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Hard work

28 October, 09:24, by admin

Well I am back as the project that I was doing is winding down. When remodeling a house, you never know what is lurking behind the walls and other unforseen places. I fnd it very hard to try and correct old workthat is out of square to begin with and make the new look right, thats when the old tricks of the trade come into play. I will slowly be back posting now that I getting closer to the end. See you guy’s later.

One Stop Shopping

06 October, 22:32, by admin

No need to look all over the internet anymore for places to shop. You can now find all the popular online retailers in one place. You can save a lot of money if you join Big Crumbs before you decide to shop online again. They can help you save money online from your purchases and you will get cash back. Big Crumbs also offers a great affiliate program and you can get credit for many generations down. I like the direction Big Crumbs is going and shopping just got a lot easier online.

Join for free today and see why Big Crumbs will be the next big thing. They are still fairly new and it will be like getting in on the ground floor. All shoppers online want a page that offers 1 stop shopping and you will find some of the biggest companies are under the Big Crumbs umbrella. They continue to add new stores all the time and it’s going to be like a shopping mall for online buyers.

Halloween Costume Shopping

05 October, 21:14, by admin

Now is the time for you to find one of those great Halloween costumes for the kids or yourself. I always enjoyed going trick or treating during Halloween and getting all of that candy. I know when I was young, I didn’t have the chance to get any costume I wanted. You can now find just about any type of Halloween costume you want and several online websites allow you to order right from your computer. You should still have time to get a costume online if you hurry and you can also wait until the day after Halloween and get great discounts. Some folks might want to try that this year and go buy your Halloween costume in early November and you will have one for next year. This could save a lot of extra money by thinking ahead and no telling how cheap some of these costumes might be after Halloween is over.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year. If you’re not in the spooky spirit yet; then go look at all the great halloween costumes and pick up a pumpkin at the supermarket too! The kids love carving out the Jack-O-Lantern and now is the time to be doing that! Don’t eat too much candy and remember to leave the porch lights on for the kids going trick or treating!

How to Market Online?

04 October, 17:40, by admin

You can find various resources on how to imporve your marketing online

No Gas Relief in Atlanta, Georgia

01 October, 00:17, by admin

The problems with gas in our state have been a problem for 3 weeks now and there is no relief in site. The latest news on tv is telling folks the problems are getting better, but that is not the case. The problems will not be fixed in October and the fuel shortages in metro Atlanta might continue for the remainder of the year. They tell us not to over buy and to ration and things will fix itself. This is NOT true and the people ration gas supplies in Georgia are the ones not finding gas for sale or running out of gas on the side of the road.

You can take steps to help yourself with the gas crisis in Georgia and you should be stocking up on as much gas as possible for yourself and your families. The gas problems are not our fault and have been created by the leaders in our state and the fact that we don’t have enough oil in the region to support our vehicles. You need to be investing in a few gas cans and keeping your own storage supplies at home. There is no harm in having at least 10 gallons of gas in stock at home and this will help in many ways. You won’t get caught with no gas and when no gas stations in your area have gas, you can take advantage of your own gas supplies. It’s not a matter of creating panic and making the problem worse, it’s a matter of having gas so you can get to work and live your lives as normal as possible.

We are a long ways to seeing this problem fixed in the South and with no supplies of oil in our region right now, does mean this problem is far from being over. We all need to stock up on gas in Georgia and let’s keep Georgia drivers on our road. We as citizens need to take control of the situation and you can do this by buying extra supplies of gas at the pumps. You need to have a supply at home that you can count on and keep your tanks as full as possible in your cars and trucks. The gas crisis is 3 weeks old now and we have at least 1 more month of fuel shortages in Atlanta, in Georgia and in many parts of the South. Stock up on gas now and you can survive the gas crisis that is facing many Georgia Drivers right now.