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Life is good

18 December, 16:13, by admin

Today I visited a Organic store in Jasper Ga, and to my amazement an old friend was there and she is the owner of the store. I have known this great lady for about 15 years and we had not seen each other in about 2 years.So if anyone happens to be in Jasper Ga, go to cove rd and stop by the health food store Life is Good. It is the oldest building in Pickens county it used to be an old Indian trading post. See my old friend Denise and tell her that you heard about the historic store she operates and you need the right stuff to get in the healthy way of life, because Life Is Good!

Custom Tee Shirts and More

18 December, 01:32, by admin

Trying to find a place that prints custom garments is a real undertaking, you can go all around town trying to find one that will do what you want. Now it’s as easy as sitting at home and clicking. At they have the resources and the equipment to print your shirts. You need some tee shirts for that college gathering, get your custom sorority t-shirts the way you want them, the right way. The design studio at is simple to use, you can even upload your own pictures of what ever you want and it’s done with just a click. How easy is that. So don’t waste time driving around town just to be disappointed, when all you need is at your fingertips. is an award winning site and they are there with customer service that is second to none

Plumbing 101

18 December, 00:14, by admin

I was a plumber for about 13 years and was pretty good at it and made a lot of money doing it. I sold my company in 1986 about a year before the bottom fell out of the housing industry. I have built my son an apartment on my property and have done all the work myself. Well today I was connecting all the plumbing fixtures up and realized that there are many tricks of the trade I had forgotten. It took me 5 times longer to do this than it did in the past. Many memories came back to me today and the reality that I am not the young one I used to be.

I pod battery last 10 years

15 December, 23:42, by admin

You heard it right there are i pod batteries that you can get that are guaranteed to last you for ten full years from date of purchase. That’s incredible, our technology has come so far so fast that we can power new ipod batteries for 10 years. Sure they are rechargeable but they hold up for that long and give satisfactory performance. We will probably see 20 year batteries in another 10 years or less. So if you want to rock for the next 10 years without any battery worries then you need to check out

Yamaha Rhino Cover

15 December, 23:31, by admin

I just bought a cab enclosure for my Rhino and am proud to say that I was impressed with the material and craftsman ship of the enclosure. I searches a lot of places and they seemed to range from $350.00 to $1000. and I thought this was a little ridiculous for what it is. I went to e bay to see what was to be offered and I found the same closure that some were selling for the before mentioned prices at a mere $200.00 so I bought one and when it arrived I was satisfied. I would like to thank Brian Douglas at Kanyon ATV in Panguitch Utah for selling a quality product and at a reasonable price. I will do business with this company in the future.

Yee Haw Christmas

15 December, 23:15, by admin

If you like the cowboy way and a Yee Haw Christmas, then why not go all out and decorate your tree with cowboy ornaments and show your true western spirit. The way of the west, the trail boss, the trail blazer or the cowpoke. It doesn’t matter what spirit of the old west you prefer, you can say it with your tree. Show your pride in the forefathers of our country who are historic in the molding the country we are all so proud of. Get ready for the festivities and gather round the chuck wagon, and relive the the days of yesteryear, and tell the stories of our heritage.

Lose those Holiday Pounds

15 December, 21:43, by admin

We all get a little tight around the waistline over the holiday’s. We get the opportunity to be with family and friends in a way that we wait all year to do and we seat ourselves at the table for a good meal and over indulge a little. One way to help get back into shape is by using hydroxycut , it will help you get that metabolism working in your favor. So go ahead and enjoy the holidays and eat the good foods that have been prepared, then start your program with Hydroxycut and take off those pounds that you really enjoyed putting on. Take the diet pill thats been proven effective,research it for yourself and you will be glad you did.

It’s Raining in Georgia

15 December, 21:32, by admin

Whoe is me, I walked outside this afternoon and there was a strange thing going on, there was water falling from the sky after contemplation’s, this must be what is known as Rain. It’s in the history books and the bible I know because I recall reading about this Phenomenon. Okay maybe I dramatized it a bit, but we have been so desperate for rain here in Georgia that its a serious situation. We are right at the driest year ever recorded that was back in 1954, and if things don’t get better the new record will be 2007. I am not one to question what plan God has for this dry spell but we don’t need another 40 days and 40 nights of rain either. Only he has the answer so I will take it in stride and not doubt his decisions.

Microsoft Office 2007

15 December, 20:27, by admin

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Where’s the Plane

15 December, 20:11, by admin

Has any one noticed that on 9-11 the plane that hit the pentagon just completely disappeared, there was no parts of any plane that was left , no engines , no wheels or anything that was relative to an airplane of any type. Can you say Government cover up. If you don’t believe what I am saying ,check out any video of 9-11 and the plane that hit the pentagon and you make your own decision. I can’t believe the American people are so gullible to believe anything the government says.Look at the size of the hole in the pentagon and the size plane that was supposed to have hit it. It does not add up. How were the names of all those terrorist revealed so quickly after the crashes, do your home work and thank good ole Bush for our country’s demise.

Are you ready to Tour

12 December, 03:44, by admin

I’m not a super star of rock and roll asking you to go on tour with me, I am just an ordinary person that loves to go places I have never been and take in the local culture. I always end up in the wrong parts of town, and that can be a little unnerving. 

To me Cajun means Lets eat. The next time you’re on a vacation, relax and enjoy the culture and let Trusted Tours and Attractions take care of your fears.

King Diamond

12 December, 03:13, by admin

I got the new King Diamond album a couple of months ago. It is sweet, though not as sweet as the older material. I think that he’s fallen in love with Livia Zita. She has been on two albums now, “The Puppet Master” and “Give me your soul…please”, which is the new album. For some reason, he doesn’t have the same intensity as he used to. I have a copy of him with a band called “Probot”, and I think that the vocals on the song “Sweet Dreams” were among the best that he has ever done. That song contains almost everything that a King Diamond fan loves him for. It is chock full of the highs and lows that give him that signature sound. Even in the days of “Mercyful Fate” King’s voice has proven to be among the most powerful in the business, rivaled only by the likes of Ronnie James Dio and Mike Howe of “Metal Church”and “Heretic”. The last album though, did not have the same insanely dark characteristics. The story of the album too, is lacking. A lot of the plot points don’t make a lot of sense. Since the first solo album, King has been making “concept” albums. All the songs tell a complete story all the way through. “The Graveyard” is among the very best. The story there is good enough for a summer horror blockbuster. I hope that King gets his groove back for the next project. I would hate to see him go the way of “Metallica”. That would be a true shame.

Say it with Flowers

11 December, 00:43, by admin

Sending flowers to your lady is a tradition that goes back for longer than I remember. Most people think that sending flowers is expensive and it can be if you don’t know where to get the flowers at. Sending flowers with wholesale flowers at the flower exchange is easy and inexpensive. Make your lady the envy of the neighborhood with flowers delivered to her door, or she can be the talk of the office when you send them to her workplace. Regardless of where you send them she will surely be glowing and smiling and letting everyone know that her man cares for her deeply.

Get your money

11 December, 00:19, by admin

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Mind Control or Not

10 December, 23:17, by admin

Have you ever heard the phrase “you hear it once, you hear it a thousand times”? I think that I’m going to start logging these occurances. It happens to me so often I’m almost forced to believe that something is going on here. Could it be that human beings share more of a “hive-mind” than we think? I mean, what does it mean when Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to love” comes up three times in one day, from different people? Is there a pattern that everyone’s overlooking? If so, where does it lead? What does it mean? Are aliens trying to tell us something, but we’re only picking up bits and pieces? I think that would be a great movie plot. There would be so many people wearing those tin-foil hats, or trying to tune in their radios to outer-space frequencies. Maybe I should write it up. Eventually the code is broken and the secrets of the universe are revealed. Of course, once Hollywood got a hold of it, it would probably be unrecognizable. Anyway, it seemed strange to me that it happens so much. Just thought I’d share.


10 December, 15:17, by admin

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Dark Towers Comic Books

10 December, 14:59, by admin

The final issue is finally out. Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger Born” from Marvel comics wrapped up it’s seventh issue which concludes the “Dark Tower” comic series. The comic is adapted from the seven novels by the best-selling author. I have read all seven more than once and the comics stay true to the books. Peter David does a great job in telling the story and has captured “the low speech” quite well. In the first issue it showed a few notes from Stephen King on how best to capture this alternate way of speech. The illustrations by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove are beautiful. It’s good to finally see the face of some of my favorite characters. Roland of Gilead definitely looks different than I imagined him. In the books he is described as looking a bit like Clint Eastwood, but that is when he is an older man. The comics tell the story of his younger trials where he becomes a gunslinger, which is kind of like a knight in a world that has “moved on”. There are also side stories that weren’t in the books that are very interesting. One is the origins of “Charyou tree”, which tells of the burning sacrifices of townspeople in order to bring in a good harvest. Another is a tale of “Maerlin’s Mirror”, which is about an ancient mirror that gets broken and the shards fly throughout the worlds, bringing magic to those who come in contact with them. The comic is set in the time that is most touched upon in “Wizard and Glass”, the fourth in the “Dark Tower” novels. I must say that as soon as I finished the last issue, there was a satisfied smile on my face, not only because the story was great, but also because on the last page it tells of a new five part series, also from the “Dark Tower”, called “The Long Road Home”, that comes out in February 2008. I can’t wait.

Donate a Car

10 December, 03:06, by admin

Did you know that you can make a car donation and get a tax deduction for it, and the money from the car goes to make videos for teens with problems. It’s a win,win, situation for you and the teens who need your support. You can donate a motorcycle, a RV, A Camper, A boat, and when you do this you will receive a vacation for 2. You may need to talk to your tax adviser for the impact this type of donation will have on your overall tax status. The teen’s are the ones that need these well versed videos to help them to understand their role in life.

Holiday Baskets and more

10 December, 02:40, by admin

You have Gifts to buy for the holidays, or almost any occasion, you need to see the delightful deliveries people for all your basket needs. Look at what the press is saying about Delightful Deliveries,

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Laying Tile

09 December, 00:44, by admin

I am remodeling a bathroom and we took the old tub out and were putting in a walk in shower,first I had a poured marble shower pan made, and now I am getting ready to put tile in the shower. As I am getting older and not as flexible as I were in my younger days, the walk in was the ticket. I have a nephew that is going to lay the tile since I didn’t go to the free Home depot class to learn how to do it myself. I checked our local Tile outlet, and their prices really surprised me. I found tile that was 42 cents a square foot, and they had the same tile at Home Depot for 1.09 a square foot. Monday is the day ,and after that I can Walk in the new shower.