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My Grandfather

31 October, 04:21, by admin

I lost my Grandfather this evening at about 8:35 PM He had lived for 99 years 2 months 22 days. A full life he lived, he helped raise 8 children. He was a big man with hands the size of a giant it seemed to me. Everyone says that I am just like him hands and all. There are times that I have fussed about my big hands and times they have come in handy. His sense of humor was non stop, he always had some kind of wise crack about something. There are many grand children that will miss him dearly, I was second to the oldest so I got to enjoy him more than the most of them did.

I can remember going to the farmers market with him and he would buy produce and drive back home and set up on side of the road and sell produce to help make money for the family. He was a man who loved Wrestling on the TV on Friday and Saturday night. Wrestling was the real thing to him. there would be no noise or shenanigans going on when His Wrestling was on. When I got to be about 9 years old he would take me to the Wrestling Matches.

I can remember going to the Larry Bell Auditorium in Marietta many times, every now and then we would go to Atlanta to see the Matches, The name of the place Eludes me at this time , but we always had a good time. One time we went to The Atlanta Motor Speedway for a match between Dick the Bruiser and Sputnik Monroe. Well ole Sputnik won that match and won a new Cadillac and as he was driving it around the speed way ,Dick went to chasing him in his Cadillac, It was all for show but when I was little I was impressed. The promoters of Wrestling would do anything to bring in the crowd, which made them a living.

Wrestling I haven’t watched in many a years now, Its been so long I dont even know who the last champion was when I stopped watching. That part of my life will never be missed but being with my Grandfather I will miss dearly. Thank you Grandfather for the wonderful times and all that you taught me about being a man.

A Buyer’s Market

30 October, 05:19, by admin

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Computer Woes

30 October, 00:50, by admin

Today my computer went crazy and locked up and it took me almost 7 hours to get the thing up and running again. I hat when these things act crazy like that. It makes me want to get a Big Hammer to it and conquer the beast. But I come to my senses and decide to try one more time and I finally got it to working. Its always something in life that gets to you.

I need Batteries

30 October, 00:36, by admin

Batteries are something used in every household, most homes keep some extras around so they don’t have to hurry to the store to get new one when you need them. I have to buy new Laptop Batteries, because my old one now only last about 15 min, until I have to plug it in to finish what ever job I was working on. There’s nothing more aggravating than a run down battery. At All Batts you can have them delivered to your door and with their competitive pricing,get some extras to have around when you need them. All Batts carries the largest inventory of batteries and for all the big name products that use batteries. Camcorder, PDA, Power Tools, they have the batteries you need, when you need them.

2.5 Men

30 October, 00:17, by admin

The series comes on tv with Charlie Sheen is a great series. There’s a kid on there that is cool as hell, he keeps the show rolling. Charlie is a jingles writer for company’s, and loves to drink and chase the women. His brother and his brothers son live with Charlie, hence 2.5 men. The kid keep them on their toes, especially when there sex involved. Good show that keeps you laughing, check it out.

Tactical Gear Available

29 October, 17:47, by admin

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Monday Morning Blahs

29 October, 17:34, by admin

It’s official, the Monday morning blahs do exist and I think I have them today. I feel like I am running on about 3 fouled spark plugs. I can tell it’s going to be one of those days. Probably nothing will go right, and it already started, I ordered some new shoes last week and they came, but neither pair fit correctly, back they go for replacement. Sittin’ on the porch ain’t got no shoes,
playing my guitar, singing the Blues. There’s 10,000. comedians out of work and I’m trying to be funny.

Moving to the Big Apple ?

28 October, 15:31, by admin

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28 October, 15:00, by admin

I have a childhood friend whom broke his leg a few weeks ago, well it actually splintered the way it broke, which was parallel. After the surgery he was doing pretty good and then he started to have problems with it. At first they (The Doctors) said that a bacteria had set up on the bone and they would have to do surgery and scrape the bone to remove the bacteria. Now they are saying that they need to amputate, when i found this out this morning I was in shock. I know my friend is a strong willed person and trying to be positive on his condition, but I know deep down he is really hurting inside, and wondering how in the hell do you break a leg and get it fixed supposedly and wind up losing that leg. I guess all I can do is give him support and a ear to let him vent when the time comes.

Uptown Saturday Night

28 October, 02:52, by admin

Uptown Saturday Night in beautiful Historic St. Augustine Florida is the place to be on the last Saturday of each month. The Merchants and the Antique Stores and Art Galleries make St Augustine the place to be. On October 27th, and November 24th the Events in St. Augustine are a shoppers paradise. There are Antique Dealers and Artist and book signings by local authors,and a good time to be had on the oldest street in America, Aviles Street. Live music, refreshments and other events contribute to the party-like atmosphere. The Mission of Nombre de Dios provides FREE PARKING for Uptown Saturday Night. It starts at 5:00 PM through 9:00PM along San Marco Avenue shopping district. That good old southern hospitality covers St. Augustine like the fog covers London, it’s everywhere. There are participating shops that feature an open house with wine and refreshments that add to the festive night time atmosphere.

The holidays are almost upon us and we all have that 1 person that is so hard to shop for, because they have exquisite taste, you will find that gift at Uptown Saturday Night. You don’t want to miss this spectacular event, the locals will see to it that you have a great time. If you get tired of walking, take a train tour and take in the old country. You will love St Augustine, and don’t forget the Fountain Of Youth. Who knows, you may leave younger than you were when you arrived!

The Oldest City in America

28 October, 02:04, by admin

St. Augustine Florida is the oldest city in America. It’s a beautiful town with cobble stone streets in some areas, and restaurants that will tickle every taste bud you have. Shopping is great, there are specialty stores and antiques for the most discerning shopper. The Fountain of Youth is a must see, and the tour through the square is informing. The southern hospitality is original as the the day is long. You owe it to yourself to see our grand city and all its glory.


28 October, 01:07, by admin

If you own a vehicle made in 1997 and up to present day, there is a plug under the dash on the drivers side that is a diagnostic port, that mechanics plug their code reader to find out the problem with a vehicle. You know what I am talking about if your Check Engine light comes on and you go to the dealer for them to connect to your port and tell you what is wrong with your vehicle, then they hand you a bill for 50-100 dollars. You can buy these scanners for 29-500.00 dollars. I bought one for 79.99 and thought that if I ever needed it I would have it. Well after owning it for 3 weeks it came in handy. My van check engine light came on, and it gave me a code number and a description as to what was wrong.

It said Evap emission control system leak very small. Well this sounded terrible to me, so I got on the web and searched for Generic OBD II codes. Come to find out that my gas tank lid was not closed all the way. It has to be turned until it clicks. The dealer ships want you to bring it to them so they can do a proper diagnostics on the vehicle, for 80.00 dollars.

The way I see it is I have already paid the dealership for this information and from here on its a free service that I can do myself, and tell a mechanic what I need done to my car. I RESET MY CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TIGHTENED MY GAS CAP AND NOW I AM READY FOR THE NEXT BOUT WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY.

Lower your Interest on your Car

27 October, 23:31, by admin

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Yamaha Rhino II

27 October, 23:17, by admin

Ok folks I did not get any feedback on the Rhino, so I have to make a decision on my own. I am going to buy that Rhino and I plan to take that thing to the mountains and load it up and camp out and have a large time. I love the the great outdoors but I am limited on walking, so I have decided to go Rhino and get in them woods and enjoy life Organic.The way its supposed to be. Crisp mountain air and clear mornings, Playing the old guitar by the campfire and loving life. Get ready woods here I come!!

Prime Florida Property

27 October, 03:06, by admin

The Sunshine State is one of the best places to live in the USA, but finding that special piece of property can be a difficult task. Would you like to buy villas for sale in Florida, the good people of Bardell Real Estate can help to take the pain of searching for that right place. Sure every body wants to get the good deal, and this will be what you get by working with these good people. No body knows the prime location of Orlando any better than Bardell Real Estate. Most places are sold furnished and in just a couple of weeks you can enjoy lying by the pool and loving that new home. A great place for retirees to come to and settle down to enjoying those golden years they have been waiting for.

Rain Rain RainII

27 October, 02:48, by admin

Well we had 3 days of good rain and our local Lake Allatoona rose inch in three days. This is good but it is still 16 feet below full. There is a lot of talk about our drought situation ,as matter of a fact it has made the National News. Alabama and Florida are wanting to sue Ga for the water they need to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle without any regard as to the consequences it has on Georgia, they don’t care that we are in a severe drought situation, and we are cutting back and saving water consumption any way we can find. This has gone as far as asking the President to step in and do something. Alabama and Florida don’t care about who goes without as long as they get to go with. If it were up to me and the way they are acting I would cut their asses off in a second, and tell them to to find their own damn water.

Want to be a Plumber?

27 October, 02:36, by admin

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What a headache

27 October, 00:47, by admin

My daughter has severe migraines and they are for a most part debilitating to her. I don’t know how she does it, but she is a teacher, and I can only try to imagine what it’s like to have a headache so severe and having to put up with students at the same time would drive me insane. I have only had a couple of migraine headaches in my life and I could not function at all with them .Maybe one day there will be a cure for those millions that suffer from this terrible condition.

Beautiful Russian Ladies

27 October, 00:34, by admin

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Jammin At the Castle II

27 October, 00:01, by admin

Here I go again to the castle. This week I got a phone call from an old friend that I had not seen in 20 years, and we used to be a band together. He wanted to know if i would care to sit in on a jam session at a castle near Cartersville, Ga with some more old friends. I guess the word Castle got my attention so I said yes. I had get my equipment together and dust it off good, check it out to be sure it was still in good working order.

I got ready to go jam with my old pal, and got directions to the castle. Upon approaching the place I was to go to, I passed through 2 large stone columns. I drove out the concrete driveway for what seemed to be a half mile and came upon a old pole barn. The closer I got the more things started to unfold. Sure enough at the far end of the pole barn was a small castle that was built and the entrance was from inside the barn. On the other side of the castle was a western type Bunk House that you entered in the barn as well.

I had noticed a huge stucco formation coming into the barn on the end that I entered on and there was a cave built from the stucco. I was very intrigued by the imagination that someone had brought to reality. Inside the cave there was water running down a couple of walls and going down to the floor and following veins in the floor back to the holding station for re circulation. There was a Fire place built into the cave and a bed built into the wall.It was really neat. On the far end of the cave there was water running through a filtering device and a fan behind it and that was the air conditioning system that worked very well.

In the Castle there was a fire place that had a huge stucco art cannon over the fireplace.It
had some modern day furnishing as well as some old Renaissances in there. And the bunk house was ready for some rest after a long day on the range.

I finally got to meet the owner who is the father of one of our State Senators. I told him how impressed I was with his place. He told me that he still has a lot to do before its finished. He wasn’t telling what was next, he said I would have to come back and see for myself what he has in mind for the rest of his project. It’s real hard to try to explain what this place looks like, it’s one of those things you have to see to believe. I went through the place about 3 times and every time I would see something that I had missed before. The Next time I go I will take a camera and take some pictures and post them so you can see what I am talking about. See you next time I am Jammin At The Castle!