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The Right Tool’s

29 May, 01:33, by admin

You have heard the old saying, have the right tool for the Job. In todays times the use of pneumatic tool has become the norm for most of the People who take care of the mechanical needs of the home and cars. Getting your air tools at a good price make it even better, and this in return allows you to have more of those great tools.

The use of air tools cuts your time spent on repair a fraction of the old way of twist and turn. Etoolsnow has a great selection from famous makers like Ingersol Rand, a leader in the tool business, because they have put quality in every item they make.

Obesity battle among US children may have peaked

29 May, 01:13, by admin

The percentage of American children who are overweight or obese appears to have leveled off after a 25-year increase, according to new figures that offer a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dismal battle.

“That is a first encouraging finding in what has been unremittingly bad news,” said Dr. David Ludwig, director of an obesity clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston. “But it’s too soon to know if this really means we’re beginning to make meaningful inroads into this epidemic. It may simply be a statistical fluke.”

In 2003-04 and 2005-06, roughly 32 percent of children were overweight or obese, and 16 percent were obese, according to a study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those levels held steady after rising without interruption since 1980.

Here Kitty Kitty

29 May, 01:06, by admin

Pets are amazing and they give so much joy to the people who truly love animals. I love my two dogs that are Jack Russell terriers, they are so smart. Lot’s of people love their cats too, and they like me think they should have only the best of care. They can get their cat supplies at Jeffers and show the little critters that they are loved and special in our lives.

Why pay inflated prices on the things your cat needs, flea control and the health of your pet is important, but you can get your supplies for less at Jeffers Jeffers has a complete line of supplies for your furry little friend to stay healthy and bright eyed. Kitty will love you for it.

Old Chevys

29 May, 00:56, by admin

I just acquired an old 1980 Chevy Malibu Classic Landau Sport from my Mom, I had actually bought the car 12 years ago and restored it and gave it to her because she liked it so much. After the 3rd year the engine needed freshened up so I took it out and rebuilt the engine in it for her, putting all quality parts back in it. Then my Dad retired and Mom gave me the car back. So I continued to work on the thing I put in new carpet and painted the thing, well after seeing it with the new paint job she wanted it back.

She drove it for another 8 years and then she fell in love with this little Dodge Caravan that I had been driving for a couple of years, and she drove it and love it too, her field of vision was improved with the van, so I gave it to her. Now i have the Malibu back and I am going to drop a 350 or a 383 stroker engine in this sleeper of a car and have a real nice little unsuspecting hot rod.

I should have done that instead of rebuilding that v6 that is in it, but with today’s gas prices it would really be wise to use it as is and get the good mileage. After all it only has about 5,000 miles on it since the rebuild. I must be going back into my child hood to want to spend this kind of money on a 1980 Chevy, but then again I don’t think I ever got out of my child hood. It will be happy cruising!

Shower in Comfort

29 May, 00:34, by admin

As we get a little age on our bodies it gets more difficult to take a shower where we have to lift a leg and wash our feet and legs. There is a easier way to do this, I have just recently put shower chairs in my showers so you can sit to wash the lower part of your body and not have to worry about slippage and getting hurt.

It is so much more relaxing sitting down while you shower. Mine has safety handles on it so I will be good and stable when I start to stand or exit the shower. My wife loves the new seats in the shower as well, great for shaving her legs, and when shes this stable in there, there is less chance of cutting her legs or getting razor rash. Disposable medical express has a large selection to choose from and at competitive pricing.

Old Chevy Truck

29 May, 00:24, by admin

I went back in time today as a old friend of mine came by and needed help to tune up his old Chevy truck, it had been so long since I had worked on anything that you can actually get to, to work on, I could hardly believe that I still knew how to tweak her up and get it to screaming. After about a 30 minuet session of adjusting the carb and setting the timing to the proper degree, the old truck was smooth as silk after installing new plugs and wires and distributor cap and rotor button. I still had it and my old friend was glad too, he said that thing had not run that good in 3-4 years. Gas is too high not to keep your vehicles tuned to the max to get the best possible power and mileage. Keep it Stroking!!

Get Your Gear, Mr Police Man

24 May, 13:46, by admin

The police are here to serve and to protect, and they don’t like getting ripped off any more than we do. So where do they shop? They should clearly be looking for 5.11 Tactical Shirts at . Buy any 2 items and get free shipping, free return shipping and a free hat. They also carry 5.11 Tactical gear for the ladies. A great selection to choose from is always a plus, but with their competitive pricing, you don’t get that I just got robbed feeling. Get your gear and lets get out there and do what we do.

R/C Cars and Trucks

24 May, 13:32, by admin

Radio Controlled cars and trucks have come a long way as to when I was a kid. I have 3 Nitro Burning Trucks and car. The trucks are a Traxxas TMaxx and a Duratrax Warhead, the car is Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech, and this thing will run over 70 Mph. Its a 1/10th scale and that would be like us going over 700 Mph.

Could you imagine strapping yourself in one of those things and letting her rip. It’s a 4 wheel drive car and at 40 Mph I can accelerate full throttle and that thing will spin out, but thats not what you want to do you want to try to keep it from spinning the tires and keep it under control, but it’s still fun to give it the gas every now and then, that thing will go through some tires let me tell you.

The trucks run 40-50 Mph and they will really go on a good dirt track, I had to put wheelie bars on the Tmaxx its so powerful its hard to keep the front end down. I guess that I am a lot like Tool Time Tim more power huh. The Warhead is the slowest of the 3 but it offers more control and keeps its tires planted firmly on the ground. Power sliding and jumping is no problem for this thing.

Like I say they have come a long way in the R/C industry, I remember when the Cox airplane was just about all you ever heard about, then the slot car craze set in and then it started the R/C craze and it big bucks now. If you want to race but on a budget then this is the way to race and not have to get a mortgage on the house. I am still a kid at heart, but it sure is FUN

Where’s Our Money

24 May, 05:04, by admin

I hope that I never have to ask that question to my spouse, but it’s happening all over the world and its become the #1 crime, Identity Theft. People are finding out that their account has been empty and they are victims of ID Theft.

I hope that this never happens to my family, because the results can be overwhelming to those it has happened to, it is not an easy fix that happens with the click of the finger. It takes time and frustration on the people that have lost their ID.

There is help to prevent this from happening to you. At lifelock they work to keep your good name from being victimized. You are backed by a 1 million dollar total service guarantee. The fee for this great service is only a mere $10.00 per month.

If you become one of the statistics from the rising crime of ID Theft, Lifelock will go to bat for you and get the mess straightened out for you.

Yahoo postpones annual meeting

24 May, 04:36, by admin

Yahoo Inc. on Thursday postponed a looming showdown for control of its board, giving itself more time to prepare a defense – or negotiate a sale to Microsoft Corp. that would cause activist investor Carl Icahn to call off the mutiny.

The showdown pitting the slumping Internet pioneer’s board against Icahn and other unhappy shareholders was supposed to come to a head at the Sunnyvale-based company’s July 3 annual meeting.

But Yahoo is dragging out the drama by pushing the meeting back to an undetermined date in late July, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is the second time Yahoo has postponed its annual meeting, usually held in May or June. The previous delay, announced in March, gave Yahoo more time to explore alternatives to Microsoft’s unsolicited takeover bid, which was withdrawn this month in a pricing disagreement.

Which Credit Card Do I Need

24 May, 04:15, by admin

So Which card should be right for you. At bad credit credit cards you will be able to make an informed decision as to what card would right for you. Credit cards clubs .com will help you figure out what is in your best interest in todays times. If you are only able to make the minimum payment required then maybe a low interest card is for you. Talk to these good people today and find out what is right for you and your situation.

Tornado activity hit near

24 May, 03:48, by admin

I went through The City of Holly Springs and Woodstock Ga yesterday after being hit by a F1 tornado. there was widespread damage, and luckily no one was hurt or died in it. I went through a trailer park that was destroyed and some of the people were still living in them with the roofs smashed in from tree’s or torn off by the twister. They were afraid to leave their homes for the fear of loosing what they had left to looters.

One guy told me that there were nothing but thieves and crack heads that lived there and he wasn’t leaving until he got every thing he could and clean up his lot. These people lived in older mobile homes and can’t get them insured so they lost everything as far as a home goes. It sounds like that the Insurance industry need a overhauling about its policy on old mobile homes. FEMA is suppose to step in, but we already know what a joke they are.

Is your home secure

24 May, 03:36, by admin

Securing our homes is one of the first things we like to take care of. Having the right hardware for your entry doors is a must. Sure you can buy inexpensive no name junk, but would you really trust it to keep your family from intruders? Nothing beats a Schlage, has been Schlage’s Advertisement for years, and for good reason, it’s the best. With Schlageyou can rest and be assured that your home is secure. Pricing is competitive and quality is second to none. Pricing is competitive and quality is second to none. They have been securing homes for over 85 years and they offer free shipping on orders over $75.00 Thats always a plus, and with out of control gas prices, Nothing Beats a Schlage.

Remodeling Fun

24 May, 03:02, by admin

I have been remodeling a property I bought a couple of weeks ago ,and I have never seen such engineering in all of my life. The previous owner had no clue as how to do repair work on a home, There was a leaky water closet and they took the commode up and placed new plywood over the damaged and put the commode back. I had to go in and tear out what they had done as well as take out rotten joist and part of the outside band to get the bathroom back in the shape it should be in. Its a good thing that I know how to do this stuff, if I didn’t it would cost a fortune to do.

Vacation Time Again

18 May, 13:22, by admin

Gas prices are soaring and flirting with $4.00 per gallon and a lot of people are driving and taking vacations closer to home, we need some relief on our oil dependency. Since the gas is so expensive why wear your car out driving when it very well may cheaper to rent a car. If there was a problem on your trip you sure don’t want a huge repair bill to go along with the gas prices. Thats like pouring salt into a wound, it would hurt. Renting a car is not as expensive as you might think look at these SpecialsAndDiscounts. Get started today and get your car rental to take care of any unforeseen repairs that could occur. Peace of mind on vacation is exactly what you want when you go on a trip and you will have it if you have a car rental.

Water Gardening

18 May, 12:59, by admin

Water Gardening can be quite relaxing, it can also mean a lot of work and up keep. I have found one of the best ways to keep your garden clear is to install a Ultra Violet light filtering system. The light is sealed in a crystal tube and water passes through the fixture that holds the light. A good mechanical system is a must also, Lava rock and course foam type media work well in the filter. I used to have some Koi in my pond but I do well with them and it saddened me greatly to go out and see them on top of the water where I had not removed all the chlorine like I thought I had.

You can grow some beautiful plants in a water garden, and you can have some friendly visitors as well as some predatory ones that like to eat fish. I have some water lily’s that are just great and very pleasing to the eye. Like I said, It’s a lot of work, but the payoff of the beauty is well worth the efforts put forth. Happy Gardening!!!

Slow Computers

14 May, 02:35, by admin

Don’t you hate when your computer slows down so much that it locks up and you have to reboot it too often. The problem is usually not having enough memory. At you can get more memory for your computer at great prices and guaranteed compatibility. When memory does so much for so little you just can’t go wrong with Easy installation of memory is so simple, you don’t have to be an expert to install it, and your computer will get up to speed and you will be a happy computer owner once again.

Obama Sucks

14 May, 02:05, by admin

If the American people are so ignorant not to see through Obama then we have a serious wake up call coming to our country. He is a slick talking muslim that is not for our country, any candidate that won’t place their hand on their hart for the National Anthem, then I say kick his ass to the curb. We may not have any great choices for president of our nation, but this is one that does not deserve to even be a candidate. Wake up people and smell the coffee, are you that stupid that you will elect Barack Hussein Obama. Come on people do you want this nation to be like the middle eastern nations, you may think that I don’t have a clue of what I am talking about but this man does not need to run and ruin our country. Ask yourself what are his accomplishments and what kind of a business has he ever been a integral part of. The answer is NONE. Wake up and get this guy out of contention.

Great looking car

11 May, 12:09, by admin

You know, it don’t have to cost a lot for accessories for your car to make it look like it should when it came from the factory.You can get those good looking Chevy grills at a fraction of the cost if the manufacturer had installed it. Give your car that custom look and turn heads where ever you are and people will be asking ,where did you get that Grill. The folks at will hook you up with the latest fashion grill for your ride. They have other accessories as well, how about that wood grain dash trim that is so elegant and durable. Make your car look like it has thousands of options on it when you know you have such little money in that great looking car.

Old Salt Works Cabins

11 May, 11:34, by admin

The old Salt Works Cabins in Cape San Blas Florida was the best vacation I ever had. There is a lot of civil war history there, It is just about 7 miles out from Port St Joe, and it was the best. It was so quiet and homey there that even my 2 Jack Russell terriers were very much at ease. These kind of places are hard to find, if you don’t know where to look. In the UK you get find these type places as well as a flight to Cyprus if that is your desire.

I would love to go there because there are such places there like this. There are castles and vineyards 9000 years of history of people loving this beautiful place in the Mediterranean. At Dial-a-flight all you have to do is phone the professionals there and tell them what you expect your holiday to be and they will make sure that your holiday is exactly what you wanted. You will be talking with people that have already been there and will make your holiday just as comfy as mine was. Get those bags packed and dial today and travel tomorrow. Hope I see you there.