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I see

30 November, 18:01, by admin

If you are in to optics then you got to see this site. We are all really into optics and just haven’t given it much thought. How about a new scope for your favorite rifle, or a telescope for those young star gazers. Optics Planet has over 200 name brand company’s to select from.It’s time for a new pair of Ray Ban or D&G sunglasses, with the latest styles on hand. Improve on your golf game with a spotting scope, and know how far you can drive that ball with that #3 iron. Prescription optics are available for your needs.Micro-scopes, binoculars, optics are everywhere, but there is only one place to get them, Optic Planet. They are the leading online Optics seller. give them a click and things will start to look better when you do.

PC Grand Theft Auto

29 November, 14:22, by admin

I got the Vice City version of the Grand Theft Auto video games. This thing is so fun. You can do virtually anything, it’s so sweet. Your character’s name is Tommy Vercetti, voiced by actor Ray Liotta. His mission is to take over the Miami-like Vice City. The setting is in the 80’s, and they do a good job at perpetuating that image. When you drive around there is a ton of 80’s music to listen to. The missions are really fun and if you don’t feel like doing any of them, you can just wreak havoc around town, or create your own missions.

I got a lot of cheat codes from, and now I can do almost anything. I can change the weather, create low gravity, make cars and even tanks appear out of thin air. I can start a city-wide riot, or make the girls chase me. I can make all the cars explode, or turn them all pink or black. There is so much variety that each gaming session is unique. There are helicopters and even a single engine plane that you can fly. There are also three different kinds of sweet motorcycles. You have a ton of different guns for shooting the bad and good guys alike. It is so easy to spend hours playing and not even realize how much time has passed. Anybody who likes video games would really love this one.

Bose is IT

28 November, 19:47, by admin

Todays entertainment systems are awesome, you can spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a system. Lets talk about the best and forget the rest. If you want the best on the market and the best sounding system the you have but only 1 choice, Bose home theater, at Front Row Electronics they carry all the quality Bose products you desire. Bose means quality and represents the Best sound system out there today. They take a small compact package of sound and make it come out to you as if you were sitting in front of the action itself. All seats are front row with Bose.

Lottery winnings

28 November, 19:38, by admin

I have finally figured it out that with the odds of winning the lottery, I can never buy enough tickets in my lifetime to win. The odds are so astronomical that its not even feasible for me to play. Luck is all you can say for the lottery, if you play enough you will get lucky from time to time,and never hit the jackpot. Luck is a strange thing, I know people who have had good luck all their lives and I know people like me who couldn’t buy luck if it were sold. I guess I will never win the Lottery but if I don’t play I will never get Lucky!

Utility Carts

28 November, 19:30, by admin

Do you need a new utility cart to store your valuables on, or maybe a shelve for the bedroom. You may want a TV cart with cabinet for the basement. Whatever your needs are for utility cart you can get them at DR Instruments, and they are competitively priced. At Dr Instruments they carry board room carts, A/V carts,Metal and composite tuff carts. Think of all the possibilities and room you can save with your new equipment from DR Instruments.

Poll for your web site

28 November, 19:06, by admin

Here’s you an easy poll for your website, it may have something to do with online slot machines. Lots of people play top online slots and keep coming back to those sites to try and win some money. I guess they link to your site and keep up with the traffic that is generated from your site. If you want to play, why not play the best ones that are online. Who knows you may get a lot of hits to your site.Good Luck.

The leaves are falling

28 November, 18:59, by admin

It’s that time of year when the leaves on the trees start to fall and the job of us humans is to clean them up around the house every weekend for about a month or more. Some people rake their yard and put the leaves in bags to be carried off by the sanitation dept. Some people rake their yard and pile them up and burn them, then there’s people who have grass catchers on their mower and mulch them up in the catcher and pile them in the woods and make mulch out of them. I do the latter and make mulch and in a couple of years it turns to plant gold. Put this stuff on your plants and they grow like crazy. I guess you could call it re-cycling!

Don’t destroy that box or it’s contents

28 November, 01:28, by admin

Have you ever received a package and you try to open it with out box cutters and you wind up tearing the box apart and even damage the contents, or you were sent the wrong thing and you want to send it back, but the box is destroyed because you didn’t have the right cutter. At Martor USA, we offer the largest range of safety knives, safety cutters and box cutters anywhere, many with unique, patented safety features. Some are spring loaded and when the cutter comes out of contact with the box, a hood covers the blade so you don’t cut of nick yourself or someone else. If you are a retailer and you need safety knives, then Martor USA. com is the place to find the type’s you need for your business.

The series Burn Notice

28 November, 01:05, by admin

I’ve been watching “Burn Notice” and I love it. I started watching and I’m already addicted. The main character is Michael Westen, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is a spy who gets burned, meaning fired, by his employers the U.S. government. He gets dumped in Miami where his mother, best friend, and girlfriend live. Sam, played by Bruce Campbell of “Evil Dead” fame, is the alcoholic, ex-spy best friend who still has connections in the espionage underworld. He drinks like a fish, but still gets the job done. Michael is trying to find out who burned him, and I think that Sam is going to play a big part in helping him get the information that he needs. Michael’s girlfriend Fiona, played by Gabrielle Anwar, is an ex-IRA soldier who loves to break out the guns as much as possible. She is constantly kicking somebody’s butt, often it is Michael’s. Sharon Gless of “Cagney and Lacey” plays Michael’s mother, who is always getting into his business and love life. Michael is pretty much broke since getting burned left him with no bank account, or job references. Now he has to do freelance jobs using his spy background. Each episode he shows how to manipulate people, tricks of the trade, and he gets a little closer to finding out who burned him. This is one show that I’m going to have to see through to the very end.

Purge your system

28 November, 00:41, by admin

From time to time we need to purge our digestive system and get our body’s cleansed thoroughly so we feel good on a continuous basis. having a good colon cleanse will make you feel better and the benefits of staying healthy are well worth the time it takes to do a cleansing. Toxins in the body can lead to a lot of health problems, removing the stored waste and toxins will lead you to feeling better having more vitality, stamina increases and you just get all the benefits of being more healthy all around. What is your health worth to you, I know you would be willing to spend thousands for better health, but you don’t have to spend a lot to feel better. Try C0-Cleanse for a very fair price and get on the road to being toxin free, and healthier.

Drop Shipping

28 November, 00:12, by admin

In our effort to begin selling online, we have incorporated the use of Drop shippers. Here is how this works: You place the items from the vendor in your online store or auction. Once you receive an order, you simply log in to their site, and place the order and they ship the items out to your customers. This is great in that you have no inventory costs, and if you locate the right drop shippers, they will have access to 1000’s of products to sell. The two we use are very professional and offer a great customer return policy. The other nice things is that are free to sign up for a wholesale account, and offer data feeds. This is useful in that you can download their entire product catalog, and then upload them to your favorite online auction site with pictures and descriptions.

Sluggish Computers

27 November, 23:59, by admin

Is your computer feeling a little tired and its sluggish and slow, not doing so good? one of the best pick me ups for your computer is memory. Its a relatively inexpensive way for you to get that old PC or notebook to felling good again. Your IBM doesn’t have Alzheimer’s and can’t remember what it’s next task is, it needs some more IBM memory so it can remember to load up the next page. It sounds like your computer may have symptoms of a human but it don’t, it just needs more memory to tweak it up a little. This is one way to better computing.

Pay Day Loans for You

27 November, 23:29, by admin

Sometime in our lives we need a little extra money to help make ends meet on our obligations, and sometimes we have an emergency that comes up and we need extra money to take care of it. If you are in need of a quick payday loans then you are just a click away from getting started. If you make $800.00 a month and have a checking or saving account, you can apply online and get your approval quickly. Whatever you need the money for, Payday Loan Rescue is there and waiting for you to apply. Applicants must be age 18 years or older, no credit required for payday loans. The process is a simple one and without all that paperwork and process that go with other type of loans.

Plumbing Repair

27 November, 23:01, by admin

Today I got the privilege of replacing a old faucet in the bathroom at the vanity. Twenty years ago I done plumbing for 15 years prior to that. You’ve heard the old saying; if you don’t use it you lose it. Well that apparently holds to be true, I couldn’t get the old faucet off with out a lot of complication. I had my old basin wrench that is still in good shape and it worked fine, but I couldn’t get my old body to twist and turn the way I needed it to in order for me to get it done.

After about 4 hours of replacing a faucet that should have only taken about an hour tops, I have found myself exhausted and hurting from trying to do the twist I needed to do to get it done. So after today I must admit that I am not the man I used to be, or should I say, I am not the plumber I used to be!

Love your Dog

27 November, 17:45, by admin

Our pets are like family to most of us animal lovers and we don’t want anything to be wrong with them, and be healthy. To keep your animal in top condition you need to get your pet supplies at Jeffers Pet. All your pets need are just a click away. Keep those fleas off Fido with a application of flea treatment year round, not just in the summer months. Get your training treats at competitive prices and give the good people at a chance to earn your business. This will keep Fido happy. If Fido is not happy, then nobody’s happy.

Metal Detectors

26 November, 16:35, by admin

I need input on metal detectors what brand is a good one , how good do they really work. I am going to try to find some treasure and strike it rich HA HA. I am going to try to see what I can find on the Lake Allatoona since its down about 20 feet. I am sure I will find a lot of sinkers and hooks and cans, ie Junk, but you never know I might find something worthwhile. Please give feedback, Thanks

Money getting low

25 November, 02:39, by admin

I know when I open my wallet and there’s not much to look at and I have obligations to take care of and not enough to do it, I may have to go and get a loan. I would go and get a Unsecured Loan. If I wanted to do some home improvements, I would get a Homeowners Loan. You get the ideal, if I want a car loan then I get a Car loan. Whatever kind of loan you may need you want to take a look at Nations Finance CO. UK. Take a look at their competitive interest rates and get in touch with these good people and see if they can work out a loan that is right for you and your situation. Get some money back in your pocket. If you live in UK the get UK loans for your needs.

Immigration Laws are a Joke

25 November, 02:27, by admin

Our great country was founded on laws which must be enforced, but in todays times the laws that are on the books are just writing on paper that have no meaning to our elected officials. Immigration is out of control and all the illegals know that they can get away with almost anything. Our president is a oil barron getting filthy rich while he is in office, he believes the illegal immigrants should not be bothered that they are doing jobs no body else wants. Thats a bunch of crap, those jobs were filled before the rampant illegals came in and undercut the pay scale. The company’s are hiring them at lower wages and making the companies more profit, then they get together and move 10 in a single family residence and rent for them is minimal monies and then they send most of their pay back to their native land for their families, taking the money out of the US economy.

The politicians need to be replaced and the companies that hire illegal immigrants should have their business license pulled and shut down. Talk about spitting in the face of the great founders of our country, I am sure this is not the way it was meant to be in the eyes of our founders. As for the ones that are here Legally, My hat is off to you and welcome to the United States Of America!

Your Favorite Picture on What?

25 November, 02:04, by admin

On a PILLOW, thats right, you can get photos on pillows and pillow cases, and shower curtains, and lots of other items and you can get custom printing on those as well. How about a Photo Blanket of your kids touchdown to go on his bed. The little ballerina that took everyone by surprise with her awesome performance that you got a great shot of, put it on her bed and make her proud of her accomplishments. Whatever the occasion you can display it with Foto Bed products designed just for you. Get you orders in now in order for you to receive them for Christmas. What a great present that would make!

Alabama Bound

25 November, 01:52, by admin

This morning I got up, and on the spur of the moment I decided to take a little trip to good old Alabama. There was no particular reason for going, I just loaded it up and went. I went through Centre ALA., on to Gadsen just looking around and those places have really changed over the last 25 years, but then again every where has changed in the last 25 years. I went down to Piedmont and through Cedartown Ga and came home. There was a lot of good looking farm land I passed by, and at one time I thought I might take up farming, with little afterthought I decline to not to take on that adventure. Whew I almost became a farmer today and I ain’t got no cows or horses!