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Viva Las Vegas

31 January, 22:59, by admin

Sin city is calling your name and you can hear the cha ching of the city of lights. What you do here, stays here. You’ve heard all the names of the Desert City, and when you need hotels in Las Vegas, theres one place to start looking, will get you the rate or the package deal you are looking for. Go to their web site and sign up for their newsletter and receive special discounts on their already low prices. Are you the high roller everybody talks about, or are you the silent winner that never shows emotion. Pack your bags and make your reservations and lets go to Vegas Baby!!

Rain, Rain, Rain

31 January, 22:48, by admin

Its raining again here in Georgia and we really do need it bad. We had a little a couple of days ago and now once again it rain. I guess we will work out in the garage while the rain is falling and get that thing organized to look like a garage. I am already for springtime to come and brighten up the days with flowers and bees.

Rain, Rain, Rain

30 January, 03:34, by admin

Well we are getting some badly needed rain in Georgia tonight, particularly in the North Georgia area. W are still in a drought and it may take a few years to correct its self. It’s only about 6 weeks till spring of the year. Thats my favorite season, everything is starting to come to life, the plants show new growth the animals bring in their offsprings and its just a feel good season all around. We need the rain so that the new spring will be a beautiful one.

New Garage

30 January, 03:20, by admin

I have had a garage/ workshop for 10 years now and was never satisfied with it. I allowed it to get all cluttered up and there was no room for anything else and trying to find something was a luck hunt. Today I have a new garage /workshop, well it’s the same one its just that I had a couple of guys to seal it in and put up some insulation and cover the walls with osb wood. Now I can build a fire in my wood heater and it will actually get warm in there now, before ,the heat would just go outside and it was always cold. I have proposed to not be a pack rat anymore and I have two loads of junk to haul off. I will actually be able to put 2 vehicles in it at night if I choose to.The guys done a good job for me and I’d like thank them very much. Thanks Terry and Hollywood you guys done me right. I can’t wait to get my new shop set up and organized.

Sexy Sales

30 January, 02:08, by admin

That headline can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Theres nothing hotter than your significant other getting all dressed up or should I say down in this case for you. The large selection of sexy leather lingerie makes your word spin around, ans she just may get a little naughty. Tell your sweetie about how much you love for her to get all innocent and play bedroom games with you. Lingerie Diva .com has the night wear you are looking for and at competitive pricing not only can you look smart but you will be smart, and Sexy!!

Webmasters Turning To Alert Pay

26 January, 07:35, by admin

The sagas of Pay Pal continue to outrage webmasters of a particular industry. It wasn’t long ago when popular websites like Dad N Daves and 12 Daily Pro was turning out new members by the hundreds daily. At least it seem that way. Dad N Daves did turn on and off their registration process and kept their number down; while 12 Daily Pro was going full steam ahead. 12 Daily Pro was making a lot of people rich on the internet and nothing was going to stop them, right? Well there was one thing that did and it was the guys from Pay Pal. They put a hexing on that part of the industry and I know 12 Daily Pro is still waging their war, as I continue to get emails on their legal case. They go in front of the judge in March out in California.

Now bring in all those Bux websites you see popping up each day. These Bux sites are popping up by the dozens daily and why not; when they usually have a couple of thousand new members in a week or two’s time. They have certainly caught Pay Pal’s attention; while they are having to process probably a million transactions a day just for the Bux sites. Pay Pal might be making a mistake on this one, but the Bux website owners are all rushing to Alert Pay.

Alert Pay is a safe place to flee to. I have been with them almost 2 years now and I have never had a problem with them. They are a trusted online payment processor and just because your going to be seeing a lot of adverstising for them over the next few weeks doesn’t make them the new guys in town. They have been around and apparently they are willing to take up the void that Pay Pal is leaving behind. I don’t think all Bux sites are doomed from Pay Pal, but if your a member of one of them now, you better go ahead and get your Alert Pay account now. The whole PTC or Paid To Click industry is in the target of Pay Pal and many of the Bux webmasters are already adding Alert Pay into their systems. You never know where Pay Pal might set it’s sights on next, so if you only have one online payment processor, now would be a good time to think about E-Gold, MoneyBookers or the most popular one next to Pay Pal and that’s Alert Pay.

Idol Singers in San Diego

26 January, 07:13, by admin

American Idol showcased the singers from San Diego earlier this week. Which most of the people were not from San Diego, but they were hosting the event there in Southern California. I really wasn’t overly impressed with any of them and I doubt our next American Idol will come from the San Diego taping. They were in South Carolina the next night and I didn’t watch that episode, but I’m looking on You Tube now to see if I can find that taping. The previews looked pretty funny from South Carolina and I’m sure Randy, Simon and Paula got some cultural shock from the hillbillies in the South. We just have people in the South like you can’t find any where else in the world. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not?

If you see the girl wearing grey and when they show the judges, you will see a girl sitting beside Simon. I think she was the best and she even messed up a little. It was her sister sitting by Simon and they both have a big crush on him. It’s safe to say that she moved on. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but it’s who you know. The girl in grey might do a lot better when American Idol goes out to Hollywood. She picked an Aretha Franklin song and probably wasn’t the best fit for her.

American Idol Taping In San Diego

Extra Extra

26 January, 03:29, by admin

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Lets make some money

25 January, 21:20, by admin

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Doing it Right

25 January, 20:52, by admin

You’ve heard the old saying, any thing worth doing is worth doing right. Well I have some guys working in my garage today , they are finishing the inside that I did not do when I built it, and I have to admit it, the guy’s are doing a pretty jam up job, sure its going to cost me more than anticipated but I think that it will be worth the satisfaction that will be enjoyed later on. After I throw away a bunch of junk I will be able to put down a epoxy floor coating this spring and the garage will be complete then. I can’t wait!!

How Do I Look

25 January, 20:39, by admin

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Garage Construction

25 January, 18:49, by admin

I have some guys sealing off my garage so I can heat it. I should have done this when I built the garage but money was a factor at that time and I had to do what I had to do. Now that I have the garage sealed off I can make my recording studio and it will stay cleaner and the sound will be richer than before, and all my fans had no complaints about my music. So if I make it big ,you will know that I started as a garage soloist.

Are You Happy

25 January, 18:41, by admin

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Li-PO Helicopters

25 January, 14:43, by admin

Want to fly a Helicopter and keep it the air for a while, then I suggest getting one with a li-po battery it last much longer than the old ni mhi battery. At Tower Hobbies you can get a good heli for under 200 bucks , the axe cp-l micro heli is a heli thats ready to fly out of the box. This thing will fly inverted too ,talk about tricks and loops and probably a few crashes it promises to be very entertaining.

See America

24 January, 03:34, by admin

The right way by taking a tour of the city you are in and doing it right. I always seem to end up on the wrong side of town and it always makes my family a little nerved about being in the wrong part of town. I found out the right way to see the city attractions and stay in the right parts of town by taking a tour. At Trusted Tours and Attractions you can tour the city and find that the host are very knowledgeable about the the city’s history and the culture. I took a trolley tour of Savannah and the customer service that was there for me was incredible. This company goes the extra mile to see to it that you are taken care of. Some city’s have the Segeway scooters to let you tour with, and area attractions will be discounted if you book through them.You can save 20 percent if you book your tour online. and oh yeah< they have a promotion going on if you go online and sign up for their news letter, you could win a handheld GPS system. How Cool is that?
Learn a lot about the city you are in and relax and enjoy yourself and let Trusted Tours & Attractions take you through the city and educate you on its history and enjoy yourself. The sightseeing tours is the only way to go.

Quitting smoking

24 January, 02:34, by admin

Well heres the up date,I have almost quit smoking. I have been taking Chantrix for 3 weeks and I was smoking 2 packs a day and now I have had 3 cigarettes in 2 days. I think I will actually do it this time, I hate those stinking cigarettes and the they are starting to taste like fidos ass. I have been a smoker for over 40 years and I tell you that this is the hardest thing I haver ever tried to do. If I thought I could find a lawyer that would sue the industry and actually persue it instead of selling out to them I would sue the hell out of the tobacco industry and the government too for allowing this crap to be grown and sold in America. POLITICS SUCK

Time is on my side

23 January, 19:19, by admin

That is if you own a pocket watch. There are many fine time pieces out there for your pleasure today and there are some outstanding ones like Audemars Piguet. This is one of the oldest swiss watchmakers that is still family owned. They have been making precise timepieces since the 1800′s and are among the the elite. At you can get these great timepieces that are world renowned. Is time on your side or is a luxurious piece that is on your wrist

Have you lost your bloggin mind

23 January, 19:10, by admin

Sometimes you run in to a stall period when you just don’t think you have any worthy topics to write about, it’s like you have run into a wall and there you are. Writers block or whatever you want to call it seems to take a hold on your mind and all thoughts that you thought were rational become stale and un exciting, then you fall into the slump where you just can’t bring yourself to do it one more time. If this has happened to you then You have lost your bloggin Mind! LOL

Fore, Its a hole in one

23 January, 19:03, by admin

Everybody wants to get that hole in one, and some people do get it. But if you want to improve your chances then you need good equipment to play with,like Nike golf clubs.Take the Sumo 5900 and get that baby to fit and your chances of the legendary hole in one are greater. Maybe that’s not completely true, but you will sure feel better about your game when you step up to drive with a quality driver like the Sumo 5900. Get your driver today and see if you gain yardage on your drive.

Giants or Patriots?

23 January, 05:48, by admin

The Super Bowl isn’t far away and the two teams remaining are the New England Patriots and New York Giants. I’m sure a lot of people will be rooting for the under dog and that will clearly be the New York Giants. You don’t often think of a team from New York being an under dog, but they are playing a team that has not been beat all year long. The Patriots have matched the 1972 Dolphins and have that perfect record intact. The one big exception right now, is that the 72 Dolphins went on to win the Super Bowl and finished as the top team that year in the NFL. The New England Patriots are one game away from joining them as the only two teams to have the perfect season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also a team that is perfect in the NFL. They are perfect for a different reason and maybe all the wrong reasons. I’m sure the folks in Central Florida are not happy that their Bucs was the last team in the NFL to lose every single game. The funny thing about that, is the Miami Dolphins almost done it this year. It would have been ironic to see the last team to go unbeaten for an entire season to lose every game in the same year someone matches them in their perfect season. That’s a lot to digest, but the Dolphin Fans can relax because they did notch a talley in the win column.

So now with one game to go the New England Patriots are trying to accomplish something that has only been done once and that was 35 years ago. Its to win every single game and the Super Bowl too! I know they will have a lot of people in South Florida rooting against them on Super Bowl Sunday and the fans all across the world that just always pull for the underdog. I like knowing that only one team has been perfect and its ok with me to see Eli Manning and the New York Giants win this Super Bowl and have brothers that win back to back Super Bowls! So who ever wins the big game, there is going to be one stat that will really stick out. Perfect season? Or brothers winning back to back Super Bowls? Because Peyton Mannning did lead the Colts to victory in last year’s Super Bowl and now is the time for little brother Eli to have the spotlight on him.

By any chance does anybody have any scoops on the Super Bowl Commercials? I know the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday are as fun to watch as the actual game. Please be sure to share any of the commercials you might have heard about for the Super Bowl this year.