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Vote for the Next President of the USA

30 April, 23:25, by admin

Go ahead and cast your votes to the 3 presidential candidates that remain in the running. I should really say two, because Hillary Clinton will NOT be the next president. No one wants to see Bill Clinton back in the White House and Hillary has no chance. I’m surprise the Deomocratic Party hasn’t recognized this and for those people that think America is the place where we forgive those that make mistakes, you’re wrong!

Who wins? Barack Obama? John McCain?

I’m not a democrat or republican and I believe I will vote on the best man for the job. I’m still someone that could have their vote changed by the time the November elections get here. I would be happy to go on a blogging campaign and support anyone of these fine fellers if they want to pay for my vote! I can be bought and it doesn’t take much! I would even take money to support Hillary Clinton if her campaign party made the right offer. So if any of you presidential candidates would like a blogger with several blogs to help promote your cause, feel free to send me an email: and just put in the subject “Help for 2008 President” and I will be sure to get you a few votes for the elections in November. If you’re just a concerned American and really think our country needs one of these candidates in offfice, I will help you get your choice elected if you want to make be an offer by email.

I think there is a lot more people in Washington, DC that needs to be removed and just removing George Bush isn’t going to fix nothing. I am on a political campaign now that you don’t re-elect no politicial officials. So don’t vote for anyone that is currently serving a position in politics and if we can change the whole crowd, we can then get a breath of fresh air into the USA.

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30 April, 23:10, by admin

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Old home place

28 April, 03:15, by admin

Last week I had the disappointment of seeing my grandparents home being bulldozed down, the home was built in the early 1900′s and it was a large house or it always seemed that way. But when it was gone it looked like a small piece of land where the old house sat. Although it was a big house they had 3 acres of land and I guess that was my conception of the place as a whole. I grew up in that house and had a lot pleasurable times there as well as some times I wish not to remember. I have made picture of the old place and will have my mom to paint me a still of the place to keep me humble.

My Grandmother was a devoted Christian lady that love Jesus very much to the core, I can remember times when our preacher would come to her home and ask my Grandmother about scriptures in the bible and her interpretation of them, she knew that bible from front to end. Preachers from other churches would come and discuss the bible with her as well. She raised a large family of 7 kids, and she taught them the way of God.

There was nothing more pleasing to her than to see one of her grandchildren find the lord and to live by the bible. She got to see all the grand children get saved and baptized and a lot of the great grandchildren. When she took her last breath she was still a devoted Christian and knew that God had a place for her in heaven. I am sure that she is looking down on me as I post this and smiling, because she knew that I loved her very much as did all her family. Thank you Grandmother for all that you taught me and all the stupid things that I did in my life, you did not judge.

Honey do these make me look fat

28 April, 02:39, by admin

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Bush wins Talladega

28 April, 02:28, by admin

Kyle Busch fell a lap down midway through the race, and after racing his way back into contention, needed an awesome save to keep himself from triggering a massive crash. “Typical Talladega,” he thought.

Only this time, the crash happened behind Busch. Instead of leaving Talladega Superspeedway with a smashed-up car, he drove into Victory Lane. The kid who couldn’t conquer Talladega finally won at the harrowing track Sunday, and in this breakout season for Busch, it was only fitting that he coasted to the victory.

“I’d like to say that I’m smarter than I look, but that’s certainly not the case,” Busch said. “Today was just due to having a great car. Getting a lap down, that was like, `Oh, typical Talladega’ there. But I didn’t wreck today and I was definitely happy of that, and I was greatly appreciative that I was able to win today because it’s certainly been a struggle for several years.

“I don’t think I’ve ever finished one here yet without some sort of damage. We still had damage, but it wasn’t enough to keep us from Victory Lane.”

Busch came back from a lap down, then survived a near wreck with Jamie McMurray for his first win at Talladega. It was won under caution when a 12-car accident brought out the yellow flag on the final lap, freezing the field and allowing Busch to slowly make his way across the finish line – a rare completion considering his history at the track.

In six previous Cup races, Busch failed to finish four times and wrecked out of both events last season. His accident in last spring’s Cup race was so hard, he cracked his head-and-neck restraint while finishing 37th. And his wreck in the fall officially ended his championship hopes.

But this year, he can’t seem to do anything wrong. His victory was his second Sprint Cup win of the year, seventh spanning all three of NASCAR’s top series, and gave him wins four weekends in a row dating to a Nationwide Series victory in Texas earlier this month.

He has victories this season on a road course, an intermediate track, a pseudo-short track and a superspeedway.

It’s made for an incredible start to the season for the sometimes bratty Busch, who was fired from Hendrick Motorsports last year despite his immense talent because the team couldn’t tolerate his often irrational temperament.

So Joe Gibbs Racing snatched him up, and the team couldn’t be more thrilled with its find. Busch, who turns 23 next week, has given the organization assurance it has a strong future even if two-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart opts to leave the team when his contract expires.

Although this hot start has solidified the decision to sign him, team president J.D. Gibbs said the team knew it had a superstar on its hands after watching him pace last October’s test at Atlanta in his very first time working with JGR and crew chief Steve Addington.

“The first time we got a glimpse of it was that test at Atlanta in the fall, we realized we had something very special,” Gibbs said. “You could see it in Steve’s eyes. I just think there’s a lot of things that really fit in the package, and first and foremost, you need to have that guy behind the wheel. And he just has a natural talent.

“We’re blessed to be a part of it, to see it. And the exciting thing is you forget how young he is. So how many years do we have left to grow together is really encouraging.”

This season is so perfect, it didn’t even matter that Busch fell a lap down midway through the race when he missed his pit during a stop and had to circle back to try again on the next lap. But he got the lap back as the “lucky dog” on the next caution, and it put him in position to drive back to the front in his Toyota.

During that charge back to the front, he nearly turned sideways after contact with McMurray. Both drivers had to work to stave off wrecking the field.

“The save, I didn’t know what was happening,” Busch said. “I thought I was going out of the park. Luckily, somehow, we got off each other and kept it straight.”

Then Juan Pablo Montoya hooked up behind him, pushing Busch to the front, where he was able to race for the win.

Montoya finished second to match his career best on an oval since moving to NASCAR midway through 2006. He also was second at Indy last July.

“I didn’t want to finish second,” Montoya said. “It’s hard. I would think I would have tried to make a move coming out of four.”

Denny Hamlin, Busch’s teammate at Joe Gibbs Racing, finished third.

“The whole race was crazy,” Hamlin said. “Everyone got antsy.”

That showed in the waning laps, which were marked by three separate accidents. The first came with 14 laps to go when Stewart, the third Joe Gibbs Racing driver, was stuck in the middle of a huge pack of cars. Bobby Labonte got forced to the bottom of the track by another car, and it set in motion a six-car accident that ended Stewart’s day.

Despite leading a race-high 61 laps, he dropped to 0-for-20 in Talladega Cup races.

“That’s what happens late in these races,” Stewart said as he surveyed his damaged car. “If it was my fault, I’m sorry. But by looking at the video, I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

Labonte wrecked again shortly after the restart for another caution, setting up a final re-start with five laps to go and Michael Waltrip leading.

But Jimmie Johnson moved Waltrip out of the way, briefly giving Johnson the lead before he lost his momentum and a Busch-led train raced past him on the outside. Busch had Jeff Gordon on his bumper, and the ending was shaping up for another last-lap duel: Four of the past six Talladega races ended with a last-lap pass.

Montoya, with a huge push from temporary teammate David Stremme – he was filling in for Dario Franchitti, who broke his ankle in Saturday’s Nationwide Series race – moved past Gordon and onto Busch’s bumper with Hamlin behind him.

Knowing Hamlin was likely to work with Busch if he couldn’t win the race himself, Montoya bided his time as he considered how to make a run on Busch. But it never came into play, as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jamie McMurray made contact, McMurray hit the wall and a ton of other cars piled up around them.

Montoya and Hamlin didn’t fret over what could have been.

Asked what he could have done, Montoya said to ask Hamlin.

“Ask Denny, he was the guy behind me,” he said.

“Yeah, I was going to dictate the winner,” Hamlin joked.

“He’s right,” Montoya replied.

But in all seriousness, Hamlin said he was going to be a player. In his mind, he planned to push Montoya alongside Busch then go three-wide in a race to the finish line. Joe Gibbs Racing, they would have frowned upon me pushing somebody else past Kyle,” Hamlin said. “But I was going to go for it myself.”

All that planning was for naught as Busch continued his white-hot start to his first season with JGR.

Clean, Clean, Clean

28 April, 02:14, by admin

We all want our homes to be clean and smelling good and we go to the local stores and shop for all kind of chemicals to help us take on this dreaded task. But if you want to really clean things, then you should consider steam cleaners, the best way to clean. Germs and bacteria are no contest for steam. When you clean the Natural way your home will be as fresh as a springtime shower, I own a steam cleaner and there’s not a better way to get rid of ground in dirt and grease is no problem to steam away. Go to this site and get you a steam cleaner and throw away those harsh chemicals that you use and enjoy a naturally fresh home.

Pony Express

28 April, 02:01, by admin

I got curious and started to find out about the Pony express and I have had my leg pulled, The pony express did not come thru Georgia. But the story I was told was interesting to me anyway so I decided to pursue it farther. The Pony Express was a short lived operation of only 19 months and 80 riders but it was mainly from Missouri to California. It was a western thing DUH I should have already known that. I will still go to the White farm and enjoy the beauty of it and take in any history I may get.

Outdoor furniture

27 April, 02:21, by admin

Spring time is here and it’s time for entertaining the family members and friends that love to come to your home to enjoy themselves. It becomes necessary to replace your patio furniture from time to time and if your is looking a little tattered or just plain needs replaced then you need to look here for your next purchase. The selection is large and the quality is second to none. L.A.Patio has all the accessories you need for your outdoor gatherings. Get your family and friends together and let’s enjoy the great outdoors, and be comfortable with your new furniture from L.A. Patio. Good times are ahead.


27 April, 02:11, by admin

I guess this is a new word that I just made up. For those who own a Yamaha Rhino then they will know what I am speaking of, you cant wait to get in that Rhino and go places you have never been and enjoy the outdoors the way it’s supposed to be, in comfort and in a Rhino. The Rhino is a side by side 4 wheel drive utility vehicle, these things are like a little tank they will go almost anywhere you want to go, if it will fit in the spot, it will go. It is larger than a 4 wheeler but two people can sit comfortably side by side and not one in front of the other.

I had a young kid tell me that it was a Old Peoples 4 wheeler, I laughed and said thank you, because I have lived long enough to be old. Being with nature is very relaxing and when you can have a good friend or significant other with you it is even better. Everyone will love your Rhino so if you don’t have one, go get you one, you will love it as much as I do and so will the friends.

Life Insurance

27 April, 02:01, by admin

You know when you are young you need a lot of coverage to protect your family in the event of an untimely death, you want your family taken care of. But when you’re older you don’t as much, your children are grown and you want enough not to be a burden on your family for final expenses. Buying insurance can be a confusing task, but if you are informed you don’t have to pay a arm and a leg for the premium.

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The Old White Farm

27 April, 01:45, by admin

Today I visited an old home place called the White Farm, after about a mile journey down an old dirt road I came to the house where I have friends camping out for the weekend. The place is owned by Glen and Anita White, it is his great grandparents old home place. There is a stone in the front of the home on the chimney with the date of 1853 which is 100 years before my birth year. The old house still standing and in pretty good shape for its age and no one living there for quite a long time. I would love to have that place and the money to restore the house. I am told that the pony express used to run right through the front yard and down through the creek to get that mail out on time. It was a large house for it’s time and still a beautiful place. I had a wonderful time there today visiting old friends and just loving the land its self. I will go back again and do a little exploring of the land, who knows what is there to be found.


25 April, 01:44, by admin

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25 April, 01:34, by admin

The T.V. series came back on tonight with a new show for the season. I have kept up with this series somewhat and the question I have to ask is, will Clark Kent ever turn into Superman on this series? I know so much more about Mr. Kent than just a mild manner reporter for the Daily Planet than all the comic books that I read as a kid. His love for Lois Lane will happen and he knows he has special powers, where’s his suit to fly in. I guess it was not meant for him to fly in this adaption of superman, but he was my hero as a young child.


25 April, 01:17, by admin

Its spring time and botanical gardens are bursting with beauty, I love to go to different places and see the great gardens that are available for you to visit. I have visited several in my life. At Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center in Orange Texas is one that I want to see. They have over 300 plant species and wildlife that are native to the area. The fees are very reasonable for all the beauty that you get to be in touch with and the tranquility you get to experience.

I have had the privilege to stroll through some of the Universities nature trails where they have a lot of local growth and flowers that are indigent to their area. I have been to the Vandiver house in Asheville N.C. Georgia Southern University Botanical trail, Callaway Gardens, and a few others and I recommend to go every season to really get to know the regions real beauty.

Drama Queens and Kings

25 April, 01:00, by admin

Don’t you just love it when you see somebody make a award winning production out of things that don’t amount to anything significant. These people are known as Drama Queens and Kings. I heard a King say one time, You know, I went to try and get a job today just to get my parents from feeling that I needed a job and become a responsible person. I went to several places to try and get a job and this one place called me to come in for an interview, the interview went well I got the job and the person who hired me was telling me that I would be making $8.50 an hour to start and that my hours would be from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I said wait just a minuet, I don’t get out of bed until around 10 or 11, I need to come in around noon and leave to go home around 4. The person told me that the job was a 8 hour day job ,with an hour for lunch and 2 thirty min. breaks.

The nerve of somebody thinking that I have time to spend 8 hours doing something like that was ridiculous. Well the guy got hired and fired in a 3 min period and the guy still couldn’t believe they done him that way. Whats our world coming to?

My Social Security Number is

24 April, 21:58, by admin

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Who’s your Neighbor

24 April, 21:46, by admin

Yesterday I was sitting on my front porch when the local deputy’s raided a house next door. I only knew the lady and the children that lived there and there was no one home. The law came in with full full vest and kicked in the door. They left with some boxes and bags of stuff from the house. Later that evening the man living there came in from work and about 20 plain clothes and deputy’s surrounded the house and handcuffed the guy and paraded him down the street in cuffs to where they had parked their cars.

The Rumor is that he had been molesting the little girl that lived there and if it’s true then the guy should get the maximum penalty for such a abusive act. If not then I hope he will be able to get his life back on track and be a contributing member of our society. There is such a fine line on this kind of stuff as to where a persons whole life can be ruined by the coaching of a counselor that had interviewed the little girl. This unfortunate that this kind of injustice happens in today’s times, but it is documented day after day all over the world.

If the man is a molester, the guys in prison will deal him out his maximum punishment which is death. I don’t agree with, but thats the way it is in prison. Inmates hate people who harm children. Unfortunately in our county the law has always seemed to be Guilty until proven Innocent. They still have the good ole boy system in place in our county, but maybe one day we will get with the constitution and let the real due process take it’s course.

Getting older

22 April, 02:51, by admin

Two things are for sure ,thats taxes and death. We are gonna pay the taxes and we are all going to die, but getting old is part of the aging process. We get to where we are not as agile as we were in the younger years, and our vision sometimes gets a little weak where we have to strain our eyes to see better. With low vision aids, life gets simplified somewhat when we can see things better. It can be something as simple as a jumbo caller ID to help us see who’s calling. There are many products to help us see things better and at competitive pricing. The freedom of not having to ask what does that say means a lot when you have the ability to see things better for yourself. A pocket magnifier may be the answer for you, but what ever it takes you can’t beat the folks at First Street to help you get the things you need.

Does Re-hab work

22 April, 02:21, by admin

There are different views on re-hab and the effectiveness of it. I think from the people that I have seen go through the programs that some places are more effective than others. Some centers treat alcoholism and drug addictions in the same manner. This I disagree with as the two are4 not the same. Similar, but different. An Alcoholic can go for a few weeks without a drink and hit the sauce and it will only take a minimal amount to get the drunken effect again. A drug addict will have immediate withdrawals with out the drugs. The drinker will go into DT’S and after a few days he is on the road to sobriety. However the disease still lies just underneath the thought of another drink.

The state sponsored facilities don’t seem to differentiate the two and have different programs for the sick ones. They are all put in the same environment and are taught by UN qualified counselors to treat these patients whose mental health is usually at risk along with their addiction. The psychologist that are used seem to be the under scorers in the classes just trying to get some practice under their belt to go on to a more lucrative career, at the cost of the addict or the alcoholic.

When you let these patients go without the proper care and medication there begins another problem, you are dealing with unstable persons that are diseased and need the top quality care that is available even if through private practice, the help that is very much needed but at what cost. The states don’t put much value into the health of these patients and so the receive sub standard treatment and sent on their merry way to recover for themselves.

I know that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And the next is to have the courage to do something about it. It is hard when you are sick and don’t know how to get better on your own and need help and you turn to the ones who are supposed to help you, only to find that they could care less because they are underpaid by the state to put up with your sickness. I am not an addict or an alcoholic, this is just from the observation that I have made from the past years of seeing and knowing patients with these dreaded diseases.

Does Re-Hab Work??

Europe here I come

21 April, 00:32, by admin

If planning a trip out of our great country, a lot of the U.S. insurance carriers will not cover you for health in other countries. Thats why it’s a smart move to get travel health insurance, so no matter where you are you have coverage in the event of a health problem. A policy that will reimburse you if you get sick and require medical attention while abroad can make the difference of having a vacation or having to return home unexpectedly. Take care of your things before you go out of country so that if a little sickness happens to hit you, you have already prepared yourself for such an event and are covered. The premiums are surprisingly low for the benefit you get, not to mention the peace of mind.