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Methane Gas in your Home

28 December, 18:18, by admin

Did you know that you could possibly be breathing methane gas in your own home? It can be as simple as a siphoned p trap under a sink that emits methane gas from your septic system. Most people don’t think about methane gas exposure, but it is real and it happens everyday. How would you like to have a methane gas detection device so you can be sure to keep your family from breathing the gas. At methane gas detectors you can own one and at a reasonable price for the peace of mind that comes with it knowing your family is safe from methane gas.


28 December, 18:08, by admin

It’s raining in Georgia again, and I am so happy. we have been drought stricken this year and at the end of this year it will be the driest year in history since records have been kept. Before this year , it was 1954 that was recorded as the driest year in Georgia. We will probably get about 1/2 inch of rain today, I am just happy to get what we can get. Yipee We Got Rain!!

Web Design for You

27 December, 21:50, by admin

Are you thinking about putting your business on the web? In todays world if you don’t have a web site you are behind times. The benefits of having a web page is that you get people driven to your site and that in turn means that more people get to see what you have to offer, which means more sales the you and your company will have. Most people don’t know where to turn and get a web site and simply give up, but here you get a Web Page Design tailored for your particular needs. Once you have your own Web Design you can drive traffic to your site where it can be seen by thousands of people daily. If you are new in business then why not get e jump start on that business with your own Web site. The cost are minimal for the publicity that you can possibly have visiting your site and buying your products daily. Network solutions are there to help you get your business up and online in as little as 2 weeks. Then you get to see the profits soar to new heights.


27 December, 21:25, by admin

Fact or fiction, if you do your research, you will find out that that this has been taking place for a long time. Do you think that some nations believe in the concept of breeding a perfect population to rule the world. A world without sickness, a world that is far superior to any race now in existence. Do your won research and see what decision you come up with. Fact or Fiction!

I Object

27 December, 21:16, by admin

With accidents happening today at record rates statistics say that you will have a little fender bender in your lifetime, and when it happens to you, you will need lawyers with experience in personal injury to take care of you. The insurance company’s job is to pay you little to nothing when you get injured in an accident, your job is to get well and be fairly compensated for your injury, the Lawyers job is to make sure the insurance company pays everything that you are entitled to, including but not limited to, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. The insurance industry is the richest industry in the world, so if you are in an accident make them pay what the law allows.

Caribbean Breezes

26 December, 01:14, by admin

The Caribbean Breezes that are so wonderful to be in are waiting for you to come and enjoy. Take caribbean cruises this time of year and you save a lot of money, and the weather is still beautiful this time of year. Do a little Island skipping and take in the local fare that everyone loves. Eastern cruises for those that want more time at sea, western cruises for those that want balanced time at port and sea, and great scuba diving, southern cruises for those that want more time in the ports. Which ever one you choose you will not find a better price than at Make your reservation today and lets go sail away.

Wonderful Christmas

26 December, 01:01, by admin

We had a wonderful Christmas this year,we had great food, good fellowship and family love. This is the time of year that we overlook one’s faults even though we won’t acknowledge our own. It’s too easy to criticize ones habits and never think that we have habits that may bother other family members. Everyone was delightful and merry, and we all got into the true meaning of Christmas, the day of celebration for the birth of Jesus. He is our keeper and he is our son of Christ whom built this world for us to make into a better place. So far we have failed.

Pack Your Bags

24 December, 04:40, by admin

Wait, don’t put your clothing in those old scuffed and tattered pieces of luggage. It’s time to replace that old worn and tired pieces with new ones. You can get your new luggage at very good prices and the name brand you want. Free shipping is the order of the day when you spend over $50.00 for the purpose of new luggage. Free shipping and great prices for your new luggage is already a plus for you to get the set that you have been wanting for so long, and you are only a couple of clicks away from having that set you want. Don’t waste gas driving to the mall and paying ridiculous prices for the quality luggage you want. Get ready vacation here we come.

Giving is Cool

24 December, 04:30, by admin

This year I had the pleasure of helping a lady out with a family to insure them of a worthy Christmas. I contacted people at The Salvation Army and got the ball rolling. The Salvation Army is truly one of the most caring and giving organizations I know of. So please give generously to them so the can continue to be the great organization that they are. We provided clothing and toys for a family of four that are in need of a break in life. The kids were ages 2-18 and everyone of them will have a wonderful holiday. I did wind up buying a little stuff and thats alright with me If it had took 500 dollars that would have been fine too. But the true hero’s in the story is the children, because they will know that somebody out there cares. I cant wait till next year.

American Gangster

24 December, 04:02, by admin

The movie American Gangster with Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington is a fair movie at it’s best, the plot for the movie is that Denzel is the Drug lord and Crowe is the cop. The dope connection is in Bangkok and he is shipping the purest form of Heroine in and selling it pure and at a reduced price. It’s killing people left and right and Crowe is out to put a stop to Washington but hes after the wrong guy. He’s suspect of the Italian Mafia but they are not the ones he’s after. There had never been a Negro with so much power in the Bronx as Washington had. He was using the military to transport his drugs for him and in a way you would’nt imagine. It’ s a ok to see but not a must see.

Emergency Heat

21 December, 18:44, by admin

This is a subject that I have first hand knowledge of, space heating for your home is something most homeowners overlook. I didn’t overlook it because I know when the power goes out for days at a time from a snow or ice storm your home can get quite cold and un comfortable. If you have gas space heaters you can stay the duration of the storm and the power outages. I have 3 gas space heaters and they are 99.9% efficient. The fact of the matter is I use my space heaters now as my primary source of heat. They are cost effective and I rarely use my old 80% efficient furnace. The design of todays heaters are one that can fit any decor and mounted on the wall or free standing they look great. Don’t forget the 99.9% efficiency. High gas prices drive the market to save where they can and if you buy these great heaters it’s like putting money back into your pocket.

Christmas Dinner

21 December, 18:32, by admin

I love the Christmas dinner we have when all the family gets together and has some good ole fellowship and good eating. Everybody is always happy and smiling and living in the spirit of the holidays. I know that a lot of people don’t care for the holidays much because they say it brings too much sadness, how can you be sad at a time like this, I guess I just don’t understand it. I know people lose loved ones and would like for them to be there for Christmas, but I think those loved ones they lost would want them to get together and be a happy family. Merry Christmas every one!!!

Hit the slopes

21 December, 18:21, by admin

The guy’s dream of a Golf vacation where they can play on some of the best courses in the world, and they can have that dream vacation if they knew where to go to make it happen for them. It’s right here, the only place to go to get that dream come true. At specializes in those golf Dreams. Skiing is also a big dream and with a Courchevel chalet you can ski some of the best slopes in the world. There are many places where the rich and famous like to ski, and this is one of them. You will be surprised at how reasonable the rates are. The Big Dream of the slopes you want to go to in Europe are just a click away. Just think a Ski Vacation the way you want it can be easily obtained and you’re in the right place to make it happen for you, click and pack is all there is to it.

Old Saint Nick

21 December, 18:01, by admin

I sure hope he stops by my house this year, I know I have been a good boy. This year I am helping out a family up in Ellijay Ga. to have a good Christmas. They have lost their dad as he was murdered, and the family lives with their grandmother. The kids are 18.13,10,2 The grandmother has lung cancer and has just got out of the hospital and not able to take care of the kids Christmas this year and when I found out about this I stepped up to the plate and am helping this family out. These kids are going to have the Christmas they wanted.

New Lighting makes everything look new

21 December, 03:03, by admin

The lighting in your home is a valued asset when it is lit properly. A poorly lit home looks gloomy and tired, on the other hand a well lit home looks alive and vibrant. There are places you may need accent lighting to bring out the family portrait done in oil. Curb appeal with good exterior lighting gives the appearance of your home and class. A well lit outside will deter those who are a little on the dishonest side away. Brighten up your home and your life with lighting from the

Is that a Watch in your Pocket?

21 December, 01:49, by admin

Remember the old day’s when the gentlemen would wear a pocket watch and they would always have the time if you asked. Today’s blue jeans still have the watch pocket for you to carry a watch in. Today’s pocket watch is stylish and functional. There are many styles to choose from and the quality in today’s Jewelery is that of the old days. You can still get the old timey ones that still has the old technology, or you can go with the ones of today with Quartz movement. Step into the past and get your Pocket Watch and look the role of a world traveler.

Cleaning the range top

21 December, 01:37, by admin

Don’t you hate it when you’re cooking and something boils over on the range top and the heat from the range just bakes the mess into the porcelain top. Then you have to scrub and scrub to try and get it off. I have found that if you use Bar-Keepers Friend cleaner thats a lot like Ajax but it wont scratch your range top. If you have a Stainless steel top you are still good because Bar-Keepers Friend will clean and polish your Stainless appliances to a like new Luster. I have been using Bar Keepers for years and have always had good results with the product.

The R factor

20 December, 22:57, by admin

The R factor when getting a reservation for a hotel means the Rest Factor. If you are going to take a trip for the holidays, then you need to get your Hotel Reservations taken care of the professional way. Book Online OR CALL 1-800-447-4136 and get the absolute best price obtainable.

Hotel Reservations can get the rate you deserve to have, which makes your stay more Restful. Click in or call and see the huge saving that’s available for you.

Surgery Again

20 December, 22:45, by admin

Today my daughter had surgery on her right foot for the second time. It turned out to be inflammation and exposed ligaments that didn’t heal right from the first surgery. The Dr.said he got it all out and that the recovery should be close to 100%, he showed pictures of the surgery and it was very interesting, technology has advanced so much that if you are a game player like on the x box and ps3, if you can control your controller then you can almost perform surgery as they use the least invasive procedure that they can.(joystick) seems the wave of the future.

Here Kitty, Kitty

19 December, 00:26, by admin

The joy of owning a pet can be so entertaining, they love you and depend on you for their well being and safety. Cats are a pet that lets you live with them, and they can be so cuddly and loving. The affection between a cat and their human companion is one of compromise. You provide a cat bed and they will sleep in it. Pamper your pet with the finest available furniture from at competitive pricing and the love in return is Ten fold back to you. Take care of your Feline friend and you both will be purring at the great relationship you have developed.