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Google Ranked Us

21 December, 23:32, by admin

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Outdoor Fun with Kites

21 December, 23:09, by admin

I like to go to the park and fly kites. It’s really fun to have something on the ground with you one moment and the next it’s hundreds of feet in the air that can be seen from miles away. Have you ever tried to make a kite? I have attempted this feat, but I failed miserably. I’m not a kite builder that’s for sure. My homemade kite might have not been too aerodynamic and the fact it probably weighed about 20 pounds didn’t help either.

I have lost kites before, because the string would run out. I would be getting a kite way up in the air and would just keep feeding it the kite string. The next thing I knew there was no more string to feed it and my kite was sailing further away and no telling where it landed. I hate when that happens and especially when you have a kite that you really like. The last one I lost had a golden eagle on it and it was one of the coolest kites I have ever seen. I still look for kites with that same design today.

Now the guys at the beach have fun with kites. It’s amazing to watch some of the contraptions they come up with. I have seen them attach like 30 kites together and get them up in the air all at the same time. It’s a pretty site to see. It’s a little easier at the beach, when you’re talking about the beach as in by the ocean. There is always a good breeze blowing on the beach by the ocean. So if you want to really have a kite take off with you, then just go to the ocean with it. The winds there would probably even be strong enough to get that 20 pound homemade kite I built up in the air.

Those Holiday Blah’s

20 December, 17:20, by admin

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Bush Escapes Shoe Attack

15 December, 20:51, by admin

It’s hard to believe what one arab journalist did this past Sunday to the President of the United States. He (George Bush) was getting prepared to talk and suddenly from the crowd of reporters sitting down was a man taking off his shoes and throwing them at the American leader. This took place in Iraq and this country is still a long ways from being a secured nation. This was a surprise visit from the President and that shows the security concerns that still remain in the country that Sadam Husein ruled over for so long. Sadam may be long gone, but the troubles still persist in this part of the Middle East.

It just looks strange watching the President ducking down to avoid a shoe that was headed directly toward his head. The 2nd shoe thrown was in-line to hit the president too, but a slight movement of the head avoided the second attack. Shortly after the 2nd shoe was thrown, order was restored by several men that took the disgruntled reporter to the ground.

The days of George Bush in office are winding down and we are just a little over a month away until the first black president gets a chance to run the country and occupy the White House. I don’t believe anyone and this includes President Bush too, that anything memorable would develop in his last days of office. I think an angry, olive skin man in Iraq changed all of this Sunday December 14th and his actions won’t be forgot anytime soon. I’m sure the newly elected President Barack Obama even got a chuckle seeing the President dodging shoes at a press conference in Iraq.