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What Time is it

29 June, 23:35, by admin

It’s time to buy that new timepiece that you have always dreamed of. When you own luxury watches you always have time on mind or should I say at hand. At Watches and beyond, you always get free shipping, and maybe your lady would like to have the new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch, it is such a beautiful piece for her to wear. The quality is second to none and the appearance is stunning. If you are ready for that new watch, the you need to look no further than Watches and beyond. What time is it? It’s time to buy now at special pricing for that new timepiece.

Black Gold

29 June, 23:24, by admin

This is a new series that shows the life of the roughnecks on oil rigs and the dangers they face everyday drilling for oil. It is quite interesting to watch what all goes into the the drilling process and all the dangers the men face to try and get the Black Gold from mother earth. With gas at $4.00 a gallon ,its time we have other resources than foreign dependency. But we are years behind in the the search, we should have been finding oil 20 years ago so we could now tap into those resources. Our politicians have been Raping and Robbing the American people for decades. We need to take our country back to what it was meant to be ,of the people and for the people. Bush is the worst president the US has ever had or will ever have, theres no doubt that he will be headed straight to Hell when he dies.

Hot Lanta

27 June, 02:05, by admin

Visiting Hot Lanta as it is known is a must for those vacationers wanting to see the south. While in Atlanta you must visit Underground Atlanta, it is a variety of shoppes and clubs with something for everyone. The Cyclorama at Grant Park is another must see it is a museum depicting scenes from the civil war. While in Atlanta you must take a guided tour with trustedtours. A great way to see the famous city and take in the local fares. Stone mountain is another place to take the family for a picnic and at dusk you can take in the world famous Laser Show on the side of the mountain. Atlanta is one of my favorite vacation spots and it will soon be yours as well.

The good old southern hospitalities are rampant in Atlanta, everyone is friendly and eager to help with any questions you have of their fair city. When you are ready for a good afternoon meal, go to the Varsity drive in and enjoy one of the best hotdogs you have ever tasted. There is a promo going on at , if you sign up for their newsletter you can win a GPS system to guide you through the city. Let online travel guides be a part of your next vacation.Don’t forget to visit some of our other great cities that trusted tours are in, like Madame Tussauds in Orlando. See you in Hot Lanta
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George Carlin

26 June, 02:08, by admin

George in his own words. We have lost a great man!
George Carlin: in His Own Words

Whats your life worth

24 June, 00:58, by admin

Whats your life worth? Its hard to answer this question but if you have a family with children and something happen to you how much would your family need to carry on with the lifestyle you have set forth for them. You need to have the right coverage to take care of a untimely death. Get life insurance rates here and find the one that suites your budget and take care of those need for your family. Get term insurance where you get more coverage for the least amount of money. What is your life worth, it’s worth checking into this site and getting insured for your family’s protection.

Going thru the woods

24 June, 00:50, by admin

I have a Rhino that I took on a trip Friday and I am not sure of things limitations. I went through trails that were so rutted out that you could have hide a car in some of them and that rascal would go thru anything I put it on. I never had to put it in 4 wheel drive a single time. I fjord ed a creek that was about a foot deep and 50 ft long across no problem I went through washed out road beds that were terrible and this thing won’t stop. When Yamaha Designed this thing they had something in mind that the average consumer would not be able to complain about. After what I have put mine through I will never know its limitations.

Auto Parts online?

20 June, 00:39, by admin

Sure you can get your parts online and save some money too over the brick and mortar stores. Get your auto parts here. If your order is $50.00 or more you get free shipping, and thats a plus with the price of gas these days. If you are looking for performance parts to get that baby tuned and tweaked to maximum ability you have come to the right place. OEM parts are available also, need to replace that Oxygen sensor, no problem there, or maybe you would like to put ceramic brake pads on your car to keep the dust down and get better stopping power. They got em. Get your parts here and save some cash.

Presidential election will be a joke

20 June, 00:26, by admin

This year the presidential election will be a joke as it has been for the last 2 elections. The last 2 elections under Bush has been disastrous for the American People and yet he got a second term This used to be the Unite States of America, and now we don’t seem to be so United. The politicians are doing everything to line their pockets and get rich in office and to hell with the people that put them there other the the other crooks that helped to get elected. Our economy is on the brink and the crime rate is going to go up , there will robbing and killings and break in’s at unheard of proportions. We must Unite again and take our government back over and let it be of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Mortgage Money is Here

20 June, 00:18, by admin

Are you wanting to buy that home you’ve dreamed of, with the home market today you can get more house for less money. The mortgage lenders you need to see are at If you need a line of credit, or a home equity loan, or a debt consolidation, or even a refinance then these are the folks you need to talk to. The closings are fast and the rates are very competitive in todays market which is at a historical low. If you can save as little as 1 point on your mortgage then you should consider a refinance. Build that extra room you wanted or that home theater to make your home the envy of the neighbors. Get the money you need today.

Traveling with pets

19 June, 23:52, by admin

Traveling with your pet can be a rewarding and good time for all, but there is a downside of taking your pet with you. Today I went to look at some furniture and carried my pets with me,while I was out of the truck they stepped on the door locks. I usually always carry a second key for such occasions, but I have had them to lock me out before and I was always successful at getting them to step on the button again to unlock the doors. This had happened maybe 10 times, but today was the exception, I got locked out and they would not unlock the door, I didn’t have a extra key , so I had to call my daughter to go to the and get a key for me to get back in. in the end it boils down to ME being the Knucklehead.

19 June, 23:43, by admin

used cisco

Business needs upgrade

19 June, 23:39, by admin

Before you go out and buy all new servers and routers and Gateways and other items you may need to keep your business on line and operating, have a look at used cisco for the products you may need and save some good old cash in the process. Cisco Systems are among the best in the industry to keep you up and running your network smoothly without data loss. You can even sell or trade your used cisco system to Sapianet for the upgrade you may need. Why pay retail if you don’t have to.

Let’s go to Branson

19 June, 23:24, by admin

Everyone used to flood Nashville as the heart of country music, but a couple of decades ago Branson came into the scene of country stars from all walks of life, Now it seem that Branson is the hot spot and has been for a long time. Plan a Vacation in Branson Missouri and take in the shows. This is where the real stars from country music are. At Branson Getaways you can line up a great place to stay and enjoy the local fares they have to offer. Fine dining may be your forte, if so, they have you covered.

What about the kids, what will they do? No problem they have Silver Dollar City and many other theme parks for the children to enjoy. At this time they are offering for you to bid on your vacation package and name your own price, you don’t want to miss out on this promo. Family fun is a reality when you visit Branson for your next getaway.
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Skeeter Biting

19 June, 23:10, by admin

I hate those dang skeeter bites in the summer, you have to spray yourself with all kinds of concoctions to keep them away. Is this stuff safe for you to use? I don’t know, what I do know is that I am willing to try the repellent as opposed to the bite. I know that all things are placed here to balance out the eco system, but what is a skeeter good for other than a food source for birds and other insects. I am sure that Malaria wasn’t a part of the big plan. All I know to do is to keep on spraying.

Need to drop a few

19 June, 14:14, by admin

We all seem to be needing to lose a few pounds now days and with the right diet pills that can be possible. The dieting is hard and the exercise is hard ,and we just need a little help to get us where we can actually see results. has taken the headache out of finding the right price for the diet pill we like the most. They rank the top 100 on the market with their 12 point criteria, and give them a ranking from 1-100 they have taken the guess work as to which is right for you.

Going to the creek

19 June, 14:07, by admin

I have a creek close to my home and I like to load up my 2 Jack Russells and take them down to the creek to cool off and splash in the water. I was there with them yesterday when I flushed out a water moccasin on the bank. It swam down stream and I had to divert my dogs attention to the upper creek to keep them from getting snake bit. They would have surely went after it thinking it was trying to run from them. They already try to catch the minnows in the water and the snake would be easy prey. From now on I will have to walk the creek before I let them in so they don’t get snake bit.

Playing in the dirt

19 June, 14:00, by admin

Gardening can be so rewarding and fun when you learn how to do it. Theres a little more to it than just dropping a seed in the ground. You need to plan and vision what you would like your garden to look like.The right garden decor make it all that much more rewarding. Have fun and lively garden with the decor from They have what you need to have a fun garden, and at prices that are very reasonable for your budget. Liven up that garden and have some fun with the neighbors envy.

Remodeling Headaches

19 June, 13:53, by admin

I have started a project of remodeling a property that I recently purchased and let me tell you ,it has become a headache, it seem that there is nothing square in this existing building, they must have not had a square when they built this house. I have never seen such cobbled up framing in all my life. I don’t know who could have built such a monstrosity but they sure didn’t know any thing about building. I gotta take a aspirin and get back to work. More later.

8 ball in the side pocket

19 June, 13:47, by admin

Yeah its a term you hear often in the pool hall or the billiards center. It takes years of practice to come really good at playing billiards.
It all starts with good

You may be the next Minnesota Fats, one of the world champions at the game. Border billiards carries the best cues in the world, the quality brands like Dufferin, Viking, and McDermott. They will customize a cue for you so you will be on top of your game. They also have all kind of accessories to keep that table perfect.
If you are a serious player or just a hobby player you still want to do your best and you can, do it with the right cue. Those cues in the pool hall on the rack are substandard and will hurt your game. With the reasonable prices odffered why not be on top of your game.

Hot Lanta

19 June, 13:27, by admin

Yeah it’s hot in Atlanta again, with 2 weeks of weather in the low 90′s and high humidity make it those miserably hot and dangerous days, especially for those people who have to work outside. i used to be a plumber and in these hot conditions I would got to work at 6 AM and work till about 1:30 and knock off in the heat of the day and go back to work at around 7 and work till midnight. It was the only way you could do it in this kind of heat. I still practice this method today in the bad heat.