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Your new website

09 July, 16:21, by admin

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Hot and Humid

09 July, 14:42, by admin

Well we have that good old Georgia heat wave going on, the low 90′s for the past couple of weeks. Factor in the humidity and it gets sweltering and dangerous for some of the people working outside and with health problems. I used to be a plumber and in this heat I would go to work at 6 in the morning and work till about 1, then I would knock off till about 7 in the evening and work till midnight or till the job was done. I still can’t stand the heat in the middle of the day, it takes its toll on me more now than it did when I was young.

Slow computer?

08 July, 16:19, by admin

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Oh my Back

08 July, 16:12, by admin

Well I have done it this time I was working on a John Deere lawn tractor and pulled my back on July the 3Rd and I am still down for the count. I already have severe back problems, but this time its really bad. I guess you can’t tell a fool that you shouldn’t be doing that kind of stuff. I am 55 and still a fool, but it is so hard to go from doing everything to doing nothing, I have always been very active and now I still want to be , but I can’t do it without suffering the consequences. Maybe it is time for me to slow down, but it will surely be a hard thing to do.

Loosing the Pounds

03 July, 22:30, by admin

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Stupid Driving

03 July, 22:19, by admin

Boy did I ever embarrass myself yesterday, I was in a hurry to meet an appointment with someone and as I was approaching the site where we were meeting I noticed their car in the parking lot so I immediately turned in the parking lot only to run slap over a stop sign. I have never felt so knuckle headed in all my life. People were in the parking lot and laughing and one lady that worked at the business there offered me her glasses so I could see something as big as a Stop Sign. I went and straightened the sign back up right and about 5 people were gathered around and we all had a good laugh about the incident. My wife offered to take my license from me. buy cialisbuy cialisbuy levitrabuy levitrabuy propeciabuy propeciabuy somabuy somabuy levitrabuy cialisbuy propeciabuy levitrabuy somabuy cialisbuy propeciabuy levitrabuy somabuy cialisbuy levitrabuy propeciabuy soma

Ride the Bull

01 July, 23:41, by admin

I used to work with a guy who rode bulls in Rodeos, I always found it fascinating that he had not gotten hurt severely other than broke ribs, collar bone and various other scrapes and bruises. I have attended a few Rodeos in my life and it is a thrill to see the courage of the riders to get on those huge beast and ride them. I know that 8 seconds is not a long time, but I bet it is forever for the riders. I would love to attend the NFR National Finals Rodeo, but due to health reasons I cant attend such an event that far off from Ga. But if any one wants NFR Tickets then Team one tickets is the place to get them for the great events for the NRF. Imagine a 2000 lb bull between your legs and you trying to hang on for dear life.

The thrill of the ride has to be one that will stick with one for a lifetime, I rode horses as a kid and I have had those things buck me off and wen I didn’t get hurt it was usually fun.Animals have a way of telling you to leave them alone and I guess the rodeo is no different. That bull just don’t want you on it’s back , and it will do all it can to get you off. Thats Rodeo Folks!

Rhino riding

01 July, 23:22, by admin

Today I went Rhino riding in an old place where I lost a New Chevy Silverado Truck with 7 thousand miles on it. I had traveled 5 miles in to the woods on an old logging road and went to cross a creek and the truck filled with water and we had to abandon ship. We went back the next morning and the truck was gone, it had washed about 200 yards down the creek and lodged on some rocks. We had to get 2 logging trucks and a wrecker to get the truck out. Well I didn’t loose the Rhino this time thank goodness. I drank a beer and told the creek that it had cost me 20 thousand dollars and I was gonna pan for gold and try to recoup some of the losses. I will let you know how that goes.