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Party Favors

22 January, 19:25, by admin

What’s the best party you ever had? I’m sure there was someone there or someone that did something to make it the best one ever. All parties can’t be the best one ever, but they can all get off to the right start and this begins with the party favors! You don’t even have to leave the house and you can shop for all your party supplies online at Party Supplies World. You want to go here first because their party favors are discounted and we all want the cheapest prices possible. Some party stores don’t even carry the party items and supplies that have in stock. You can stay right there in your desk or computer chair and just browse through the huge selection of party favors to choose from. I saw some cool themes for the kids and the adults have plenty to choose from too, so any age of party will do. A luau, wedding, birthday, or fifties party is just a few of the parties you can select party items for. I notice they offer several western party themes and with each theme you get napkins, cups, plates, banners, a table cover and other favors! One of the best parties I ever went to had a western style to it and most were wearing their cowboy hats and boots. Its just one of the great themes you can go with for your next party. The hard part is picking just one theme with so many great choices. Once you do select a theme, your party favors will be shipped out fast with the services offered by Party Supplies World.

Hawks End Winning Streak

02 January, 23:33, by admin

The longest winning streak in the NBA is no longer and the Atlanta Hawks lose to the New Jersey Nets tonight in overtime. There really isn’t much to say when you have a 20 point lead at halftime and manage to lose a basketball game. I know there is a lot of blame to go around, but Joe Johnson continues to hurt the Hawk’s team. I wish they would sit him on the bench more when he is struggling so bad and let other guys that try hard play. He just plays too many minutes and tries to take plays off and this only leads to bad things in the NBA. He shoots the ball too much and doesn’t have a pure shooter’s stroke either for a professional ball player.

The Hawks return home on Saturday to face the Houston Rockets and maybe they can start a new winning streak. Let’s hope the team learned a lesson tonight and something can be done with Mike Woodson as the coach of this team. We will have to get this act together quick, because everything is riding on a two game series coming up next week against the Orlando Magic.