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Vegas baby, oh yeah.

30 September, 23:44, by admin

Sin City, the city of lights, what you do in Vegas stays in Vegas, you have heard them all. Vegas has been a hot spot for tourist for decades now, the gambling , the live shows, the motels, they are all big attractions, and rightfully so. The world renowned Bellagio hotel is a great place for your Vegas getaway. When at the Bellagio, you are treated like royalty, how else do you think they would get their AAA 5 Star Rating.The lobby has 2000 hand blown glass flowers on the ceiling. Thats class with glass. Huge penthouse suites are there for your pampering if you choose. Look at the rest but stay at the best, The Bellagio awaits your arrival.

Georgia Kicks Old Miss’ Butt

30 September, 17:16, by admin

Georgia had their running game on against Old Miss yesterday. It was sort of hum drum the first half, but when Georgia came out for the second half, it was a whole different team.Georgia Ran all over the Miss Defense with their running game. Georgia ripped off four unanswered touchdowns to turn a 17-17 tie in the third quarter into a 45-17 win over Ole Miss.Something was wrong when Thomas Brown dove into the end zone.

Brown rushed for a career-high 180 yards and three touchdowns, danced for the crowd on the sideline to “Crank That,” and danced through Ole Miss’ defense just as nimbly.

Brown made it abundantly clear why he is the starter.

“He’s been waiting for a day like this,” said Kelin Johnson, Brown’s teammate and one of his closest friends. “I know for a fact he has been waiting for a day when the coaches put the ball in his hands and keep putting the ball in his hands because he had the hot hand.”

It didn’t matter that Brown played with a bum shoulder. That wasn’t going to stop him. Instead, he lowered his right shoulder instead of using his left — like on his second touchdown run as he pushed tacklers into the end zone from 4 yards out. That run was sandwiched in between big-play TD runs of 50 and 41 yards.

“The guy is amazing,’ said tight end Tripp Chandler. “The way he came back and what he did today, it is amazing.”

Brown’s performance keeps Georgia firmly in the SEC race. The No. 15 Bulldogs (4-1, 2-1) proved they can control a game on the ground. Tennessee, next week’s opponent, has not proved it can stop anybody. Arkansas State running back Reggie Arnold ran for 130 against the Vols. Cal’s Justin Forsett had 156 yards against Tennessee.

“It might make it tougher for them to prepare now that [Tennessee sees] we are going to try to run the ball on them, at least,” Stafford said.

Knowshon Moreno added 90 rushing yards and a touchdown. The 328 yards is the most Georgia has rushed for in 16 years. Georgia had six runs of more than 20 yards.

“It was awesome to watch,” Stafford said. “We did a great job of pounding them and pounding them.”

Stafford’s day was so pedestrian that he only went through one quarterback towel. Usually the guy has a laundry basket full. He finished 13-of-21 for 144 yards with a touchdown.

That’s not to say there wasn’t work that has to be done. Ole Miss’ offense kept Georgia on its heels for most of the first half. The Rebels jumped to a 7-0 lead and were on the doorstep of a 14-0 lead before Seth Adams fumbled at the Georgia 1.

“I was already planning on it being a long day when they were down there first- and second-and-goal,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said.

Instead, Ole Miss couldn’t overcome the long odds. After being tied 17-17 in the third quarter, Georgia ran off 28 consecutive points. Brown and Moreno accounted for 21 of those. Fred Munzenmaier tacked on a late touchdown.

“As good as everything was in the first half, everything broke down in the second half,” Ole Miss defensive tackle Peria Jerry said.

That still wasn’t enough to convince Jerry of Georgia’s prowess.

“I can’t say they were as good as advertised,” he said. “They were a very good team, but we missed way too many tackles.”

Brown made them miss quite a few, too.

“Today was a day he was able to see it,” running back coach Tony Ball said. “He was able to run with some patience and see it and demonstrate the determination and the will to not get tackled.

“They kept playing with seven in the box, and when you have got Thomas Brown running the ball the way he is running it, you are supposed to run it,” Ball said.

And when you have a senior like Brown, you are supposed to start him, Richt said.

“You want your leaders as your starters,” Richt said. “You don’t change the chemistry of the football team by putting a freshman ahead of him.”

But people had clamored for Moreno. Now Richt has some evidence to back up his theory that Brown is a better bet as a starter.

“[Earlier in the season] it was Knowshon Moreno that was making some of the exciting runs in space, and now Thomas got to do it, too, and I am excited for him,” Richt said.

“I know this means a lot to him,” senior lineman Fernando Velasco said. “No guy on this team is more deserving than Thomas Brown with all that he has been through. I never heard the guy complain a bit in my life. I never heard him say, ‘I don’t want to share the ball. I want to be the man.’ I never heard him say, ‘Why me with an ACL?’

Sea Brook Island S.C.

28 September, 16:59, by admin

What a beautiful place to vacation. I know, I have just returned from there. I booked through VLBO and our vacation was great. We stayed in a beautiful home that slept 6 and the home was magnificent. At our back door there was a marsh that was just off the ocean and we had live alligators and all kind of other hidden critters in the water. You can’t get this in a motel or a hotel. If you are going to go on a vacation, then I highly recommend vacation rentals it is a experience that you will never forget. I don’t think I will ever stay in another motel for vacation. It was no hassle, our name was left at the gate and the guards were very polite in assisting us as where to go and the hot spots to visit.The guest before us left all kind of notes and coupons as to the best places to eat and discounts on the meals. It was a great time and we have 2 Jack Russel dogs that went along. They really loved going to the beach and trying to catch the sea gull and the heron. It will be vacation rentals from now on when I travel to have some good old R&R. Check out where we stayed,

The sweet sound of music

28 September, 16:33, by admin

Nothing is more relaxing than music, I mean real music not that rap crap and hip hop junk that regular street thugs get paid millions for making. What has happened to the music industry when you got recorded you had talent, you could actually play an instrument, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ten Years After, Stevie Ray Vaughn. These are all Artist in the true sense of the word. The only Real black artist I have ever known of were the likings of Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Beyonce, Aretha, the true artist. There are many talented musicians out there today that should be recorded but they can’t get a contract because they don’t blow, suck and make thumping noise in their microphones. What gives America have we lost our roots to musical culture.I am sure to get some grief from this and be called a racist but that is the farthest from the truth. Sure there is a place for the rap and the hip hop but it seems to be overshadowing what Music is about. Its about instruments harmonizing together and making true sounds that are worth listening to. This is the opinion of a musician that is wondering what happened to our culture.

Look at this

28 September, 12:55, by admin

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Bloggers Unite on 9/27/07

28 September, 02:53, by admin

All across America and the world bloggers will be heard today. A campaign is being launched today and it will be one of the largest campaigns that bloggers all come together for. The topic is abuse and bloggers have the chance to post about any abuse topic of their choosing. Feel free to talk about any abuse that you want and it can be about child abuse, animal abuse, spouse abuse, or abuse on our roads. Just select your topic and blog away on 9/27/07 or any day shortly after that. There are no deadlines on a cause like this and it’s a good opportunity for all bloggers in the world to unite for a good cause.

We all have something we like to say in our blogs. I have found it’s a great way to vent about the things I don’t like, that I see in everyday life. Many choose a topic and will use their blog for just one topic and others will treat their blog like a gossip column (blogging about everything under the sun). Blogs are also a great source of income to some, that choose to take paid advertisements from companies or blogging companies that connect advertisers with bloggers. Whatever the reason you have your blog for, there is always room to make one post on a worthy cause. Today is that day and join in with all of the other bloggers and blog against abuse!

The Next Internet Millionaire

26 September, 20:20, by admin

Joel Comm’s show is a hit. It is a reality show about who is going to be the next internet millionaire. You’ve got to watch reality tv. There are 8 contestants left and they have to do some of the grossest things to compete, and they have to work hard on difficult projects. Check your local listings to see when this airs in your area. Who knows, you may be the next Internet Millionaire.

Feeling English

26 September, 20:07, by admin

Today I got a feel of the English and their ways of driving. I have a buddy that works for the U S Postal Service, and he has a Dodge Caravan that has the steering on the right side of the vehicle.To begin with it he had me to follow him to get a car repair and I followed in the van, it was way strange to begin with and after a short while I became more comfortable with driving on the right side. I am not saying that I mastered the reverse seating while driving, but I think I did alright. If I had a little scarf and a little hat, You could have called me a bloat. No pun intended, I love all people!!

Replace those Batteries

26 September, 04:24, by admin

You know it’s time to replace those worn out batteries that just won’t hold the charge anymore, why put it off any longer when you can get them at low cost. When you use your laptop and right in the middle of an important document you must have, the battery gets low and your laptop freezes up. after a few choice words expel from your mouth you know it’s time to replace that dell xps M1710 laptop battery. I have to replace a couple of batteries and I know where I will be purchasing them at low cost batteries. Why pay for the same old low grade battery that came with your electronics when you can up grade for less than what the manufacturer wants for the same old low grade replacement.

Takamine is the best

26 September, 03:32, by admin

It is now official that Takamine is without doubt the Best Guitar that you can buy. I have been playing Guitar for over 40 years now as a hobby and professionally. I have had many Guitars in my life , and I have played the big name brands, I have owned the big name brands. After owning a new Takamine for 3 weeks, I arrived at the conclusion that nobody does it better than Takamine. This is my second Takamine to own and they just simply can’t be beat. You an go and blow 3-5 k for a big name brand or you can spend 800-2500 on a Takamine and have the absolute Best. I may get some grief about this comment but all I can say to the non believers is Bring It On. I will put my Takamine up against anything you bring for tonal, pricing, craftsmanship and playing quality. They are also beautiful instruments.Takamine Is Now The Name Brand!!!

Book that flight today

25 September, 14:46, by admin

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Motorcycle Stupidity

25 September, 14:16, by admin

I was on my way home from a trip to Charleston,S.C traveling on I-20 west when two guys on motorcycles were passing me. As they got right beside me, the guy closest to me, geared down and done a wheelie right beside me and continued to pass at 80 mph. I was in dis-belief that a fool would do a wheelie that fast and wearing no helmet. After he passed me he went to pass another car, he stood up on his bike and had one foot on the tail end and done another wheelie. I just knew that some crack head was about to meet his maker, all it would have took at that speed is a little cross wind and it would have been bad. he passed every car in that manner until he was out of my sight. I just knew this guy had a death wish. I never did see any more of him after he was out of sight. I am so glad I didn’t see him scattered all over the expressway.

Where’s all my tools?

24 September, 12:50, by admin

You have a project to do and having the right tool for the job is essential, you’re looking every where for that pair of snips to an avail. If this sounds familiar then its time for you to take a look at tool storage for those valuable tools. More tools are lost because of poor organization than any other reason. Get the right tool box for your supply of costly tools. Always have a place in your tool box thats organized properly and at a glance you will know if anything is missing. Tools to a guy is like diamonds to a lady, you can never have too many. Also check out the selection and value of all kind of specialty tools available to you through this site. Organizing your tools means no lost tools.

Garage Makeover

24 September, 12:46, by admin

If any of the Hollywood producers decide to do a show on Garage Makeovers, well I want to be top of the list. My garage is in such a mess that I was out there today and moved something out of my way, only to find that somebody had poured a concrete floor under all my junk. That must have been one heck of a concrete finisher. It’s truly sad to find your floor in your garage from so much stuff. I guess you can say that I am a pack rat. I don’t want to throw away anything. A couple of years ago I cleaned it out and donated a lot of good stuff to charity ,and threw the rest away.

I guess it’s time to call for another dumpster to be delivered and take on the task of a good clearing out and cleaning. It use to be a 2 car garage, but now its a 2 garage door storage facility.I sure do dread the task, but it must be done, if I want to keep my sanity. Come on T V Show and let’s work together. Are you listening Hollywood

Cozy for the Winter

23 September, 15:07, by admin

It seems that in the winter months, we tend to be a little less active with the outside activities we like to do in the warmer months. This time of year also gives opportunity to be the romantic one your partner know you can be. You have that new fire place and its time to put in the ventless gas logs, turn down the lights, add music, a good bottle of wine, you and the gas logs are an instant hit. I personally know something about Desa products, I own three of their wall heaters, that I absolutely love. One of the heaters I have owned for over 10 trouble free years, the other two are 8 years old and trouble free also. I can speak for the quality that Desa requires of their products. I bought them for backup heat for emergency’s, but we use them as as primary heat source. They need no electricity to operate, and with the efficiency of their heaters, they will pay for themselves.

Charleston and back

23 September, 01:30, by admin

Yea I made it back from the big city,we had a wonderful time. We were guest at a beautiful home on Seabrook Island. We had such fun on our stay there. We must have eaten dog-gone near all the seafood in the Atlantic, it was so good and fresh it would melt in your mouth. There as a huge Alligator in the marsh right behind the house, he was in the channel in the marsh and boy did he ever put on a show,we named him Samson at night.Ha Ha! That is if Ralph Lauren don’t get him first.
There was a Hispanic grounds keeper I tried to get him to catch it and make us some boots with that rascal, he refused, he kept calling it Diablo. It was a gas the expressions he would give off talking about the Gator. The Charleston Symphony Orchestra put us on a show that was great, those people were first class musicians. More on this later.

Jay Leno

19 September, 06:44, by admin

For all of you in the know, Jay Leno is a Car Guy like myself, the only difference between he and I is, He’s Got Money, and lots of it. His desire for old cars is no better than mine. I guess most of you know by now that Diamler/Chrysler will be making a remake of the old 1970 Dodge Challenger. If any of you out in cyberland have had the privilege of riding in one of these Land Rockets, you know what I am talking about, especially if it had a 426 Hemi in it. Dodge offered 6 engines in the Challenger that year and less than 400 were only equipped with a Hemi. Dodge rated the Hemi at 425 Horsepower but the real Horsepower was more like 500, they were rated this way for consumer insurance reasons, a little cheaper premiums for the consumer.

Dinner Guest coming?

18 September, 22:45, by admin

You have planned a big dinner party with a few of your friends and you want to make a good impression on them, you’ve worked hard on the preparation of this wonderful evening you and your friends are expecting to have. Good food and good wine, then you realize that it is hard to get your fine wine at just the right temperature for serving, what will you do? You do the proper thing and look at wine coolers for the answer. Where will you find one? At P C Richard & Son, they carry a complete line of coolers, from the conservative to the elaborate. They have been in business since 1909 and they know their stuff. Now you have your cooler and the wine is at the right temperature, the guest are arriving, there’s no doubt a good time will be had by all.

Wow your car looks great!

18 September, 21:58, by admin

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Charleston, Here I Come

18 September, 21:32, by admin

I am taking a few days off to go to Charleston for a little R&R. I am taking my fishing rod and do a little bit of wetting the old hook while I am there. The way I got it figured is that if Charleston is one of the oldest city’s in the nation, then there should be some big fish there.Ha Ha! If I catch a fish thats fine, if I don’t thats fine, I’m planning on a good time regardless. The home where we will be staying is on Seabrook Island in a gated community and rumor has it that we will have the privilege of getting to see the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra from the front lawn. That will be an added treat for Friday evening. I will let you know how it went upon our return. This is going to be great!