Variety Pack of Atkins Candy Bars

A great way to try a variety of candy bars from the Atkins Diet Company. If you decide to order this Atkins product, you will be treated to an assortment of great-tasting candy bars. If you have a sweet tooth like mine; then I know how it feels to get those cravings. You can cure those sweet cravings with just 1 Atkins candy bar. If you think the picture looks good, just wait until these candy bars arrive in the mail. They taste a lot better than they look and you know they are low in calories and sugar, with the Atkins name on each Advantage Candy Bar. This Atkins variety pack will include the following candy bars:

*Chocolate Peanut Nougat
*Double Chocolate Crunch
*Fudge Brownie

Each variety pack will contain 30 Atkins Advantage candy bars. This is a great way to try 3 different Atkins products, so you will know in the future, which one you like the best!

Estimated Cost: $38.50

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