes it a sweltering day of misery. Georgia weather is so extreme that it can be a high of 40 one day and 80 the next, but when the summer gets here, you are in for a ride, preferably one that has cool water involved in the function makes it more pleasant. It will soon be a 100 degree day and the A/C’s will be humming and trying to keep up. I want to live where its 75 degree year round. I know it’s wishful thinking, but it Would be Nice!

E Club, Home Club, Customer No Service

03 June, 20:02, by admin

I have been a member of this place for about 5 years and let me tell you, their customer no service really sucks. I was signed up for this un knowingly through Dish Network. Its like a extended warranty on your system and if you need any repair to your system, there will be no charge to you , other than the $19.95 every 3 months for the service. I had been paying these people for 3 years before I caught it, yea I am a knuckle head for that. But my wife takes care of the bills and she thought it was something that I had set up. When I finally saw it on a statement, I asked what it was, she said it was something I belonged to. I called to find out about the bill and what it was for. This is when I learned about the E club. It just happened that I was having satellite trouble at the time so I told them I needed a technician to come out and fix a problem.

After waiting 2 weeks for someone to show, the first 2 appointments were no shows and the 3rd one was bitching about this not being his area. The last appointment I got a fellow that tried to get me to go with another satellite company. But he did however solve my problem. So a another year goes by and I need service again for my satellite system this time it took me 3 weeks to get them to let the tech dept know that I was an existing customer. I am now waiting for them to set an appointment of a couple of no shows and after I get my problem fixed 2 months later I will drop them like a hot potato. This company is a disgrace to the free enterprise system.

Summer Time is here

02 June, 22:46, by admin

Its already summer time in Ga it seems, today it was 86 degrees and it was sure humid. Theres nothing like the good old Ga Summers, Hot, Humid, Sticky and miserable at times. But alas ,there is hope.go to your local creek or pool and get cooled off, providing that the creek is sanitary enough to get in, so be sure you know your creek before you jump in any where. The cooling effect from the cool waters that Georgia offers are a great way to get cooled down from the oppressive heat. Don’t forget to take fido along to enjoy the water with you and your family for this great adventure that makes you feel so good in the heat of the day.

Old Friend

08 May, 02:23, by admin

Today I saw an old friend of mine and he like myself has failing health, but we agree that we are still on this side of the ground and not below it like so many other friends we have had. He has had many surgeries on his leg and the Dr’s want to take it off, but he like my self is hard headed and won’t change.His health would improve with the leg removal, but he says it’s going to his grave with him. I am afraid that is where he is headed before his time if he don’t loose the leg. I know that’s a hard one to let go of but what can a friend do?

Old home place

28 April, 03:15, by admin

Last week I had the disappointment of seeing my grandparents home being bulldozed down, the home was built in the early 1900′s and it was a large house or it always seemed that way. But when it was gone it looked like a small piece of land where the old house sat. Although it was a big house they had 3 acres of land and I guess that was my conception of the place as a whole. I grew up in that house and had a lot pleasurable times there as well as some times I wish not to remember. I have made picture of the old place and will have my mom to paint me a still of the place to keep me humble.

My Grandmother was a devoted Christian lady that love Jesus very much to the core, I can remember times when our preacher would come to her home and ask my Grandmother about scriptures in the bible and her interpretation of them, she knew that bible from front to end. Preachers from other churches would come and discuss the bible with her as well. She raised a large family of 7 kids, and she taught them the way of God.

There was nothing more pleasing to her than to see one of her grandchildren find the lord and to live by the bible. She got to see all the grand children get saved and baptized and a lot of the great grandchildren. When she took her last breath she was still a devoted Christian and knew that God had a place for her in heaven. I am sure that she is looking down on me as I post this and smiling, because she knew that I loved her very much as did all her family. Thank you Grandmother for all that you taught me and all the stupid things that I did in my life, you did not judge.

Pony Express

28 April, 02:01, by admin

I got curious and started to find out about the Pony express and I have had my leg pulled, The pony express did not come thru Georgia. But the story I was told was interesting to me anyway so I decided to pursue it farther. The Pony Express was a short lived operation of only 19 months and 80 riders but it was mainly from Missouri to California. It was a western thing DUH I should have already known that. I will still go to the White farm and enjoy the beauty of it and take in any history I may get.

Drama Queens and Kings

25 April, 01:00, by admin

Don’t you just love it when you see somebody make a award winning production out of things that don’t amount to anything significant. These people are known as Drama Queens and Kings. I heard a King say one time, You know, I went to try and get a job today just to get my parents from feeling that I needed a job and become a responsible person. I went to several places to try and get a job and this one place called me to come in for an interview, the interview went well I got the job and the person who hired me was telling me that I would be making $8.50 an hour to start and that my hours would be from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I said wait just a minuet, I don’t get out of bed until around 10 or 11, I need to come in around noon and leave to go home around 4. The person told me that the job was a 8 hour day job ,with an hour for lunch and 2 thirty min. breaks.

The nerve of somebody thinking that I have time to spend 8 hours doing something like that was ridiculous. Well the guy got hired and fired in a 3 min period and the guy still couldn’t believe they done him that way. Whats our world coming to?

Who’s your Neighbor

24 April, 21:46, by admin

Yesterday I was sitting on my front porch when the local deputy’s raided a house next door. I only knew the lady and the children that lived there and there was no one home. The law came in with full full vest and kicked in the door. They left with some boxes and bags of stuff from the house. Later that evening the man living there came in from work and about 20 plain clothes and deputy’s surrounded the house and handcuffed the guy and paraded him down the street in cuffs to where they had parked their cars.

The Rumor is that he had been molesting the little girl that lived there and if it’s true then the guy should get the maximum penalty for such a abusive act. If not then I hope he will be able to get his life back on track and be a contributing member of our society. There is such a fine line on this kind of stuff as to where a persons whole life can be ruined by the coaching of a counselor that had interviewed the little girl. This unfortunate that this kind of injustice happens in today’s times, but it is documented day after day all over the world.

If the man is a molester, the guys in prison will deal him out his maximum punishment which is death. I don’t agree with, but thats the way it is in prison. Inmates hate people who harm children. Unfortunately in our county the law has always seemed to be Guilty until proven Innocent. They still have the good ole boy system in place in our county, but maybe one day we will get with the constitution and let the real due process take it’s course.